How do I cancel my JetBlue flight bookings/reservations?

How do I Cancel My JetBlue Flight Booking/Reservations? Refund Policy

How do I cancel my JetBlue flight bookings/reservations? Refund Policy

JetBlue Flight Booking/Reservations Cancellation Policy: can be taxing. They can be demanding both physically and mentally because your hard-earned money is involved in the process. Now, the JetBlue Flight Booking Cancellations Policy can be voluntary or involuntary. Irrespective of who causes the outcome, there is always a set of unexpected events working behind the scenes that either can’t be controlled or managed. Therefore, a concrete JetBlue flight cancellation policy to deal with both customer-induced and airline-created cancellations is required.

The JetBlue Flight Cancellation Policy is complete in that sense because it deals with both voluntary and forced cancellations. This blog discusses the approach from both perspectives and touches upon other essential points, such as the cancellation process, refunds, and fees.

JetBlue Flight Ticket Booking Cancellation Policy

The JetBlue Flight Ticket Cancellation Policy talks about both voluntary and sudden forced cancellations. Here are the key points about the policy you should know.

●  The JetBlue Booking Cancellation Policy allows passengers to cancel their flights before scheduled departure if they have changes in their travel plans. 

● According to the rules, the cancellation costs depend on the passengers’ ticket types and class and the cancellation process.

● For non-refundable fares such as the Blue Basic, passengers have to pay a cancellation fee that varies based on destinations and routes if they cancel their flights before scheduled departure. 

● As per the JetBlue Cancellation Policy terms, passengers are not entitled to receive cash refunds for cancelling their non-refundable tickets. All remaining values after deductions of cancellation fees (where applicable) are issued in the form of travel credits to passengers for future use. 

● As per the rules of the JetBlue Airlines Cancellation Policy, passengers aren’t required to pay any cancellation fee for voluntarily cancelling their refundable fares due to unexpected events. They are also entitled to receive full cash refunds subject to their fare terms.

● JetBlue has a 24-hour cancellation policy, which allows passengers to cancel their flights free of cost, irrespective of their fare type, within 24 hours of booking. The only condition in such cases is that the bookings must have been made at least seven days before the scheduled departure.

● The JetBlue Cancellation Policy rules make passengers eligible to get back their True-blue points if they cancel their award tickets before scheduled departure. Actual Blue members who use both cash and points to buy tickets are eligible to get back both to their respective original modes upon cancellation as per these rules. 

● The terms of the JetBlue Cancellation Policy allow the airline to collect a service fee from passengers for assisting them in cancelling their flights through phone calls or online chats.

● If JetBlue cancels a flight due to a controllable event that cannot be managed, passengers, as per the JetBlue Cancellation Policy rules, are automatically rebooked on the next available flight as soon as possible. Passengers are not charged any rebooking fee in such cases. If that is not possible, passengers can either rebook themselves on other flights or ask for refunds. 

● JetBlue also issues meal vouchers and reimburses passengers for hotel accommodations and local transport in extreme situations if their flights are cancelled due to unexpected circumstances.

How to Cancel a JetBlue Flight?

Cancelling your JetBlue Flight Booking Online is easy. Here are the steps to do it. 

● Land on the home page of the official JetBlue website,

● Contact JetBlue Airlines customer care service at 1 (800) 538-2583.

● Click on the 2nd menu from the left, called “Manage Trips”, on the same line as the JetBlue logo on the blue header menu bar. 

● Enter your last name and your booking confirmation code or the ticket number in the designated boxes on the “Manage Trips” page, and click on “Continue.”

● Select the flight you want to cancel from your trip details and request a refund.

● Confirm cancellation and submit. You’ll be notified via e-mail when your flight is cancelled. 



Does JetBlue Allow you to Cancel your Flight Booking by Phone or Desktop?

Yes, JetBlue allows you to cancel your flight via phone call. However, you have to pay a service fee of $25 to use this service. This fee is added to your applicable cancellation fee. Alternatively, you can cancel your JetBlue Flight Booking Online from your desktop through the JetBlue website. The online process has been discussed above. 

Can I Get a Refund if my Flight has been Cancelled?

Yes, the JetBlue Refund Policy rules and guidelines make you eligible for a refund if JetBlue has cancelled your flight. Your refund will be credited to your original mode of payment. Also, the refund will be issued if either you’re not rebooked automatically by JetBlue within 2 hours of the scheduled departure, or you’re not satisfied with the rebooking option provided. You may also choose to accept travel credit for future use. Refunds in the form of travel credits are issued and can be used immediately after cancellations are confirmed. 

JetBlue Flight Cancellation Online- Offline

JetBlue flights can be cancelled both online and offline. Here are the methods to cancel a JetBlue flight. 

● The JetBlue Flight Cancellation Policy allows passengers to cancel their JetBlue flights online from anywhere in the world through the official website. The online cancellation process was discussed in the previous section. 

● Passengers who booked their JetBlue flights through travel agents also have to get back to them to get their tickets cancelled online. 

● Passengers can cancel their JetBlue flights from their phones via the JetBlue Mobile App as well. 

● Passengers can also use the online chat facility to cancel their flights either through the official website or through WhatsApp chat on their mobile devices. This helps them to get live assistance from real agents, and hence, this service is chargeable. 

● Finally, passengers can contact JetBlue officials by dialling the JetBlue toll-free number and request flight cancellation over phone calls. Again, this service is also chargeable.


Flight cancellations are unpleasant situations, no matter who initiates them. However, the consequences of such an event widely vary based on different case scenarios. The JetBlue Flight Cancellation Policy discusses many such possible outcomes and procedures and the reasons that cause them. The policy also discusses what to expect if you cancel your flight and what to do if JetBlue cancels it. Now that you have gone through the blog, you know when to cancel your flight and get a refund free of cost.

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Ques. Can I cancel the ticket of one member from my family reservation?

Ans. Yes, the JetBlue Flight Cancellation Policy allows you to cancel the flight of one member of your group online. You can do it yourself like a regular flight cancellation. 

Ques. I cancelled my JetBlue flight. When shall I get my refund?

Ans. As per the JetBlue Flight Cancellation Policy terms, it takes between 7 and 10 business days for JetBlue to credit a qualified refund. 

Ques. I’ve cancelled my JetBlue flight ticket. What happens to my extras?

Ans. Suppose you have cancelled your flight before the scheduled departure. In that case, payments for all your extras, such as seats, bags, and priority check-ins, will be automatically credited to your original mode of payment in due time.