United Airlines Check-In Policy

What Is United Airlines Check in Policy | Online Check-In | Mobile App?

United Airlines Check-In Policy is one of the most flexible policies of United Airlines. It is because check in for domestic and international flights on United Airlines can be done in multiple ways.

United Airlines will not leave you clueless during the United Check-In Process. If you are, then you can contact its customer service. Its customer service is hyperactive and responds to you immediately.

Because of this ease, customers of United Airlines can quickly complete their flight’s check-in. Let’s learn more about this policy further.

What is United Airlines Check-In Policy?

United Airlines Check-In Policy: guides the customers of United Airlines in the process of checking in for their upcoming flights. That means if you are traveling on United Airlines, then you can follow this policy for a successful checking-in and boarding process.

This policy states that you have to check in before your flight’s departure to generate your boarding pass. Without it, you will not be able to board your flight. Some features of the United Airlines Flight Check-In Policy are:

● Select your seats during the check-in process.

● United Airlines allows checking in through the United Airlines website, its mobile app, or via its customer care service.

● Avail travel extras that you need during your journey.

● Purchase extra bags.

● Download or print your boarding passes

These features are included in the check-in process at United Airlines. You can access these features via multiple methods provided by this airline. United Airlines enables you to use these to check-in.

You have to check in and access these features within the time specified by United Airlines. It should be done before the check-in closing time. This closing time for United Airlines is 60 minutes before the departure of your flight. Whereas, if you are traveling with a domestic flight of United Airlines, then you have to check in 45 minutes before its departure.

These deadlines differ according to your departure and arrival airport. As soon as you check before these deadlines, you will be able to generate your boarding passes.

Thus, the United Check-In Policy makes sure that you board your flight on time. You can check in in advance at United Airlines Check-In through the website and mobile app. Checking in in advance allows you an ample amount of time to go through the boarding process smoothly.

A Guide to United Airlines Check-In

The United Airlines check-in process is simple. This process includes accessing your itinerary, verifying your travel documents, and generating your boarding pass. You can also purchase your preferred seats and extra bags during this process. Besides, the United Check-In process allows you to book your favorite meal too.

You can avail of this process through the website and the mobile app. In certain instances, you are still required to check in via the United Airlines Check-In Airport counter. For example, if you are an unaccompanied minor or traveling with an infant, then you cannot check-in online. You have to visit the airport counter before your departure.

However, if you are eligible, then you can check in online 24 hours before the departure of your flight. It enables you to stay in advance. You can check in online for your international travel too. For this process, your visa needs to be verified by the United Airlines Travel-Ready Center or by a United Airlines agent at the airport.

United Airlines Check-In Process

The process of checking in with United Airlines begins with retrieving your itinerary. If you are using the website or the mobile app, then you have to retrieve it via ‘my trips’ or your user account. Provide your booking reference number and last name to view your itinerary. Whereas, if you are contacting customer care, then you have to provide your booking details for a successful check-in.  These methods are elaborated further:

United Airlines Check-In Online

United Airlines online check-in allows you plenty of time for the boarding process. You will be saved from the last-minute hassle. Its methods enable you to stay in advance. Certain conditions make you eligible to check in through these methods.

● You have to scan your passport from the app or the website If you are traveling internationally,

● The first flight on your itinerary should be booked with United Airlines.

● Your reservation should contain four or fewer segments.

● The United Airlines flight booking contains reservations for less than 9 people

● Your passport was scanned previously during your travels with United Airlines

You cannot check-in online in advance if:

● Your reservations contain special service requests, such as wheelchair

● You have a United Airlines paper ticket

● Your flight is booked in the basic economy class and you do not have a check-in bag

After verifying your eligibility according to these conditions, you can check in for your flight online with ‘my trips’ by following these steps:

Step 1: Click either on the ‘My trips’ tab or

Step 2: In the ‘my trips’ menu, click on the option of check-in

Step 3: If you are using the ‘my trips’ tab, then you can access your booking by entering the booking reference number and last name.

Step 4: After retrieving your itinerary, follow the instructions to check-in. Purchase your favorite seat and other travel extras if you want.

Step 5: Complete the check-in process by generating your boarding pass. You will also receive your boarding pass on your email

Steps to check in online for your United Airlines flight with your MileagePlus account

Step 1: Click on the ‘sign in’ option on the United Airlines website’s homepage

Step 2: Enter your MileagePlus Account number and password

Step 3: Click on ‘sign in’ and follow the instructions for check-in.

United Airlines Check-In Mobile App

The check-in for your domestic and international flights through the United Airlines mobile app is the same as above. It can be done in the following ways:

● Tapping on the ‘check in’ button on the app’s home screen

● On the flight check-in page, enter your confirmation or ticket number and last name and open your bookings.

● Purchasing seats and availing services

● Completing the process and generating your boarding pass

United Airlines Check-In The Airport

Instead of checking in online, you can use the airport check-in counter or the self-check-in kiosk. If you have decided to check through these means, then make sure that you reach the airport at least 3 hours before the departure of your international flight.

Counter-check in

For check-in through the airport counter, present your valid identity document and ticket to United Airlines personnel. Complete this process by dropping your bags and collecting your boarding passes. This counter-check-in needs to be done for various reasons, such as traveling with a pet or using a wheelchair.

Self-check-in kiosk

Instead of standing in lines at the counter, you can check in on your own via the kiosk. You can provide your booking reference number to start your check-in process. After completing it, the kiosk will print your boarding pass.

Offline Check-in Method

Offline check-in means checking in for your United Airlines flight via its customer care. Its contact details can be found on the website of United Airlines. You can find it via:

● Clicking on the ‘help’ tab on the website’s homepage

● Scroll down on the ‘help page and click on the view directory.

● Select from the options such as customer support, help with upcoming reservations, or your region.

●  If you are selecting ‘help with upcoming reservations’, then you will find this contact number: 1-800-864-8331

● Whereas, if you are selecting customer support, then it will redirect you to frequently asked questions.

United Airlines Check-In Time

United Airlines Check-In Time provides you with an ample amount of time to check in for your flight. This time varies according to the departure airports around the world. United Airlines recommends you check in before this time ends. It will help you stay calm during your boarding process. This check-in timeline is:

● The deadline for domestic flight check-in without checked bags is 30 minutes before the departure of your flight.

● If you have checked bags, then you have to check in for your domestic flight 45 minutes before the departure of your flight.

●  The check-in time for international flights of United Airlines ends 60 minutes before departure

● For your domestic flight, you should reach the airport at least 2 hours before its departure.

● You should arrive 3 hours before departure for your international flight

● Check-in timings vary according to your departure airport and destinations. You can check the timing for your destination through the United Airlines website

● The online check-in time starts 24 hours before the departure of both international and domestic flights.

● Online check-in is not available for some international destinations

● You should have a valid ticket and travel documents to ensure a successful check

● Your e-boarding pass cannot be accepted at some airports. Check the United Airlines website to ensure that it is accepted at your airport

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