American Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy, Rules

American Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy, Rules

American Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy, Rules

To change your Misspelled Name on an American Airlines Ticket. If you want to alter the name that appears on the ticket with an American Airlines ticket, you can contact the (AA) American Airlines customer service at (0TA) 800-433-7300(Live Person) or +1-800-315-2771. Some airlines will allow you to change the name on your reservation because of a spelling mistake but won’t allow you to transfer your flight to somebody else on an American Airlines ticket. Spelling mistakes or typing errors in names on flight tickets may sound simple and harmless, but they may lead to many unpleasant situations you don’t expect to face as a passenger. The TSA rules are pretty strict regarding a name mismatch. Therefore, knowing an airline’s name change policy is crucial to avoid unnecessary harassment. Most airlines have a well-defined name change or correction policy to guide passengers on such matters and ensure hassle-free air travel. The American Airlines Name Change Policy is no exception. The airline has recently revamped its policy to make it even more customer-friendly. In this blog, we’ll study the policy rules, guidelines, and processes so you know what to do if you notice an error in your name on the American Airlines ticket.

American Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

When it comes to changing or correcting names on flight tickets, American Airlines provides more flexibility to passengers than most other airlines. The American Airlines Name Change Policy is very clear and well-defined, making the rules easy to understand and follow. Here are the key points. 

●  The policy only allows name changes or corrections on unused 001-validated flight tickets. 

● The policy divides all name changes or corrections into two categories – Minor and Major name corrections. The itinerary is the differentiating factor between these two categories.

● Minor name corrections refer to name changes or corrections on itinerary tickets, including only American Eagle and American Prime flights. 

● Major name corrections refer to name changes or corrections on itinerary tickets, consisting of codeshare flights between American Airlines and its Oneworld partners and American Airlines and non-Oneworld partners. 

●  Minor name corrections can be performed on the same PNR per the policy rules. 

●  For Major name corrections, original PNRs must be cancelled and new PNRs booked. 

● Minor and Major name corrections include six name changes or corrections.

● Passengers are allowed to make changes to their first, middle, and last names. They are also permitted to add or remove their second last names. 

● Passengers can change their last names entirely as part of legal name corrections due to certain life events such as marriage, divorce, or adoption.

● The American Airlines Name Change Policy doesn’t allow a change of passenger. The original traveller must remain the same after the name change or correction.

● The DOB and gender information entered in the original SFPD must remain unchanged for Minor and Major name corrections.

● There is no fee for Minor name corrections. Tickets are reissued at the original fare.

● Major name corrections require the payment of a name change fee. However, tickets are also reissued at the original fare in such cases. 

● The policy has a unique feature of Infant name correction where name changes or corrections on infants’ names are performed on the original PNRs like adults. 

● The policy rules don’t allow a change of origin, destination, and journey route for Minor and Major name corrections.

● The latest policy guidelines allow name changes on partially used tickets as a notable exception. 

● The particular exception clause of name change allows passengers to change the origin and destination of their itineraries. Tickets must be rebooked at applicable fares at the time of reissue. 

How to Edit a Wrong Name on an American Ticket?

You can easily change your name on an American Airlines flight ticket by calling 1-800-American-1 800-433-7300, +1-800-315-2771, or through a lengthy online process. Still, the process and fees involved may vary depending on several factors, such as the type of ticket you purchased and the reason for the name change.

● Open the homepage of the official American Airlines website,, on your browser.

● Look at the box over the slider image. 

● Click on the 2nd menu from the left called “Manage trips/Check-in.”

● Enter your last name and booking confirmation code in the boxes and click the “Find your trip” button in the right-hand corner.

● Now, you’ll be inside your managed reservations section where you’ll find your entire trip details. 

● Check out the “Edit” option beside your name. You’ll find this option only if you are eligible for an online name change or correction per your fare rules.

● Click “Edit” to change or correct your name.

● Save the change per the instructions and await confirmation email.

Can I Change My American ticket Name?

Yes, You can typically change the name on your American Airlines ticket; just Dial 800-433-7300 (Call a live American Airlines Agent). Yes, You can completely change your name on an American Airlines ticket. You can only make partial name changes or corrections per the AA Name Change Policy rules. The changes are made here on the original or new PNR, but the initial reservation remains unaltered. If you want to change your name on the ticket, you must cancel your reservation and rebook. 

How Much Does it Cost to Change a Name on an American Ticket? 

American Airlines doesn’t charge any name change fee for Minor name corrections. So, the American Airlines Name Correction fee is zero for itineraries that include the AA Eagle and AA Prime flights. However, the airline charges a name change fee for Major name corrections. The name correction fee is €40 for American Airlines flights to and from an EU country and almost equivalent for other countries. 

What Documents Are Needed for a Name Change?

No additional documents are required for a simple name change or correction on an American Airlines ticket. However, as per the American Airlines Name Change Policy Rules, supporting papers and reissued government ID proofs must be submitted for legal name changes where the complete last names must be changed due to marriage, divorce, or adoption. These documents must be uploaded during an online name change or sent by postal mail along with a written name change request for an offline name change.

What Should I Do If I Notice a Name Mistake on my American Ticket?

You should thoroughly check your booking details or ticket once your reservation is complete. The first thing you should do once you notice a name mistake on your American Airlines ticket is to contact customer service or your travel agency if you’ve booked through them. You don’t need to worry if your booking was done through a travel agency; they will change or change your name. If you purchased your ticket directly from American Airlines, you can edit your name online or request a name change by interacting with an American Airlines representative. Finally, to make name changes that aren’t allowed under the American Airlines Name Change Rules, you can cancel your booking and rebook within 24 hours to avoid paying the cancellation fees and other extra charges. 

How Long Does It Take For an American to Change Your Name?

Online name changes or corrections through the website or the mobile app can be done instantly. Changes are confirmed between a few minutes and a few hours. However, offline name changes or corrections may take some time, depending on the method used. If you send hard copies to the reservations department via postal mail, it might take up to 14 days to get your name change confirmed. Similarly, for name change requests submitted through live chats or telephone calls, the wait time could vary between a few minutes and a few days. 

Can I Change the Passenger Name On an American Flight?

By a change in the passenger name, if you mean a change in the passenger or individual, the answer is no. The American Airlines Name Change Policy rules don’t allow this. As per the rules, you can only change or correct parts of your name on an American Airlines ticket. You can’t change your complete passenger name and put somebody else’s name on the ticket. If your schedule has changed and you’re no longer travelling, you must cancel your reservation, get a refund, and then book a ticket for another passenger.

How Do I Change My Misspelled Name on an American Airlines Ticket?

You can change your misspelled name on an American Airlines ticket in three ways. You can edit your name online. You can inform your travel agent and request a name change or make a name change request to an American Airlines representative directly over the phone or via live chat. 

How Do I Change My Name on an American Airlines Flight?

You must cancel your reservation and rebook to change your name on an American Airlines flight. To make partial changes to your first, middle, or last name, you can contact American Airlines customer service via phone call or live chat or do it yourself online through the website or mobile app. You can also change parts of your name by contacting your travel agent if you purchased your ticket from him. For a change in your last name due to a legal name change, you must submit supporting legal documents and your new government-issued ID proof when processing your name change request.

How Do You Change Your Name on American Airlines Online and Offline?

You can change or correct the name on your American Airlines flight ticket online and offline. Here’s what you should know about both the processes. 

Online Name Change/Correction

The online process has been discussed in great detail in previous sections of this blog. The process starts with logging into the official website of American Airlines with your valid booking credentials. Then, you must find your booking name and look for the edit option in the manage reservations section. You have to edit your wrong name, enter the correct one, and save the changes by following the instructions. Please note that the edit option will not be visible in your managed reservations or greyed out if you’re not eligible for a name change or correction as per your fare rules. 

Offline Name Change/Correction

There are various methods of offline name change or correction. Here they are.

●  Name change/correction via phone call: You can change your name by dialling the American Airlines toll-free phone number, following the IVR, and finally talking to a customer service associate.

●  Name change through social media: American Airlines uses various social media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp to interact live with passengers. This helps passengers get instant assistance regarding name changes. 

● Name change via live chat: The quickest way to get your name corrected or changed on an American Airlines ticket is to connect to an airline representative via live chat and submit your change request. This is the best name change or correction method because it allows you to change your name in real-time. The option is available in the American Airlines mobile app. 

● Name change/correction at the airport: This method is risky but effective, especially if your booking was made within 24 hours of scheduled departure. This method allows you to interact with American Airlines ground staff face-to-face, which could help process your name change request faster. This method is the best for simple name corrections where document verifications are not required.

●  Name change/correction via email or postal mail: The least effective of all the offline methods discussed here, you can consider sending your name change request via an email or postal mail when you aren’t left with any other alternative. The documents you send take much time to reach the concerned department and official. Sometimes, the emails are left unopened in the inbox for days. So, don’t use this method if you have other options. 


A name mismatch on a flight ticket is like a travel emergency that needs urgent attention. Even a slight delay in addressing the issue can lead to hefty penalties and boarding denials. So, when you notice that your name on the ticket doesn’t match your government ID proof, you must contact your travel agency or the airline immediately. Regarding the name change guidelines, the American Airlines Name Change Policy does its best to help passengers deal with a name mismatch quickly. It lets you make simple name corrections online and talk and chat with live agents for more complex name changes.

And what’s more! You get most of these services for free. So, the next time you notice a spelling mistake on your name on an American Airlines ticket, don’t fret. Use any name correction methods discussed above and continue your travel.

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Ques. What is the Special Exception Policy of American Airlines name change?

Ans. The Special Exception Policy is part of the American Airlines Name Change Policy and was introduced in 2022 to allow name changes on partially used tickets. The rules of this exception policy enable passengers to change the origin, destination, and route of the journey along with a name change.

Ques. Can I change my name on my Basic Economy ticket?

Ans. As a general rule, Basic Economy tickets are non-changeable. But if your ticketed fare rule allows changes, you can make changes or corrections to your name. 

Ques. How much does American Airlines charge for an infant name correction?

Ans. American Airlines doesn’t charge any fee for an infant name correction. This is because the airline doesn’t share the infant’s name with the other airlines involved in a codeshare. Therefore, changes can be performed internally without requiring a PNR cancellation.