How Do I Upgrade My Seat On United Airlines?

How Do I Upgrade My Seat On United Airlines?

How Do I Upgrade My Seat On United Airlines?

How Do I Upgrade My Seat On United Airlines?: When you travel by air, where you sit on the plane really matters, especially if you have a long-haul flight. Maybe it doesn’t matter much during solo travel, but when you’re travelling with a companion or your family, seating becomes one of the essential things on your mind and your most significant cause of concern, too. After all, nothing can be a more enormous dampener than the two of you sitting apart at the two extreme poles of the plane. So, what’s the solution? You can buy a preferred seat for you and your companion or upgrade to a premium cabin with your spouse. Well, every airline has a seat selection policy to address these issues, and it’s no wonder that United Airlines has its policy, too. In this blog, we talk about the United Airlines Seat Selection Policy, the processes of selecting and changing seats and more. 

United Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Almost all United flights have two primary types of seating arrangements: economy and premium. The Economy Plus is the most premium category of Economy seats. It offers extra legroom and comfortable seating arrangements on the front side of the plane, right behind the Premium cabin. Economy Plus seats are available on all United and most United Express flights. Then there are the premium cabins, which include the First Class and the Business Class. The United Airlines Seat Selection Policy provides various options to passengers to select and change seats and upgrade during various phases from booking until boarding. Here’s what you should know about this policy.

● The policy allows passengers to choose and buy, change and upgrade seats

● As per the policy rules, passengers can buy their preferred seats anytime during booking, between booking and online check-in, during check-in and at the airport kiosk before boarding.

● Similarly, passengers can change seats any time after booking through the website or mobile app until the time of boarding. 

● Passengers of all fare classes are allowed to buy, change, and upgrade seats except for Basic Economy.  

● Passengers with Basic Economy tickets can buy the preferred seat assignment package as an extra during or after booking until check-in to be able to select or change seats. 

● Essential Economy ticket holders are allowed to upgrade to Economy Plus at the time of check-in, subject to availability. 

● MileagePlus members, depending on their membership levels, have complimentary free access to Economy Plus seats for themselves and their companions.

● Gold and Platinum members are allowed to select seats, including Economy Plus, for free during booking as per the United Airlines Seat Selection Policy rules. They can also select seats for one and eight companions, respectively. 

● Silver members have access to Economy Plus seats for themselves and a companion at check-in. 

● Economy Plus seats are non-refundable for upgrades from Economy and Basic Economy. 

● Final assignments of seats are always subject to availability. 

● Premium Cabin seating price offers vary by passengers and their itineraries. Passengers can upgrade to a premium cabin during booking or any time later until boarding.

How do I Change my Seat on United Ticket Booking?

If you have already chosen your seat on a United Airlines Flight and you want to change it, please remember the following points.

● You can change your seat online through the official website or the United mobile app any time after booking till you check in. 

● You can also change seats after check-in until boarding, but you have to check in again for your flight after the seat has been changed.

● If you’ve purchased your ticket from a travel agency, you have to change your seat through them.

● You can request a United Airlines representative at the airport kiosk or gate to change your seat.

How do I pick my Seats on United Airlines?

You can pick your preferred seats online or through the mobile app at the time of booking or later. Here are the steps to Select Seat on United Airlines after you’ve completed your booking process. 

● Click on “My Trips” on the home page of the United Airlines official website,

● On the dropdown box, click on “My Trips” under the “Manage My Trips” column. 

● Enter your credentials on the “My Trips” login page and click on “Search.”

● Once your booking details are retrieved, and you are in your Manage Reservation section, check out for the “Seat” option below your flight. This option will not be available if you aren’t eligible for online seat selection. 

● Click on “Seat” and check the available seating options. Also, check whether there is any availability in the premium cabin.

● Choose your seat/s and make payments where applicable.

● Confirm seat selection by following the instructions given and waiting for the confirmation email.

You can also pick seats at the airport during check-in by requesting a United ground staff, but your final seat assignment will depend on the availability of your chosen seat at that point in time. 

How to Get In Touch With a Live Person for United Seat Selection?

You can get in touch with a United Airlines representative live at the check-in kiosk or the gate in the airport and request a seat or ask him to change one. However, remember that your chances of getting your preferred seat or changing it depend on seat availability at that point in time. For over-the-phone assistance and query-solving regarding seat selection, you can call the United Customer Contact Center and talk to a live person.


The joy of air travel increases manifold when you sit together with your family or friends. Seat selection is also essential for a comfortable and convenient journey. The best thing about the United Airlines Seat Selection Policy is that it allows passengers to select or change seats free of cost. This is true for all fare classes except the Basic Economy, for which passengers need to buy a preferred seat pack at the time of booking. With this policy in place, passengers can choose, change and upgrade seats online during booking or any time later. The policy also allows passengers to pick or change seats at the airports subject to availability. So, please choose your preferred window seat or change it to a relaxing cabin; United Airlines provides the best deals and unbeatable flexibility for an enjoyable air travel experience. 


Ques. Can I pay with my miles to upgrade my seat to the premium cabin?

Ans. Yes, you can pay with both money and miles to upgrade your seat to one of United Airlines’ Premium cabins, which includes First and Business Class. 

Ques. I have a Basic Economy ticket. Can I sit next to my child?

Ans. United Airlines has an automated system that assigns seats to children under the age of 12 beside at least one of their family members. This is applicable to all fare classes, including the Basic Economy. So, you can sit next to your child on a United flight guaranteed, even if you have a Basic Economy ticket. 

Ques. I have a United Standard Economy ticket. Why can’t I find the seat selection option in Manage Reservations? 

Ans. Seating assignments are not made available on certain flights until a later stage due to certain unavoidable circumstances. So, please log in to your Manage Reservations at regular intervals and keep checking.