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How to Change or Cancel KLM Flight

How to Change or Cancel KLM Flight

If you change your travel plans, it can happen in time. A change of business schedule, postponement of a meeting, or a sudden emergency in the family could be several reasons why your plans could change. Every change necessitates a series of actions, including a flight change and possible cancellation. While both flight changes and cancellations lead to many hassles in most cases, things are much more manageable with KLM. The legacy carrier has a flexible flight change and cancellation policy, making flight changes easily manageable. In this blog, we discuss both the KLM Airlines Flight Change Policy and KLM Airlines Cancellation Policy so that you know what to do if your travel plans suddenly change. So, go through the blog to gain a thorough understanding. 

KLM Airlines Flight Change Rules – Guidelines

The KLM Flight Change Policy defines the rules and regulations associated with changes in flight bookings. Here are the key points you should know.

●  KLM Airlines allows passengers to change travel dates, departure times, and flight destinations.

●  Passengers must select flights using the options shown during the flight change process. Flight availability is automatically updated based on passengers’ fare conditions.

●  The KLM Flight Change Policy allows passengers to change flights online and offline.

●  Passengers who’ve checked in must cancel their check-in first to make flight changes. 

●  Per the flight change rules, extra options booked with the original tickets are automatically adjusted with the new flight bookings. However, passengers may have to pay higher prices for those extras if they shift to higher fares or classes and vice versa.

●  Passengers must pay flight change fees and applicable fare differences if they change their flights. 

●  The costs of flight changes depend on passengers’ fares, ticket classes, and travel routes. 

●  Flying Blue Reward tickets can be changed by calling Flying Blue Customer Service only.

How Do I Change the KLM Flight?

The quickest way to change your KLM flight is to do it online. Here are the steps to follow.

●  Click on “My Trip” on the home page of the official KLM website,

●  Enter your booking credentials to log in. 

●  Once your trip details are retrieved, select the flight you want to change in the “Manage My Booking” section.

●  Click on Change Flight.

●  Check the current availability with details of alternative flights.

●  Review the new fare terms and conditions. 

●  Pay the fare difference if applicable.

●  Proceed with flight change by following the online instructions and submitting the request.

●  Wait for the confirmation email after completing the online change process.

How Can You Change a KLM Flight within 24 hours?

Within 24 hours or after it, the KLM flight change processes are all the same. You can change your flight date, time, and destination online and offline. The online process includes steps like logging on to the My Trips section of the official website, choosing available flights, and paying fare differentials. In contrast, the offline process involves requesting the change to a KLM official via phone calls. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the online process is relatively convenient.

What is KLM Airlines Cancellation Policy?

KLM Airlines has a clearly defined cancellation policy to tackle situations where a mere flight change is not enough to deal with a sudden change of plans. The KLM Airlines Cancellation Policy is a collection of rules and regulations governing flight cancellations. The policy includes detailed descriptions regarding flight cancellation processes and outlines the terms and guidelines for refunds. It also lays down a complete flight cancellation fee structure to help passengers plan things according to their budgets. Additionally, the KLM Airlines Cancellation Policy provides valuable guidelines about what a passenger should do if his flight is involuntarily cancelled. 

KLM Airlines Flight Cancel Rules – Guidelines

The KLM Airlines flight cancellation rules and guidelines are as follows.

●  KLM allows passengers to cancel unused flight tickets and parts of trips online or offline before departure.

●  The KLM Airlines Cancellation Policy permits passengers to submit refund requests during or after cancellation. 

●  Passengers’ eligibility for a cash or voucher refund depends on their fare rules and the timing of refund request submission. 

●  To cancel their KLM flight tickets, passengers must pay a flight cancellation fee, barring a few exceptions. 

●  Refund of the booking amount doesn’t include the Booking fees, payment surcharges, and ticket reissue fees (if applicable). These fees aren’t refunded. 

●  To get full refunds after a flight cancellation, irrespective of ticket type, passengers have to complete the KLM flight cancellation process within 24 hours of booking.

●  Passengers purchasing regular tickets directly from KLM sources can cancel their flights online and offline as per the rules. 

●  For reward ticket cancellations, Flying Blue members must contact Flying Blue Customer Service via phone. 

●  Per the KLM Airlines Cancellation Policy Rules, passengers may be deemed eligible for full cash refunds in case of medical emergencies and exceptional situations such as the death of the passenger or one of his close family members.

●  KLM allows passengers to cancel their flights and receive full cash refunds if their outbound flights within Europe are delayed by more than 90 minutes and they have return tickets for the same day. 

●  Passengers whose flights within Europe are delayed by more than 3 hours and intercontinental flights are delayed by more than 5 hours are allowed to cancel their flights without paying any cancellation fee. 

How to Cancel a KLM Flight?

Like flight change, you can also cancel a KLM online and offline flight. The online process is discussed below in steps. 

●  Land on the home page of the KLM website:

●  Click on “My Trip,” the 2nd menu from left on the header menu bar.

●  Log in to your trip details section by providing your booking credentials.

●  Select the flight or trip you want to cancel once your trip details are retrieved. 

●  Click on Cancel flight.

●  Choose the refund option if your fare rules allow for a refund.

●  Submit the cancellation request by following the online prompts. 

●  Wait for confirmation.

How Can you Cancel a KLM Flight within 24 hours?

The KLM Flight Cancelation process remains the same irrespective of whether you cancel your flight ticket within 24 hours or after it. There are both online and offline methods. The online techniques include flight cancellations through the official website, mobile app, WhatsApp chats, and Messenger chats. Offline methods include flight cancellations via phone calls or direct approach at airports. And if you booked through a travel agency, the only way to cancel your KLM flight within 24 hours is to contact them immediately.

How Much Does KLM Airlines Charge To Cancel A Flight? 

KLM charges between $0 and $50 to cancel a flight booking. The charges vary based on the method of cancellation used. Here are the complete details of the KLM Flight Cancellation Fees

●  KLM doesn’t charge any cancellation fee if the request is submitted via phone.  

●  The KLM Flight Cancellation Fee is $30 for online cancellations through the official website or the mobile app.

●  Passengers are charged $50 for flight cancellations via travel agencies.

●  Flying Blue members are charged $53 for cancelling their Classic award tickets via phone calls to Flying Blue Customer Service.

●  There is no fee for flight cancellation within 24 hours of booking.


If you are changing or cancelling your flight ticket, it will be easy if you’ve booked travel with KLM. The airline’s policies regarding flight changes and cancellations are straightforward. Both policies have fewer restrictions than other airlines. They also provide a lot of flexibility in managing sudden changes in plans. Online and offline processes exist to Change or Cancel a KLM flight. Also, the change and cancellation fees are too low to worry about. The best part is you can change or cancel your KLM flight within 24 hours of booking without paying any fee. Therefore, if you’re looking for hassle-free travel and expect your plans to change, book a KLM ticket without any second thought. 


Ques. How many times can I change my flight with KLM?

Ans. KLM charges a change fee and a fare difference every time you change your flight. So, you can change your flight as many times as you want, provided you are ready to shell out a hefty sum every time. 

Ques. Can I change my flight to a different date?

Ans.  Yes, as per the KLM Airlines Flight Change Policy, you can change your flight date and time if your plans change. Changing within 24 hours of booking will relieve you of date change fees, but you’ll still be required to pay the fare difference.

Ques. How can I change my flight date for free?

Ans. To change your flight date on a KLM ticket for free, you must complete the change process within 24 hours of booking. KLM has a 24-hour policy that allows free flight changes and cancellations within 24 hours of booking.

Ques. Can I get a full refund if I cancel my flight?

Ans. According to the KLM Airlines Cancellation Policy, you can get a full cash refund after a flight cancellation, subject to your fare and the time of flight cancellation. For example, you’ll get a full refund if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking. Similarly, you’ll get a full cash refund if you have a Flex ticket in any ticket class. 

Ques. Does KLM have a 24-hour Cancellation Policy?

Ans. Yes, it does. The KLM 24-hour Cancellation Policy allows passengers to cancel flights without any fee within 24 hours of flight booking, provided the booking is made at least seven days before scheduled departure. The free cancellation rule applies to all fares and ticket types.