How to Select Your Seat on JetBlue

How to Select Your Seat on JetBlue | Options | Online

How to Select Your Seat on JetBlue | Options | Online

How to Select Your Seat at JetBlue: You’ve booked your JetBlue flight for the holidays. But do you know where you’re going to sit on the plane? You are four family members with two children who are already excited about the window seat. How do you make sure that the four of you sit together? Here’s what you can do. Choose your seats before check-in. Although the JetBlue Seat Selection Policy doesn’t guarantee you the chosen seats during the holiday rush, you can, at least, hope you’ll enjoy your journey seating together. And to guide you on seat selection, here’s more on the JetBlue Seat Selection Policy.

JetBlue Seat Selection Options

Your ability to select seats on JetBlue flights and the associated charges depend on your fare class and membership status. JetBlue offers five fare classes and four-seat types for superior passenger convenience. The five fare classes offered by JetBlue are Blue Basic, Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint. And the four-seat types offered are Basic Economy, Core, Even More Space, and Mint. Let’s understand them deeper and learn the JetBlue Seat Selection rules associated with them.

Basic Economy

The Blue Basic fares are the Basic Economy seats. These are the most basic fares offered by JetBlue, and understandably, these are also the most restricted fares available. If you have one of these tickets, you cannot select seats without a fee more than 24 hours before departure. Also, your chances of getting your preferred seats or being able to upgrade depend on seat availability at that point in time, which is pretty low during the holidays. In other words, advance seat selection is chargeable for Blue Basic. 


Core seats are standard economy seats. Blue, Blue Plus, and Blue Extra fares are part of the Core seat types. Here, passengers can select seats at the time of booking, between booking and check-in, and before departure. So, if you have any of these tickets, you can select seats for your family anytime from booking till departure without paying any additional fee.

Even More Space

These are premium seats with extra legroom and other extra benefits offered to passengers. Passengers from Core can always upgrade to Even More Space without any extra fee, depending on availability. Even passengers with Blue Basic fares can upgrade to Even More Space, but for a fee and subject to availability. 


Mint fares are, by default, the most premium cabin seats available on JetBlue Flights. The Mint class consists of three seat types: Mint, Mint Suites, and Mint Studios. If you have any of these tickets, you can also select seats anytime without a fee as per the JetBlue Seat Selection Policy rules. 

Seat Assignments

Select Nearby Seat Assignment in GDS or in Manage Your Booking. When you purchase an additional seat, both seats must be booked using the same fare option.

JetBlue seat selection for elite members

The JetBlue Seat Selection Policy has special provisions for frequent fliers registered with its TrueBlue loyalty program. JetBlue calls its most elite TrueBlue club members Mosaic members. Mosaic members can upgrade their tickets to Even More Space or others anytime without any extra charge, subject to availability. Depending on their elite tier level, the Mosaic members are assigned seats on a priority basis when they apply for seats or upgrade.

JetBlue Online Seat Selection

You can select seats on JetBlue flights online during checkout via the official JetBlue website,, or the mobile app. Here, you have the option to select seats before making the payment. JetBlue uses 9 different types of planes for flying passengers. Detailed seat maps are provided for the scheduled plane type when you click on “Seats.” So, you can select your seats from the given plane layout during checkout at the time of reservation. You can also do it later from the “Manage Trips” section of the website or at the airport before departure. Your ticket rules will apply.

When to Select Your Seat

The best time to select your seats is during checkout because the final seat assignment depends on availability. So, the closer you get to the scheduled departure, the fewer chances you have of getting the preferred seats. If you have a Blue Basic ticket, by standard rules of the JetBlue Seat Selection Policy, you aren’t allowed to select seats more than 24 hours before departure. But the same rules also allow advance seat selection if you pay a seat selection fee. If you have Blue, Blue Extra, or Mint tickets, you can select seats anytime between booking and departure without any fee. However, you can also select your seats online anytime or during check-in at the airport.


Selecting your seats before travel is essential to your flight booking process. This allows you to sit with your family or group, enhancing your overall travel experience. The JetBlue seat selection policy presents one of the best seat selection rules in the industry, offering passengers a variety of seat options to choose from, and that too at no extra cost in most cases. Although your ability to select seats on a JetBlue flight depends on seat availability and your fare rules, the JetBlue seat selection policy nonetheless guides you through the whole process. It informs you about the charges you might be required to pay. So, go on. Book your seats with JetBlue and enjoy the holidays with your family. 

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Ques. I have a Blue Basic ticket from JetBlue. How much should I pay to select seats during checkout?

Ans. As per the JetBlue seat selection policy rules, you have to pay $4 for yourself and each member of your group. 

Ques. I am a Mosaic elite member. Can I book premium seats on an American Airlines flight?

Ans. Yes, you can if you are a Mosaic level 3 and 4 member. JetBlue allows elite members to book premium seats on American Airlines flights. However, like in all other cases, the final seat assignment depends on the availability of seats.