How do I Cancel My EL AL Flight Booking?

How do I Cancel My EL AL Flight Booking? | Fees | Process

How do I Cancel My EL AL Flight Booking?

EL AL Flight Cancellation Policy becomes necessary at times because only some unexpected changes in the EL AL travel plan can be managed by an EL AL flight change or modification. Sometimes, they may also be the only options available to the airlines in the event of unexpected irregularities. Whatever may be the case, the fact remains that all US flight cancellations have their unpleasant repercussions. They have the potential to strike you financially. They may also cause unimaginable harassment to you. Therefore, adequate knowledge of an airline’s cancellation policy is needed before you decide to fly with them. Like others, EL AL Airlines has an understandable cancellation policy in place to help passengers face unwelcome life events. The EL AL Booking Cancellation Policy discusses the EL AL booking cancellation terms, fees and the process to keep passengers well-informed so that they can enjoy hassle-free air travel. All of these will be discussed in this blog. So, stay with us as we dig deep into the EL AL flight reservation cancellation policy.

EL AL Cancellation Policy

The EL AL Cancellation Policy is very flexible. It provides you the option to cancel your flights without any cancellation fee, subject to ticket rules. The policy rules also make you eligible to receive full refunds if EL AL cancels your flight. Here are the critical points of this policy,

● EL AL allows you to cancel your flight anytime if your travel plans change. The EL AL Cancellation Policy terms depend on the individual ticket rules for passengers flying to the US or who have tickets in the Premium Class. 

● For flights to and from other countries in the world, the policy rules don’t allow passengers to cancel their Economy Lite tickets. Voluntary cancellations are allowed in such cases against the payment of a cancellation fee for Economy Classic and all other fare classes except the Economy Flex classes Y & M. The possible cancellation fees are included in the ticket prices of these two Flex fare classes, Y & M. 

● The EL AL Cancellation Policy allows you to request a flight cancellation online. Still, the actual cancellation, as per the rules, can only be performed by a travel agent or an EL AL customer service representative, depending on where you purchased your ticket from.

● As per the policy rules, you are allowed to get full refunds after cancellation only if your ticket has yet to be utilized. For partially flown trips, refunds are obtainable only for the unused part of the journey after cancellation. 

● The EL AL Cancellation Policy rules make passengers eligible to receive full refunds if EL AL cancels their flights due to unexpected events within their control. 

● As per the policy terms, passengers who bought their tickets with points or cash plus points will get their refunds to their original modes of payment in the same process by which they paid after their tickets were cancelled. This is true for both voluntary and forced cancellations. For cancellations made by EL AL, redeemed points will automatically be redeposited to passengers’ frequent flyer accounts.

● The EL AL Cancellation Policy also adheres to the rules of the Israeli Consumer Protection Law (1981), which allows passengers to cancel their flights within 14 days of making the booking payment transactions. 

How Can I Cancel my Booking at EL AL?

It is to be noted that EL AL flights can only be cancelled by either a travel agent or an EL AL customer centre representative. As a passenger, you can only submit your flight cancellation request if there is a sudden change in your travel plan due to an unexpected event. And there are many ways you can submit your flight cancellation request. They are listed below,

● You can submit your flight cancellation request through the official website anytime you want, provided that you have purchased the ticket directly from EL AL sources. 

● You can contact the EL AL Customer Call Center and make the flight cancellation request.

● If you want to cancel your booking transaction under the Consumer Protection Law, you can send a cancellation request to

● You can write down your cancellation request and send it by fax to 972(3)6179082

● You can also send the cancellation request via postal mail to the below-mentioned registered address:

Customer Relation Division, 

EL AL Israel Airlines Ltd.,

Head Office, Ben Gurion Airport, 

P.O. Code – 41, Zip Code – 7015001

The EL AL Cancellation Policy mentions that all cancellation requests received by EL AL through various channels will be acted upon and responded to during business hours between Sunday and Thursday.

How much does it cost to Cancel your Flight to EL AL?

EL AL charges a cancellation fee from passengers that depends on their ticket rules. Usually, the cancellation fee is 4.5% of the overall ticket cost or 100 Shekel, whichever is lower. There are certain fare classes like the Economy Flex, which already include cancellation fees. So, passengers with Flex tickets or flexible fares may not be required to pay any cancellation fee as per the rules. 

How to cancel your EL AL Booking Online?

The process is simple. You have to request flight cancellation through the managing your booking section of the website. Here’s how you can cancel your EL AL flight booking online.

● Land on the home page of the official EL AL website,

● Click on the 2nd menu from the left called “Get Ready” on the header menu bar.

● Click on “Manage Your EL AL Flight”, which is the first option in the first column under the “Manage Your EL AL Booking” headline. 

● This will redirect you to the “Manage Your Booking” login page. Enter your booking confirmation code and your last name in the designated fields and click on “Continue.” This will give you access to the “Manage Your Booking” section of the website, where you can find your complete booking details.

● Select the flight you want to cancel and submit the cancellation request form by following the instructions provided.

● You’ll get an e-mail response from an AL representative once the cancellation is confirmed. After that, the cancelled flight details will no longer appear in the “Manage Your Booking” section. 


EL AL believes in providing optimum customer satisfaction to its passengers. The EL AL Cancellation Policy is a genuine step in that direction. The policy makes flight cancellation a seamless process, giving you the flexibility to request cancellation from anywhere and anytime and also get help from EL AL customer service for cancelling your flight booking. The policy rules entitle passengers to receive cash refunds in case of voluntary cancellations if their ticket rules permit. Also, it makes passengers eligible for cash refunds if EL AL cancels their flights due to any unexpected event. Not only that, but the policy also offers additional cancellation benefits to passengers under the Israeli Consumer Protection Law. Looking at all the benefits the EL AL Booking Cancellation Policy offers, EL AL can be termed as one of the safest staircases in the world to fly with. 

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Ques. Does EL AL have a 24-hour Cancellation Policy?

Ans. Yes, it does. EL AL allows passengers to cancel their flights without any cancellation fee within 24 hours of booking and receive full refunds for the same. 

Ques. What is the EL AL 14-day cancellation policy?

Ans. EL AL allows passengers to cancel their flights within 14 days of making the booking transaction, provided the transaction was made more than seven days before scheduled departure. This policy is governed by the terms of the Consumer Protection Law (1981) introduced by the Israeli Government for the protection of customer rights.

Ques. Does EL AL offer fully refundable tickets?

Ans. Yes, it does. EL AL offers both refundable and non-refundable fares. For example, the Economy Lite is a fully non-refundable and non-cancelable fare, and Economy Flex Type Y & M are refundable fares.