How Can I Manage My Flight Booking on EL AL? – Name & Process

How Can I Manage My Flight Booking on EL AL? - Name & Process

How Can I Manage My Flight Booking on EL AL? – Name & Process

How Can I Manage My Flight Booking on EL AL: Changes in travel plans are unavoidable, especially if you have booked your flight months ahead of your intended travel date. Being the only constant in life, change brings up unusual events and circumstances, forcing you to modify your flight schedules and travel dates. Imagine how comfortable it would be to manage your flight booking independently and make flight changes 24/7 from your mobile or laptop without contacting anybody. Dial +1-800-315-2771 is the EL AL booking department phone number.

The EL AL Manage Flight Booking Policy allows you to do exactly that. The Israeli flag carrier relies on modern technology to offer you a service that is the core of its customer-centric approach. In this blog, we will discuss the EL AL Manage Flight Booking rules in detail, understand the process of changing flights and learn the flight change costs involved. We will also discuss the EL AL Name Change Policy in brief here. So, find all you need to know about EL AL manage booking here. 

The EL AL Manage Flight Booking Policy

The EL AL Manage Flight Booking Policy is a well-defined approach comprising rules, terms and guidelines. It encourages self-service, allowing you to manage your flight booking without any help from an airline official. As a customer, you can change your flight anytime during the day if your plans change due to an unexpected event. Here’s what you should know about the policy. 

●  Managing something means being able to make changes to it if the situation demands it. And the EL AL Manage Flight Booking Policy allows you to do precisely the same thing. The policy rules allow you to change your flight date, time and destination if there is a change in your travel plan. 

●  As per the policy rules, you can change your flight online anytime from anywhere in the world without assistance from an EL AL representative. 

●  To use the managed flight booking service of EL AL, you must purchase your ticket directly from the airline either through its official website, the mobile app or the EL ALBooking Service Centre/Department. 

●  The EL ALManage Flight Booking Policy Rules don’t allow passengers to change their names on tickets. So, you can’t remove yourself and put somebody else’s name on the ticket if you cannot travel on the scheduled date.

●  The policy allows you to self-manage your booking irrespective of your ticketing class. Whether you have an Economy, Premium or Business Class ticket, you can change it anytime. However, the rules don’t allow you to downgrade to a lower value than your original ticket while changing your flight. You must upgrade to higher values or remain in the same ticketing class. For example, if you have a Premium ticket, you can change it to Business Class, but you’re not allowed to downgrade to Economy.

●  The EL AL manage flight booking rules, allowing you to make changes to only those purchased tickets using cash or both cash and points. For EL AL manage booking, credit cards and vouchers are the only accepted modes of cash payments. The policy terms don’t allow you to make online changes to award tickets or tickets purchased solely by redemption of points. 

●  When you change your flight using the EL AL Manage Booking, all the extras you purchased with the original booking are automatically cancelled. The policy rules require that they be added to the new ticket.

●  The policy rules don’t allow changing your flight if a coupon was used while purchasing the flight ticket.

●  As per the EL ALmanage flight rules, passengers must pay a change fee and applicable fare difference to change their flights. 

How Can I Manage Booking on EL AL?

You can manage your EL AL Flight Booking Online anytime, anywhere. So, if you are wondering how to change flights on EL AL, here’s your step-by-step guide to the entire EL manage booking process. 

●  To manage flight changes on EL AL, you must first open the official EL AL website; on the home page, click “Get Ready”, the 2nd menu from left on the header menu bar. 

●  This will open a dropdown with various submenus arranged under three columns. Check out the first column, which has the heading “Manage Your Booking.”

●  Click on “Manage Your Flight,” the first submenu in the first column. 

●  You’ll be straightway redirected to the “Manage Your Booking” page. 

●  Enter your booking code and last name in the designated fields and click the blue “Continue” button.

●  Once your booking details are retrieved, click the “Flight Change/Help” button at the top of the trip details page.

●  The flight change screen will appear after you click the “Flight Change” button, but only if you are eligible for the service. 

●  Now, select the flight you want to change from the flight change screen. 

●  Enter your desired travel and destination date, and click “Find me a Flight.”

●  Once you do that, the EL AL system will automatically provide you with all the available flights on that given date for that particular destination. The flights available to you will depend on the rules of your original ticket.

●  Now, choose your flight from the options provided and complete the managed booking process by following the instructions.

How do you Change your Name on your EL AL flight?

First, EL AL doesn’t allow you to change the name on your flight ticket. In other words, passenger names, once assigned, can’t be changed. However, minor name corrections can match government-issued ID proofs. Minor name corrections can be made online using the EL AL manage your booking services. The process is almost the same as changing flights described in the section above. First, you have to get to your trip details page by providing your booking credentials and last name in the “Manage Your Booking” section of the official website. Second, you have to find the name correction option and submit a request for it. However, the best process to make an EL AL name correction on your flight ticket is to do it offline by contacting EL AL customer support. Make sure you submit your request to the EL AL service centre.

How Much does it Cost to Change your Name on EL AL?

Since EL AL allow a name change on a flight ticket, there’s no question of a name change fee being applicable. And EL AL doesn’t charge any fee from passengers for making minor name corrections required to match Government-issued ID proofs. However, a nominal service fee may still be applicable for assistance provided by service centre representatives if name correction requests are submitted to them. This service fee is $50 per passenger for adults and $15 for babies. 

How much does it Cost to Change your Flight to EL AL?

For passengers in the US who want to make changes to their EL AL flights, there is a piece of good news. The good news is that EL AL has decided to do away with all change and handling fees for flights to and from the Americas for tickets purchased up to March 31st, 2024. This means that if you want to make flight changes or changes in destinations due to sudden changes in plans, you can do so free of cost for destinations to and from the Americas for tickets purchased up to March 31st 2024. The departure cut-off for such flights will be 31st March 2025. However, for passengers outside the Americas, flight changes will continue to be chargeable, and the cost of a flight change will depend, as usual, on their ticketing terms and conditions.   

Process for Selecting Your Seat at EL AL Flight

The EL ALmanage flight booking policy allows you to select and change seats online 24/7, subject to seat availability. The step-by-step process of selecting or changing your seat online is given below.  

●  First, land on the home page of the official EL AL website. 

●  Click “Get Ready “in the 2nd menu from the left of the header menu bar. This will open the dropdown with various submenus. 

●  Check out the 2nd column with the heading “Before Flight.” 

● Click on “Check-In”, the 2nd submenu from the top in the 2nd column. Once you do that, you’ll be redirected to the page with the same name. 

●  Enter your booking credentials and last name in the designated boxes and click the blue “Login” button. This page also allows you to log in with your MatmidClub membership code and password. 

●  You’ll land on your trip details page after clicking “Login.”

●  Here, you’ll find the option for selecting or changing your seat. Follow the instructions afterwards and make the required payments to process the seat selection or change request. You’ll be notified when your seat selections or changes are confirmed.


Flight changes are stressful as well as financially draining. They may make you sleepless nights and send the airline’s customer support team into a hyper-drive. But not with EL AL. The seventy-year-old Israeli national airline makes flight changes as easy as ordering food online. The EL AL Manage Flight Booking Policy understands the needs of modern times and uses technology for optimum passenger convenience and satisfaction. The EL AL manage booking policy rules not only allow passengers to make changes to their flights and destinations online from the comfort of their homes, but they also let them make those EL AL Changes Flight 24/7 without assistance from the airline’s customer support team.

Moreover, the policy terms allow passengers to manage their EL AL flight booking independently from their mobiles, desktops or laptops. This blog also tells you how you can use the EL AL manage booking services and the EL AL Manage Flight Booking Policy rules to make a lot of other changes, such as making name corrections and selecting or changing seats online. So, don’t panic if you need to change your EL AL flight. You can always manage your EL AL flight booking online without any hassle. 

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Ques. I have an Economy Flex ticket. Do I need to pay any change fee for an EL AL flight change?

Ans. No. As per the EL AL Manage Flight Booking Policy rules, your EL AL flight change fee will depend on the terms and conditions of your ticket. The terms of your Economy Flex ticket exempt you from paying any flight change fee because this feature is already included in your ticket. However, you’ll still have to pay the difference in the fare if applicable.

Ques. What is the cut-off time for making changes or modifications to your EL AL flight?

Ans. Per the rules, you can make flight changes or modifications up to 6 hours before scheduled departure if you fly to and from the US. Flight changes are allowed up to 2 hours before departure for other countries.

Ques. Can I change my EL AL return flight if my outbound flight has departed?

Ans. No. Per the EL AL Manage Flight Booking Policy rules, you can’t change your return flight if your outbound flight has departed.