Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Delta Seat Selection Policy: Everything You Need to Know

Delta Seat Selection Policy: Everything You Need to Know

You book air tickets for your family vacation and, suddenly, you discover that you can’t choose seats for the trip. Now, either you pay for choosing seats or be ready to sit a few rows away from your spouse or kids. Shocked? Well, don’t be, because events like these aren’t unusual. And that is why you should always study your airline’s seat selection policy before buying your tickets.

Now, talking about Delta airlines seat selection policy, things become much easier if you’re flying with Delta. The Atlanta-based airline has a structured seat selection policy to help you avoid such unwanted situations. The Delta Seat Selection Guidelines Policy may be strict, but is very lucid and well-laid. The policy allows passengers to select and change seats. It also permits passengers to upgrade to higher ticketing classes. However, these services are offered for a seat selection fee and the fee depends on fare rules, passengers’ SkyMiles membership levels, and their Medallion status. The policy also imposes maximum restrictions on the Basic Economy tickets regarding seat selection. In this blog, we offer you a look at the Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy and give you complete details about the policy guidelines, processes and fees. Here’s what you should know.

Delta Airlines Seat Selection Guidelines

Given below are the guidelines regarding Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy.

●  Passengers can choose and change seats anytime starting from at the time of booking to 90 minutes prior to departure or the closing of the check-in window.

●  The Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy allows passengers to buy preferred seats or upgrade to higher ticketing classes for a fee.

●  Passengers can buy preferred seats and paid upgrades up until the check-in window closes.

●  Preferred seats are nothing but regular main cabin seats differentiated only on the basis of their locations. They are typically the exit row seats, and the window and aisle seats towards the front of the main cabin.

●  Preferred seats are non-changeable and non-refundable. Passengers can’t transfer them to a new flight or itinerary.

●  Passengers can cancel their preferred seats and get their values refunded in terms of eCredits provided such cancelations are done before the opening of the 24-hour check-in window.

●  Medallion members can request preferred seats without paying any fee. They get complimentary upgrades to preferred seats subject to availability.

●  SkyMiles members can earn miles by purchasing preferred seats. They also add MQDs toward their Medallion status.

●  Paid upgrades are changeable and refundable subject to the fare rules associated with the original tickets.

●  Paid upgrades can be purchased as an add-on after booking. Passengers can use a different payment method than the original booking for this post-purchase add-on.

●  With paid upgrades, passengers can choose seats in higher classes such as from the Main Cabin to Delta Comfort Plus, Delta Premium Select, Delta One, and Delta First Class and from Delta Comfort Plus to Delta Premium Select, Delta One, and Delta First Class.

●  Delta Premium Select, Delta One, and Delta First Class passengers can choose any seat within their cabin for free during and after booking subject to availability.

●  Passengers can buy preferred seats or paid upgrades online through the official website.

●  Passengers who buy Basic Economy tickets can’t purchase preferred seats.

●  Basic Economy ticket holders aren’t assigned seats until they are checked in or before boarding at the airport.

Delta Airlines Seat Selection Method

As per the Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy rules, passengers can select seats or buy paid upgrades online via Delta Airlines Official Website. Here are the steps to do that.

●  Click on “My Trips” on the homepage of the Delta Airlines official website, This is the third menu from the left on the header menu bar.

●  Enter your booking confirmation number, and your first and last names in the given fields. Click on the red arrow button.

●  In the “My Trips” section, view your seat map once your trip details are retrieved after login.

●  You can’t select the seats labeled as “Occupied” because those are seats booked by other passengers. Only those seats will be shown to you on the map which you’re eligible to choose or buy as per your fare rules.

●  Choose your seat or buy an upgrade by following the instructions.

●  Make the payments and submit your request.

●  Wait for confirmation mail.

Delta Airlines Seat Selection Fees – Charges

Delta Airlines allows you to choose your seats for free provided you’re ready to wait until your check-in window opens 24 hours before departure. But your chances of getting an acceptable seat in this case will completely depend on the remaining seats that are open to selection. And you have to be extremely lucky to get a good deal here. If you have a Basic Economy ticket, you have two options. Either you pay $29 per seat per segment for choosing your seat online 7 days before departure, or wait until check-in opens to get it free. For other fares, Delta charges an average of $15 per seat per segment for choosing a seating assignment. However, the charges for paid upgrades will depend on the ticketing class you’re planning to upgrade to. For example, if you are a Medallion member, you’re entitled to receive complimentary upgrades to the preferred seats subject to availability.

How Do You Request a Seat Selection On a Delta Airlines ticket?

To request a seat selection on your Delta Airlines ticket, you have to log in to the My Trips section of your profile on the Delta Airlines official website. In the My Trips section, you have to view the seat map that shows the currently available seats as per your fare rules and ticketing class. You have to select the seat here and pay the fees if required before submitting the request for seat selection.

What Happens If You Don’t Select a Seat on Delta Flight?

If you forget to select your seat on a Delta Airlines flight during booking, you can always do it later online after booking through My Trips on the official website of or during check-in. But your chances of getting your chosen seats will reduce as the time gets closer to departure. If you are looking to upgrade your ticket, you can always buy a paid upgrade as an add-on post-purchase. Again, you may also prefer to get your seat assigned at the airport to avoid seat selection fees. However, if you don’t select a seat until the closing of your check-in window, you’ll have no other option but to depend on remaining seat availability for seat assignment.

What Documents are Required For Seat Selection at Delta Airlines?

As per the Delta Airlines Seat Selection Rules, no documents are required for a seat selection on a Delta Airlines Flight. Only the seat selection requests have to be submitted online through the website of  original Delta airlines and the required fees must be paid. Delta airlines have their own fees starting from $10 to $15 extra for each leg of your Delta flight.

How Does Seat Selection Work on Delta?

Delta seat assignments can be purchased in advance for a fee, or will be assigned for free at the airport after check-in or at the gate. At the same time, seat assignments can be purchased through Delta Airlines Reservations, Airport Customer Service dial 00 1 800-221-1212, and the flyDelta app.

Selecting your seat on Delta is easy provided you know how seat selection works on Delta. Here’s a snapshot.

●  The process starts at the time of booking. You can view the seat map and choose seats depending on availability.

●  Only those seats will show on the map that are remaining and can be assigned to you as per your fare rules and terms associated with your ticketing class.

●  Passengers who don’t select seats at this point can do it later online through the My Trips section on the official website until the check-in window closes.

●  Passengers may also choose to wait till boarding to be assigned free seats. However, they will have to compromise with their seat choices in such cases.

●  Delta Airlines charges for seat selection. But seat selection fees are waived for certain fare classes and Medallion members.

●  Talking about fares, Basic Economy fares enjoy the least flexibility in terms of seat selection. They are not allowed to upgrade to higher classes. They are also not allowed to select seats until the check-in window opens.

●  Finally, Delta Airlines doesn’t guarantee you of a particular seat even if your fare rules permit and you pay up for it.

The Bottom Line

Delta Airlines offers a host of options to passengers when it comes to selecting and changing seats on a Delta Airlines flight. It provides Delta seat selection options to all passengers irrespective of their fare types and ticketing classes. Apparently, it might seem like the airline is harsh on some fares, particularly, the Basic Economy. However, a close look at the entitlements given to the Basic Economy ticket holders proves why the airline is a customers’ favorite. Add to that the comparatively lower seat selection fee charged for preferred seats and paid upgrades. On top of it, the entire Delta seat selection process is available online on the official website, allowing passengers to self-manage their seats. Looking at all the aspects, the Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy can be hailed as one of the best in the industry, and Delta Airlines highly recommended.


Ques. How do I select seats on Delta Flight?

Ans. To select a seat on Delta Airlines, you have to log in to the “My Trips” section of your Delta Profile on the official website Then you have to check availability from the seat map, choose your seat, and pay the requisite $10 to $15 fees before submitting the seat selection request. Your chosen seat will be assigned to you subject to the fulfillment of other conditions.

Ques. What are the favored seats on Delta Airlines?

Ans. Delta Airlines offers preferred seats to passengers in its main cabin. Feature-wise, these seats are the same as regular seats in the main cabin except that they are positioned better. Usually, they consist of the exit row seats and the window and aisle seats toward the front cabin. Preferred seats are the cheapest upgrade from Standard Economy.

Ques. Can I upgrade my seat after booking a Delta flight Ticket?

Ans. Yes, you can always upgrade your seat after booking a Delta Airlines flight, because paid upgrades on Delta are sold as an add-on. So, you can add this to your original ticket as a post-purchase. However, this has to be done before the check-in window closes which is 90 minutes prior to departure.

Ques. How early can you choose seats on Delta Airlines?

Ans. As per the Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy, you can choose seats on Delta Airlines even before you ticket your reservation. However, your eligibility to choose seats by a particular time period will depend on your fare type and its associated rules.

Ques. Can I select seats at Delta Airlines Flight?

Ans. Yes, you can select seats on your Delta Airlines flight. But there could be several restrictions regarding the cut-off time. The cut-off time for selecting seats and the seat selection fee charged will depend on your original fare rules.