Air France Flight Cancellation Policy

Air France Flight Cancellation Policy

Air France Flight Cancellation Policy

Are you confused about whether to cancel your flight because you want to avoid its complex processes? Do not worry. Air France’s flight cancellation policy simplifies this process. This policy enables you to access your itineraries and select flights that you need to access. It provides online and offline modes to view your itineraries.
You can use these modes according to your convenience. If you need to speak with the customer care executives, you can dial or text them.
Thus, Air France’ Flight Cancellation Policy covers all these processes. It also covers other segments of flight cancellations, such as refunds, cancellations on the same day of the departure and within 24 hours of booking, flight delays, and compensations.

How do You Cancel an Air France Flight Ticket?

Canceling your Air France flight is not a hefty task. You must use online platforms or the Air France customer care service at your convenience to cancel your Air France flights. Ensure that you are canceling it 2 hours before departure. After canceling it, you have to pay the applicable amount as a fee.

Online Mode

 ● While using either the website or the mobile app of Air France, you can use options such as ‘my bookings’ and ‘login’ to start your flight cancellation process

● Although using any of the modes mentioned above, you need to ensure that you are canceling your flight 2 hours before departure

● If you are canceling your international flight, then the window is open up to 4 hours before departure

Offline Mode

● If you had earlier booked your flight through a third-party traveling agency, then you need to cancel it through this mode only

● You can also contact Air France customer service via phone call, email, or WhatsApp and Facebook Messengers

● The customer service of Air France quickly gets your flights canceled

Air France 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Air France Flight Cancellation Policy relaxes those customers who are worried about paying to cancel their flights. This policy allows them to cancel their flights within 24 hours of booking. If you also do not want to pay for canceling your flight, then you need to read the following details:

● According to this policy, even flights booked with the most basic fare can be canceled, and that too for free

● Moreover, you are also entitled to full refunds after canceling your flights within the risk-free period of 24 hours

● To get refunds after cancellations, you need to fill out the refund form that is available online

Cancel Your Air France Flight Online

Air France’s mobile app and website are the online modes that can be used for flight cancellations. These modes are quick to use. You download the mobile app and access it as you get time. You can search for the website on Google and open it. The steps to use them are:

Step 1- Login or click on ‘my bookings on the app or the website

Step 2-Enter the confirmation code and last name to retrieve itineraries

Step 3- Select flights that you want to cancel or change

Step 4-View the breakdown of the cost of cancellation

Step 5 Make payment after confirming your flight changes

Cancel Offline Air France Flight

Getting your flights canceled from an offline mode is a safe way. It assures that you are getting your flights canceled through an authentic source. You will get connected to the customer care service through these offline. Using the offline modes highlights that:

● You can visit the local airport office or third-party traveling agency to get your flights canceled

● If you do not want to visit the airport office, then you can connect with Air France customer care service through phone calls, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger text

● You can find the contact details of Air France customer care on the website and the mobile app

Air France Flight Cancellation Policy

Same Day Air France Flight Cancellation

The Air France Flight Cancellations Policy of same-day flight cancellations includes:

● Flight cancellations on Air France can be made on the same day of the departure

● You can cancel your domestic flight until 2 hours before departure

● Air France does not allow you to cancel your flights after these 2 hours of the departure

● You are allowed to use the same mode of flight cancellation that you use for all the other days

What Is Air France Refund Policy?

Air France’s refund policy lays down specific guidelines for requesting refunds. Travelers need to follow these guidelines before applying for it:

● The Air France refund policy states that you will receive full refunds after canceling your refundable tickets

● Fare classes such as the business fully flexible, premium economy flexible, and economy fully flexible allow refunds of the complete amount

● Your non-refundable ticket can be eligible for refund under rare cases such as flight cancellations or delays

● For any kind of refund, you will receive it within 7-10 business days

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. How do I know if my Air France flight is Cancelled?

Ans. You will receive the canceled status of your booked Air France flights through email and SMS. You can also view it on your mobile app. After your flight cancellation, you can apply for a refund or accept the alternate flight arranged by Air France

Ques. Is Air France giving refunds for canceled flights?

Ans. Air France initiates refunds after it cancels your flights. According to your choice, you can book an alternate flight if you still need to travel after your original flight’s cancellations

Ques. What is the cancellation period for Air France?

Ans. Air France allows the cancellation of domestic flights up to 2 hours before departure. For international flights, you can cancel them 4 hours before departure. You can cancel them for free within 24 hours of booking.

Ques. How can I contact Air France by phone?

Ans. To contact Air France by phone, dial its headquarters at 1800 180 0033. This number is available between Monday and Friday.