Frontier Missed Flight Policy – What happens if I Miss my Frontier Flight

Frontier Missed Flight Policy

Frontier Missed Flight Policy

Have you ever missed a flight in your life? If you have, you would know the harrowing consequences of such an unfortunate event. Cut aside the hassle; you may end up losing all the money you paid during booking. No matter what led to you missing your flight, it will be treated as your fault, except you missed your flight due to the delayed arrival of the connecting flight operated by the same airline. Frontier, being an ultra-low-cost carrier based in Colorado, USA, also follows rules similar to those of any other American airline when it comes to handling no-shows. In this blog, let’s find out what the Frontier Missed Flight Policy rules are and what options are available to passengers if they accidentally miss their flights.

What is the Frontier Missed Flight Policy?

As easy as it could get, the Frontier Missed Flight Policy is simple, and its rules are easy for everyone to understand. Here are the Frontier missed flight guidelines and rules.

● The passenger’s entire booking amount is forfeited if he misses the flight due to his fault. The value of the ticket is lost, and no residual value is preserved. 

Frontier Airlines doesn’t offer any refund for no-shows. As per the Frontier Missed Flight Policy rules, the passenger forfeits all his booking money, including the amounts paid for extras. 

● As per the rules, if a passenger misses his Frontier flight, all his tickets for the remaining part of the journey are automatically canceled.

● However, passengers are eligible for a full refund if they miss their next flights due to delayed arrival of Frontier-operated connecting flights. Passengers are also given the option to rebook at no extra cost in such cases. 

What Happens If I Miss My Frontier Flight?

So, you missed your Frontier flight. Don’t panic. Here’s what you can expect and your future course of action. 

● The first thing you should do the moment you realize that you’ve missed your Frontier flight is to dial the toll-free helpline number right from where you are. The Frontier missed flight guidelines also advise you to contact the customer service agent at the airport immediately if you miss your Frontier flight. Informing them immediately might help you preserve the value of the ticket or, at least, save your remaining trips from being canceled, provided you give them a solid reason behind your missing the flight. If you fail to do so, you must be prepared to face the following consequences. 

● As per the Frontier Missed Flight Policy, your ticket and its entire value are lost if you miss your flight due to your fault. In other words, your complete booking amount is forfeited, including the extras. 

● Your remaining flights are also automatically canceled. So, to continue with your journey, you must purchase a new ticket. 

● If you miss your next flight due to the delayed arrival of your connecting Frontier flight, either you are automatically rebooked or given a chance to rebook on the next available Frontier flight as soon as possible without any rebooking fee. You are also entitled, as per the Frontier Missed Flight Policy rules, to request a refund for a delayed flight in such a case.

How do I rebook my missed Frontier flight? US

To rebook your missed flight with Frontier Airlines, just follow these steps. Remember that rebooking is only allowed if you miss your Frontier flight due to the delayed arrival of another Frontier flight or, in other words, due to Frontier’s faults. 

● You can rebook your Frontier missed flight online through the official website,

● Click on “My Trip” on the grey color box placed on the hero image. Enter your last name and booking confirmation code of the missed flight in the designated boxes and click on “Search.”

● Check whether your trip details show the rebooking options. Check the next available flights online if the rebooking option is shown for your missed flight. Select your next flight from the options.

● Check out by paying the fare difference. Congratulations! You’re now rebooked on a new flight.


To cut things short, your options are very limited if you miss your Frontier flight. The Frontier Missed Flight Policy is stringent and doesn’t show any leniency for no-shows. The airline typically offers rebooking on the next available flight only if the delayed arrival of the previous flight causes a no-show. On the other hand, no such missed flight rebooking option is provided when it’s the passenger’s fault, no matter how adverse his circumstances were. Since the complete booking amount is forfeited in the case of a missed flight, it’s essential to read and understand the Frontier Missed Policy in detail before booking your flight. If you do miss your flight, stay calm and contact Frontier customer service for further assistance at +1-800-315-2771

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Ques. How much does Frontier Airlines charge for a no-show?

Ans. Frontier Airlines forfeits your entire booking amount if you miss your flight. So, no charge and no transportation due for the passenger. The total value of the ticket is lost.

Ques. Will Frontier rebook me if I miss my Frontier flight?

Ans. Frontier will rebook you without any fee only if you miss your flight due to Frontier’s fault. No rebooking option is provided to you if you miss your flight due to your fault.