How Do I Change My KLM Flight

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How Do I Change My KLM Flight

Like everything else in life, your travel plans do change at times due to unforeseen situations, prompting you to apply for a change in your flight time, date, and destination. And more often than not, you discover, to your dismay, that either your flight ticket doesn’t allow for a change in flight if and when required, or even if it does, there’s a hefty service fee associated with it. The hassles and monetary implications in such cases make you helpless, forcing you to surrender to the flight change rules of the airlines. Therefore, understanding the policies of your airline is very important before you purchase your flight ticket.

Thankfully, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which is one of the oldest passenger carriers in the world, has a customer-centric flight change policy in place that aims to reduce passenger inconvenience and make air travel a hassle-free experience for them. In this blog, we will study the KLM Flight Change Policy and share with you the process of changing your KLM flight, apart from discussing the associated charges and specific guidelines for altering flight dates or passenger names.

KLM Flight Change Policy

Before diving into the details of how to change your KLM flight, let’s familiarize ourselves with the KLM Airlines Flight Change Policy. KLM, the flag carrier airline of the Netherlands, strives to provide flexibility for its passengers. It recognizes that there could be situations when passengers might require a change in flight. However, the KLM Flight Change Policy allows modifications to your existing reservation only subject to specific rules and conditions, which can be summarized as follows.

●  KLM typically allows changes to flight details like date, time, or even destination, depending on the fare conditions associated with your ticket. You can make the changes only if the ticket rules permit.

●  As per the rules of the KLM Flight Change Policy, you have to rebook to make changes to your KLM flight. 

●  Such changes also depend on factors such as seat availability and the type of ticket you’ve purchased.

●  You’re allowed to make changes to your KLM flight online and rebook if you’ve purchased your original ticket from KLM, Air France, or Delta Airlines. 

●  As per the KLM Flight Change Policy rules, you can make changes to your flight even if you’ve completed web check-in. You need to cancel your check-in first in such a case and then make changes to your current getaway. 

●  The KLM Flight Change Policy rules specify that extra services purchased with the original ticket can be automatically transferred to the new booking after changes in flight. You may be required to pay higher charges for those services. However, you’re also allowed to cancel the extras at the time of making flight changes and rebooking.

●  There is a mandatory administration fee for changing your flight. The price depends on your travel route and ticket type. As per the KLM Flight Change Policy rules, the change fees are also waived for certain ticketing classes. 

●  Certain ticket types are non-changeable. You are not allowed to make changes to your flight if you have such a ticket.

How Do You Change Your KLM Flight

As per the KLM Flight Change Policy, there are three ways to make changes to your KLM flight date, time, or destination. They are.

Online Flight Change

Online change through the official website of KLM Airlines is the easiest way to change your flight date and time. It offers the advantage of immediate confirmation and real-time availability updates. It’s an efficient way to secure your preferred modifications without the need to visit a physical counter or spend time on hold with customer service.

Calling Customer Service

The following method of effecting a change in flight is contacting the KLM Customer Contact canter by dialing the +1-800-315-2771 toll-free number. The only setback of this method is that you’ll not be provided any assistance regarding availability checking from the customer service officials. You have to conduct the availability check on your own prior to calling them.

Contacting Travel Agent

If your original booking was made through a travel agent, you can easily make changes to your KLM flight by contacting him. 

KLM Flight Change Online

Changing your KLM flight online is the most convenient method, allowing you to manage your booking from the comfort of your home. Here are the steps to change your KLM flight online through the official website.

●  Log on to the official website of KLM Airlines,, and come to its home page. 

●  Click on the “My Trip” option, which is the 2nd menu from left on the top menu bar. 

●  This will open the “My Trip” page. Click on the box that reads “Log in to my account.” 

●  Provide your KLM flight booking credentials, like the booking reference number and your last name, to retrieve your complete booking details. 

●  You’ll be redirected to a new page with all your booking details. 

●  Here, you’ll find the options to make changes in flight date and time or destination if your ticket rules allow. You will also find the next available flights here. You’ll find no options for flight change on this page if you have an Economy Light ticket. 

●  Choose the next KLM flight you want to travel with as per the availability shown and continue.

●  Pay the fare difference and rebooking fee as applicable. You’ll receive the mailed confirmation once your rebooking is complete.

How Much Does KLM Charge, Fees to Change Flights

The cost associated with changing your KLM flight varies depending on several factors, including the type of ticket, the timing of the change, the travel route, the destination, and the specific fare conditions. The administration fee for changing a KLM flight varies widely between trips within Europe and Intercontinental travel. Here’s the summary of the charges.

●  You have to pay €70 to make changes to your KLM flight if you have a Standard Economy or Standard Business ticket and you are traveling within Europe.

●  The charges for the KLM flight change jump to €200 for both Economy Light and Economy Standard tickets if you’re flying internationally from Europe to other continents. The flight change fee becomes €250 for international destinations if the exact tickets are booked in the Premium Comfort class. 

Please note that there’s no flight change fee for either international travel or travel within Europe for Flex tickets in Economy or Business class.

Moreover, the KLM Flight Change Policy mandates that the applicable fare difference must be paid at the time of rebooking if the new ticket price is higher than the original. Alternatively, you’ll be provided a voucher for the excess amount if the new flight ticket costs less. The exact fees and conditions are outlined in the fare rules associated with your key. 

How to Change Flight Date on KLM Airlines

If you need to adjust the date of your KLM flight, the process is similar to the general flight change procedure. Follow these steps:

●  Access the “My Trip” section on the KLM website.

●  Enter your booking reference and last name. This will retrieve your complete KLM booking information.

●  Locate the specific flight you want to change and click on the “Change Flight” option.

●  Choose the new date for your flight and follow the instructions provided.

●  Confirm the changes and make all necessary payments.

Keep in mind that date changes are subject to seat availability and the conditions of your ticket. So, they must be tallied before you try to apply the change.

How Do You Change Name at KLM Flight

Changing names is a more complex process compared to a date or time change on a flight ticket. Generally, airlines have strict policies regarding name changes due to security reasons. The same goes for KLM Airlines. The Amsterdam–based aviation giant doesn’t allow name changes under normal circumstances. As per the KLM Airlines Name Change Policy, passenger names can’t be replaced as it amounts to a change in person. However, name corrections are allowed if there’s a typing error at the time of booking. As per the rules of the KLM Airlines Name Correction Policy, you can correct a mistake in a passenger name without paying any fee by contacting KLM customer service as soon as you notice the error.

Be prepared to provide relevant documentation, such as a passport or identification, to support the name change request. If you are a Flying Blue member, you have to contact Flying Blue Customer Service for a name correction. Similarly, if you booked through a travel agent, you must contact him for a name correction.


KLM Flight Change Policy is a comprehensive guide for passengers who have no other option but to change their travel plans due to unexpected events in their lives. Knowledge of the policy is essential for enjoying hassle-free travel despite an emergency. You can conveniently change your KLM flight both online and offline, with the process depending on the ticket rules and the nature of the modification. While KLM aims to provide flexibility, it’s crucial to be aware of potential charges and adhere to the specific regulations associated with your ticket. So, the next time you decide to travel on a KLM flight, make sure you have complete knowledge of the ticket rules before booking. 

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Ques. Does a change in KLM flight date and flight destination cost the same?

Ans. The charges for changing the KLM flight date and destination will be the same for the same ticket type. However, the overall cost for change may vary depending on the fare difference which may be applicable. 

Ques. Can KLM Change Fees be waived?

Ans. KLM change fees depend on the ticket type. You don’t need to pay any price to change your flight if you have a Flex ticket in either the Economy or Business class.

Ques. I have an Economy Light ticket. Can I change the flight date for my trip to the US?

Ans. Yes, you can. As per the rules of the KLM Flight Change Policy, you’ll be required to pay a €200 change fee for this.