Finnair Missed Flight Policy – Things to Do If You Miss Your Flight

Finnair Missed Flight Policy | Rebook Your Missed Flight

Finnair Missed Flight Policy | Rebook Your Missed Flight

How it works: Travel plans are not only about deciding destinations and booking flights. They are a bunch of future actions agreed according to the schedules of an individual, team, or organization. But life’s unpredictability can sometimes bring an unprecedented change in that schedule, making your travel plans go awry. Missed flights, unfortunately, are the results of such unpredictable events happening in our lives that, sometimes, become a part of our travel experience. Thankfully, Finnair Airlines, which is one of the oldest and continuously operating passenger carriers in the world, has a well-defined missed flight policy to guide passengers through these unforeseen circumstances. In this blog, we’ll discuss and go deep into the intricacies of Finnair Missed Flight Policy, covering the basic guidelines, rebooking procedures, charges, and more.

What is Finnair Missed Flight Policy?

Finnair’s missed flight policy is a set of rules and guidelines designed to assist passengers who find themselves unable to catch their scheduled flight due to any reason. While no one plans to miss a flight, situations do change in life sometimes, and Finnair aims to provide a structured approach to handle such situations. As per the policy, a passenger becomes a no-show if he fails to turn up at the airport within the stipulated check-in time and until the flight takes off. Further actions for a missed flight depend on the type of ticket the passenger has booked. Depending on the rules associated with that particular type of ticket, he may be either rerouted or refunded.

Basic Guidelines of Finnair Missed Flight

As part of its Missed Flight Policy, Finnair has issued a set of basic guidelines for passengers to assist them in the unfortunate event of a no-show. The main points and instructions contained in the policy are mentioned below.

Notify the Airline Immediately

The moment you realize you won’t make it to your flight, contact Finnair immediately, no matter where you are. Timely communication is crucial, and the airline may be able to offer better alternatives if they are informed promptly. Even if you are at the airport and realize that your flight has departed, contact the staff at the airport immediately. 

Cite Appropriate Reasons

Finnair understands that emergencies happen. If you missed your flight due to circumstances beyond your control, such as a medical emergency or a delayed connecting flight, be sure to communicate this to the airline staff. Finnair will take full responsibility if the delayed connecting flight is also operated by Finnair.

Be Ready to Pay the No-Show Charges

As per the Finnair Missed Flight Policy, a no-show fee may be applicable for passengers who missed their flights without prior notice. And like most airlines, Finnair may also consider forfeiting the entire booking amount. Penalties fees depend on the individual ticket rules. This fee is in place to discourage intentional absences and compensate for the inconvenience caused to the airline.

How to Rebook Your Missed Flight: Finnair Missed Flight

Once you contact Finnair Customer Service and inform them about the missed flight, you might be given a chance to re-route or reschedule your journey depending on the circumstances and the terms and conditions associated with the booked ticket. Here’s how you can rebook your missed flight if given a chance.

Contact Finnair Customer Service

After notifying the airline about your situation, the next step is to contact Finnair’s customer service. They will check the rules of your booked ticket and guide you through the available options for rebooking your flight.

Flexibility Subject to Fare Rules

Depending on the type of ticket you purchased, Finnair may offer flexibility in rebooking options. Some fare classes allow changes with little or no extra charge, while others may incur hefty additional fees.

Check for Availability

The chances of rebooking depend on the availability of seats on later flights. So, be prepared for possible changes in your itinerary. Also, check for alternative options related to local transportation and hotel booking so that they align with your revised schedule.

How Much Does Finnair Charge for Missed Flights?

Finnair’s charge for missed flights can vary based on factors such as the type of ticket, fare class, and the reason for missing the flight. No-show fees are commonly applied as per the rules of the Finnair Missed Flight Policy. There may be situations where the entire booking amount may be forfeited as well. Therefore, it is essential to refer to the terms and conditions of your booked ticket for accurate information on charges.

How Do I Reschedule My Finnair Flight?

You have the following two options to reschedule your flight in the event of a no-show. 

Online Through the Official Website

Finnair’s official website,, provides passengers with an opportunity to log in and manage their bookings. Depending on the fare rules of your ticket, you may be able to reschedule your flight online.

By Contacting Finnair Customer Service

If online rescheduling is not possible or if you need assistance, reaching out to Finnair’s customer service is a reliable option. They can guide you through the process, discuss available alternatives, and address any concerns you may have. However, there may be an applicable service fee.

What to Do If You Missed Your Connecting Flights with Finnair?

If you have multiple journeys booked with Finnair, there could be several possibilities related to missed flights. As per the Finnair Missed Flight Policy, you need to do any of the following two things if you forgot your connecting flight with Finnair Airlines.

Inform Finnair Staff

If you missed a connecting flight due to circumstances like a delayed initial flight, inform Finnair staff at the airport as soon as possible. They might not be able to put you on board the departed flight, but they can certainly guide you on the next steps and compensate you for this inconvenience. Even they can arrange for a full refund if there is no other alternative option available.

Get Rebooking Assistance

Finnair will typically assist passengers who miss connecting flights due to circumstances beyond their control. This may involve rebooking on the next available flight and, in some cases, providing accommodation if an overnight stay is necessary. So, consider adjusting to the changed schedule and the options provided if your travel plans allow.


Missed flights can, no doubt, be stressful. Fortunately, Finnair Missed Flight Policy stands by the passengers to help them handle such situations. Being aware of the basic guidelines, rebooking procedures, charges, and how to navigate missed connecting flights can help travelers face these unexpected challenges. Remember, communication is the key in the event of a missed flight. So, contacting Finnair promptly may result in the opening up of more options and better solutions. Therefore, whether you’re a frequent flyer or an occasional traveler, be well aware of Finnair’s Missed Flight Policy before you book tickets for your next journey.


Ques. What if I fall ill suddenly before my flight?

Ans. If you suddenly fall ill and you’re sure you won’t be able to make it to the airport in time, contact Finnair immediately to cancel your flight. This may save you from the hassles of a no-show. 

Ques. Can I get a full refund from Finnair if I miss my Finnair flight due to a delay in the connecting flight?

Ans. You can claim a full refund if Finnair also operates the connecting flight. Finnair won’t take any responsibility for delays in connecting flights operated by other airlines.