How Do You Cancel Your Delta Flight

How Do You Cancel Your Delta Flight | Cancellation Policy | Fee                                                                    Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation policy

Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy: allows you to cancel your Delta flight online and offline. Delta website, mobile app, and customer care service are some methods. Any of them can be used to balance your Delta flights at least an hour before their departure.

Moreover, Delta Airlines Cancellation policy is more relaxing since it does not charge fees. That means for selected tickets, you do not have to pay fees for cancelling your flight. Besides, the original amount of your key will also be refunded. You will receive the total amount of it. If your ticket is non-refundable, then Delta Airlines will process an eCredit in your Delta account instead of this refund. Before cancelling it, you must know this Delta Airlines flight cancellation policy in detail.

What Is Delta Flight Cancellation Policy?

Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy is a comprehensive plan of Delta Airlines to ensure that you can cancel your flight soon after your plans change. According to this policy, you can balance your refundable and non-refundable tickets. These tickets booked for domestic and international flights can be cancelled any time before the scheduled departure time. If it is valid, you can cancel it via the online and offline methods Delta Airlines provides. Its process is elaborated below.

Process To Cancel Delta Flight

Delta Airlines flights can be cancelled via the mobile app, the website, and Delta Airlines’ customer care. You have to access your itinerary through these methods to enable your flight cancellations. If you use these online methods, you can access it by entering your booking reference number and last name. On the other hand, if you are cancelling your flight by contacting Delta Airlines’ customer care, you must mention your ticket details. You can use these online and offline methods in the following ways:

Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation: Online

● Open the website or the mobile app of Delta Airlines

● Click on the tab of ‘my trips’. A ticket detail form will pop up

● In the ticket detail form, enter your confirmation number, credit/debit card number or ticket number. You also have to enter your first and last name

● Select the flight that you need to cancel

● Click on the ‘cancel’ flight button.

● Pay the applicable cost of your trip cancellation

● Confirm your ticket

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines

How to Contact Delta Airlines Customer Service? 

If you cannot cancel your flight online, you can contact Delta Airlines’ customer care. It is available by phone, email, and SMS. You can dial this number for immediate assistance- 800-221-1212. At the same time, other contact details are available in the help centre on its website. You can find them for your region, too.

Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation Fee

Delta Airlines’ no-cancellation fee policy applies to its flights operating within the U.S. and Puerto Rico regions. It also applies to flights originating from the U.S., Canada and Europe. This policy does apply cancellation fees on the main cabin and above classes of flights for all of these regions. However, the introductory economy class is excluded from this regime.

If you still need to cancel your flight booked in introductory economy class, you must do it within 24 hours of booking. During these hours, your flight will be free, and both refundable and non-refundable tickets will be refunded.


Thus, How Do You Cancel Your Delta FlightDelta Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy is framed for your convenience. It provides you with the great flexibility of cancelling it for free. You can use any of its methods before the scheduled departure of your flight. 

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