Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy - Guidelines, Processes & Fees

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy – Guidelines, Processes & Fees

Name mistakes on flight tickets are common. And they require immediate rectification for apparent reasons. After all, you can’t travel domestically or internationally if the name on your ticket doesn’t match with that on your photo identity. While you can’t stop such name mistakes because they are unintentional, you can manage them better if you know the name correction rules and methods. That is where knowledge of the airline’s name change policy always helps.

Delta Airlines, one of the world’s largest and most trusted airlines, has a structured name Change and correction Policy. The policy is not only well-designed but also straightforwardly explained. The policy includes rules and guidelines and also mentions the exclusions. It lays down the processes for name changes and corrections for the passengers and concurrently issues instructions to the travel agencies. The policy also elaborately discusses all the possible scenarios under which name corrections and changes can be initiated. In this blog, we will discuss the Delta Airlines Name Change Policy. So, read the blog for more details. 

Delta Airlines Name Correction Guidelines

Delta Airlines Name Correction Guidelines are strict but easy to understand. Here they are for your quick comprehension.

● The policy rules regarding name corrections and changes apply to only Delta 006 ticket stock. 

● Delta Airlines must operate all flights for connecting journeys for the rules to be applicable.

● Passengers must contact Delta Reservations for assistance if their itineraries include flights operated by other carriers. 

● The policy allows only one name correction per passenger per ticket. For further corrections, the ticket must be re-issued more than once, requiring assistance from Delta Reservations.

● Passengers can correct up to three letters in their names. This includes first, middle, and surnames. Passengers must contact Delta Reservations for help if more than three letters in their last names need to be changed. 

● The policy doesn’t allow the change of passenger name or the substitution of the passenger. The passenger in the original reservation must travel after the name has been corrected or changed. 

● The Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) must remain the same as on the original reservation. 

● The policy imposes strict restrictions on name changes or corrections on flight tickets to China. Here, name changes or corrections are allowed on different tickets. The ticket must be canceled, and a completely new reservation has to be made. 

Delta Airlines Name Change Method.

You can change your name on your Delta Airlines ticket online via their website or by contacting customer service at +1 800-221-1212. You must send copies of your supporting legal documents to Delta and make a name change request to correct your wrong name, birth date, address & profile information. To do that, you must fill out the Identity Verification Form and submit it with copies of the documents mentioned. This can be done both online and offline. Here are the steps to change your name on the Delta ticket online via Delta Airlines Official Website.

●  Land on the home page of

● Click “My Trips,” the 3rd menu from the left of the header menu bar. 

● Enter your booking confirmation number and first and last name in the given fields, and click the red arrow tab. 

● Check your name on your trip details page after retrieving the trip information.

● The “Edit” option will show beside your name if you’re eligible for a name change or correction. 

● Click “Edit” and make the necessary changes or corrections.

● To change your name, you must verify your identity by filling out and submitting the Identity Verification Form. You have to upload copies of supporting legal documents.

● Pay the requisite fees if you have to. 

● Follow the instructions given and save the change. Wait for the name change confirmation email. 

Delta Airlines Name Change Fees – Charges

Delta Airlines doesn’t charge any fee for minor name corrections. However, for name changes, you might be required to pay anywhere between $0 to $400 as fees depending on the origin of your travel and your fare rules. Besides, if you’re booked on a trip to China, your name change or correction on Delta will require the payment of a possible fare difference because you must cancel the original reservation and make a new booking.

How Do You Request a Name Correction On a Delta Airlines ticket?

To request a name change correction on your Delta Airlines ticket, contact Delta Airlines via phone at +1 800-221-1212, live chat, WhatsApp, or other social media messages. You can also submit an online name correction request through the official website,, by logging into your My Trips section.

What Happens If You Misspell Something on Your Delta Airlines Ticket?

Spelling mistakes in names are prevalent on airline tickets. And in most cases, they can be corrected very quickly. Most airlines don’t even charge for a simple name correction. So, if you misspell your name on your Delta Airlines ticket, you can first log in to your trip details section online on the official website, make the necessary changes, and submit the change request. Your request will be approved, and name correction will be confirmed quickly if you conform to the guidelines and don’t violate the Delta Airlines Name Change/Correction Rules. You can also get your name corrected by contacting Delta Airlines via phone at +1 800-221-1212, live chat, or social media messages.

What Documents are Required for a Name Correction on Delta Airlines?

Simple name corrections on a Delta Airlines ticket don’t require any documentation. You can make the name correction online and submit the request. For more complex name corrections where you need Delta Reservations assistance, you may be required to send a copy of your photo identification.  


The Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy is a well-thought-out approach that aims to achieve customer satisfaction. The policy gives passengers a lot of flexibility regarding name changes or corrections. It allows passengers to correct up to three characters in their first, middle, and last names. The policy rules also allow passengers to add to their previous names and make name corrections on the tickets if their first and last names are accidentally transposed. Interestingly, passengers are not required to pay anything for these changes. Not only that, the policy also permits passengers to completely change their last names after marriage, divorce, or adoption. So, if you’re traveling with Delta and terrified about a spelling mistake on your ticket, you can relax. You’ll get your name corrected without paying a penny.


Ques. Does Delta let you change names on a ticket?

Ans. Yes, it does. The Delta Airlines Name Change Policy allows you to change your name on the ticket after your marriage, divorce, or adoption, subject to the submission of supporting legal documents. However, the passenger must remain the same. A change in name doesn’t mean a change of the passenger.

Ques. Can I transfer Delta tickets to another person?

Ans. No. The Delta Airlines Name Change Policy maintains that the passenger traveling after a name change must be the same as the individual in the original reservation. The Delta Airlines tickets are non-transferable.

Ques. How do I change my name on Delta’s profile?

Ans. You must submit a name change request to Delta to change your name on your Delta profile. You must verify your identity by filling out an Identity Verification Form, uploading/sending copies of your supporting legal documents, and submitting it with your name change request. You can do this online through the official website and offline by contacting Delta via phone calls, live chat, or social media messages.

Ques. What is the Delta Airlines name change phone number?

Ans. To talk to a live person at Delta regarding a name change in your reservation, dial the toll-free phone number +1-800-221-1212.