How to Manage Your Finnair Flight Booking

How to Manage Your Finnair Flight Booking | Baggage | Online

How to Manage Your Finnair Flight Booking | Baggage | Online

Frequent fliers know the pain of planning air travel. No matter how meticulously you plan things, some situations or others will force you to make changes at the last moment in most cases. A medical emergency, an unavoidable client meeting, or the postponement of an event could be endless reasons behind a change in your air travel plans. Airline companies understand this. Finnair, like others, makes policies to address passengers’ needs for changes or cancellations of flights. The Finnair Manage Booking Policy is a pioneering approach to help passengers self-manage their flight bookings online anytime without paying any service fee. More on this Finnair Manage Flight Booking Policy is discussed in this blog. So, read this in detail. 

Finnair Manage Booking

Finnair Manage Booking is an online service that allows passengers to self-manage their flight bookings from the comfort of their homes or offices or while on the go. Here’s all you should know about this service. 

●  Through Finnair Manage Booking, passengers can view their complete booking details online and change or cancel flights easily with a simple click of the mouse.

●  The system allows passengers to change or cancel their flights without any service fee.

●  This allows passengers to do many other things, like booking extras before the trip, requesting a refund, and checking the refund status.

●  Passengers who’ve booked their tickets directly from Finnair online or through customer service can change their flights through Finnair Manage Booking. You’re not eligible to use this if you purchased your ticket from a travel agent or tour operator. 

●  To use Finnair Manage Booking, you must buy your Finnair flight ticket using a single mode of payment. Passengers using money and points to purchase Finnair flights aren’t eligible to use this online service.

●  Individual passengers can use Finnair Manage Booking to change or cancel their flights. Groups must contact Finnair customer service for similar changes.

●  As an individual, you can use Finnair Manage Booking for your convenience until you upgrade your ticket with a mix of money and points or any other membership tier benefit. 

●  Finnair’s managed booking mandates that you can change your travel dates without a service fee only once. Beyond this, changes are chargeable.

●  The Finnair Manage Booking service allows passengers to change their travel dates up to 48 hours before departure for Economy Light tickets. Classic and Flex ticket holders can make changes online until a few hours before departure. 

How do you Manage Finnair Booking Online?

You don’t have to be a techie to manage your Finnair booking online using the Finnair Manage Booking service. The process is simple and convenient, which is easy for everyone to understand and execute. Here are the steps. 

●  Enter the URL of the official Finnair website,, on your browser and land on the home page. 

●  Click on “Manage” on the blue top menu bar. This will open the “Manage Booking” page. 

●  Put your booking reference or e-ticket number on the first box and your family name on the second box. Now click on the purple “Search” button.

●  This will retrieve your complete booking information. Now, select the flight you want to change the travel date and time, cancel the trip you no longer want to undertake, or use any of the services you mentioned above. 

Finnair Manage Baggage

With Finnair Manage Booking Service, you can manage your extra baggage online. Here are some details you’d like to know.

●  Most Finnair tickets allow you to carry one piece of baggage(either a carry-on or a checked bag) free without paying any charge. This free baggage has dimensional and weight restrictions depending on your ticket class and flight destination. However, you can carry more and heavier bags with you by paying for them in advance through Finnair Manage Booking. 

●  The Finnair Manage Booking allows you to add and pay for eight extra bags online. This may include any personal use, sports, or musical instrument item. This also applies to the connecting flights if Finnair operates all the flights.

●  The fee for managing extra flight baggage is less if paid online through Finnair Manage Booking than at the airport.

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Ques. Can I buy seats through Finnair Manage Booking? 

Ans. Yes, you can. The Finnair Manage Booking lets you choose your preferred seat and do many other things online. 

Ques. Can I change my travel date twice with Finnair?

Ans. You can change your travel date twice using the Finnair Manage Booking if your ticket rules permit. But you may have to pay additional charges.

Ques. How early can you check in your extra bags with Finnair?

Ans. You can check in your extra baggage online as early as 36 hours before departure through Finnair Manage Booking.