Qatar Airways Flight Change Policy

Qatar Airways Flight Change Policy

Qatar Airways Flight Change Policy

Qatar Airways considers the interest of customers while framing its flight change policies. That is why you can change your flights without any trouble. Qatar Airways Flight Change Policy offers convenient flight change services.

This policy frames rules and instructions regarding flight changes and cancellations. It talks about the kinds of changes in an itinerary. You can not only rebook another flight. You will also be able to change flight dates, times, destinations, travel classes, names, and other parts of your booking. You can even change your international destinations.  

You do not have to worry about losing your money for making all of these changes. This is because Qatar Airways does not apply a high amount of change fees. You can even get refunds of the remaining balance after making the required modifications.

What does this Qatar Airways flight change policy cover? Let’s check it out.

What Is Qatar Flight Change Policy?

Qatar Airways Flight Change Policy is a detailed set of guidelines to change flights. These guidelines are a way that you can follow during your flight change process. You will be assured that you can rebook the most suitable flight that matches your schedule by following these guidelines. These are as follows:

● Qatar Airways allows changes in ticket dates and routes at least 3 hours before a flight departure

● You should keep the same ticket class on the next flight as it was on the original flight

● Along with flight change fees, you have to pay fare differences

● Only minor name corrections are allowed on Qatar Airways. You cannot change your full name on a flight ticket

● You can rebook your flight in the next 45 days after departure in case of the death of your relative

● Qatar Airways allows you to change flight dates, times and destinations

● You can make unrestricted changes in your flight only once for free.

● For any reason that forces you, Qatar Airways allows you to deboard your flight at least 2-3 hours before departure after your check-in

● You have to change your flight at least 2-3 days before departure if you are traveling to Australia

● You can change your flights online only if you had earlier booked it through the website, the mobile app, and the airport ticketing office of Qatar Airways

● If you had earlier booked your flight by phone, then you need to contact Qatar Airways customer service to change it

● Tickets booked through any other third-party traveling agency should be changed through this source only

Methods To Change Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Flight Change Policy provides both offline and online modes of booking and rebooking flights. These modes are easily accessible.

You can use any of these modes according to your convenience. All of these online and offline modes of flight changes are available for 24 hours and seven days.

These modes allow you to use the web services of Qatar Airways. If you want to use an alternate option, then you can contact Qatar Airways’ customer care services.

Following are the Qatar Airways modes to be used for booking and changing flights:

Official Website Of Qatar Airways: 

As you open the Qatar Airways website, you will find ‘manage/check-in’ on the homepage. Clicking on this option will enable you to enter your booking reference number and last name.

You will be able to retrieve your booking details after providing all of these details. After retrieving your bookings, you can modify any part that you want.

You can even use a Qatar Airways user account to make all the required changes to your itineraries.

Qatar Airways Mobile App

Qatar Airways mobile provides the same ease of flight changes as on the website. This mode of Qatar Airways also consists of a ‘manage/check-in’ option on the home screen.

You will be able to start changing your Qatar Airways flights by tapping on this option. You can even log into your Qatar Airways user account to initiate your change process.

Qatar Airways Customer Care Service:

Customer service at Qatar Airways is available on the call and live chat. Live assistants are available to resolve your queries quickly. If you do not want to call Qatar Airways, then you can find the chat assistant on the website.

Click on the ‘help’ tab on the homepage of the Qatar Airways website. You can see the option of ‘change flight.’ After clicking on this option, scroll down the page and log in to connect with a live agent.

Instead of contacting on live chat, you can also connect with Qatar Airways customer care on the respective contact number for your region.

Qatar Airways Flight Change Fees

Determining Qatar Airways flight change fees is difficult. You will be informed about it during your change process or through the email.

Although, these fees will be waived off if you change your flight within 24 hours of booking.

However, certain factors together sum up the cost of Qatar Airways flight changes. These are:

● Fees will apply to every transaction

● Changes in group PNR

● Fare differences between the new trips and the original trip

● The cost of changing flights is applicable to all adults, infants, and children who need seats on a flight

● Change fees are the same for all passengers of Qatar Airways

● You have to pay the cost of a no-show if you are changing your flight 3 hours before its departure

Qatar Airways Award Ticket Change Fees

Rules for changing Award ticket fees are different for each member of Qatar Airways Privilege Club. These fees vary according to membership tier and lead time.

Following is the change fee structure of Qatar Airways Award tickets as per the membership tier:

More than 24 hours before departureUSD 25FreeFree
Between 3 hours and 24 hours before departureUSD 100FreeFree
After flight’s departureNo Changes or cancellations allowed

What About Qatar Airways Refund Policy?

Qatar Airways ensures that you get a refund of the eligible amount after changing or canceling your flight. It processes it after determining the fare conditions of your flight.

You will be able to get a refund if your ticket is refundable or if Qatar Airways delayed your flight. Following are the rules for it

● Qatar Airways will rebook another flight after canceling or delaying your previous one. If you do not wish to travel anymore, then you can ask for a refund

● Your remaining balance after rebooking your new flight will be refunded to you as travel credits

● You have to fill up an online form that is given on the Qatar Airways website to request refunds

● You can also call Qatar Airways customer care at +974 4023 0000

Qatar Airways 24-Hour Flight Change

Qatar Airways also ensures that its customers are able to change their flights without spending much on it. It guarantees free flight changes in its 24-hour Qatar Airways flight change policy. This Qatar Airways 24-hour flight change policy states:

● You can change your flight within 24 hours of booking for free

● All refundable and non-refundable tickets are eligible for a change within this period

● You will also get refunds of all fare types after changing or canceling them within 24 hours of booking

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. Can I change my flight date with Qatar Airways?

Ans. According to Qatar Airways’ flight change policy, you can change your Qatar Airways flight date, too. To change your flight date, you have to pay a certain fee. You can process this flight date change through the website and the customer care service of Qatar Airways as well.

Ques. What are the change fees on Qatar Airways?

Ans. Flight change fees of Qatar Airways are hard to determine. You can check your ticket or email to find out how much the flight change costs. You can even contact Qatar Airways customer care service at the contact number given for your region.

Ques. Can I cancel my Qatar Airways ticket for free?

Ans. Qatar Airways allows free ticket cancellation only within 24 hours of booking. After this period, free cancellations depend upon exceptional cases. To cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, you need to book seven days before departure

Ques. What happens if Qatar Airways cancel a flight?

Ans. If Qatar Airways cancels your flight, then it will rebook another flight. It will also give you the option of rebooking a flight on your own. Otherwise, you can apply for a refund.