JetBlue Airways Missed Flight – No-Show Policy – Refund

JetBlue Airways Missed Flight –No-show Policy

JetBlue Airways Missed Flight –No-show Policy

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you have missed your flight. And considering that it’s the holiday season, you may be entirely in the soup. Don’t panic. A missed flight, after all, is not the end of your world. Nor is it a situation that is unmanageable, especially with a top-level airline such as JetBlue. The Long Island-based low-cost airline has all the guidelines and rules in place to deal effectively with such an unfortunate situation. In this blog, we’ll have a brief discussion on the JetBlue Missed Flight Policy and its terms and conditions so that you quickly get the whole picture and are able to take the appropriate actions.

What is JetBlue Missed Flight Policy?

The JetBlue Missed Flight Policy is a well-defined approach consisting of rules, terms and guidelines that aim to deal with a missed flight situation. The policy defines a missed flight as a situation or a scenario where a JetBlue passenger fails to cancel his reservation before scheduled departure and misses his flight due to any reason. In other words, in case of a missed flight, the flight departs without the passenger on board. It is also sometimes referred to as a no-show by many airlines, including JetBlue because the passenger fails to show up for his flight in time. 

As per the JetBlue Missed Flight Policy, a no-show may happen primarily for two reasons: the failure of the passenger to reach the airport in time for his flight and the late arrival of his previous connecting flight operated by the same airline company. Among these two reasons, the first is the passenger’s fault, while the second reason is, of course, the airline’s fault. The JetBlue Missed Policy discusses both scenarios and clearly lays down the terms for a missed flight no matter what causes the event.

Terms and Conditions for JetBlue Missed Flight Policy

Here are the terms and conditions for the JetBlue Missed Flight Policy

● The booking of the passenger who missed his JetBlue Flight is cancelled regardless of his ticket type. If he has further flights to take after his missed flight, all remaining flights in his journey will also be cancelled. 

● As per the rules of the JetBlue Missed Flight Policy, the outcomes of a missed flight event will entirely depend on the passenger’s original ticket type. The policy lays down two different outcomes for refundable and non-refundable tickets. 

● As per the rules, passengers with refundable tickets will be automatically issued travel credits for future use if they miss their JetBlue flights. Passengers can rebook on the next available flights using these travel credits or spend them to buy extras anytime in the future. These travel credits remain valid for up to one year from the dates the original tickets were issued. 

● On the other hand, passengers with non-refundable tickets may not be that lucky. As per the rules of the JetBlue Missed Flight Policy, all their booking amounts are forfeited, including the amounts paid for extras, such as seats and bags, if they somehow miss their JetBlue flights. 

● JetBlue also forfeits all the redeemed true-blue points if a true-blue member misses his JetBlue flight. The JetBlue Missed Flight Policy doesn’t confer any special status to award ticket holders. 

● However, JetBlue takes an opposite stance when the passenger misses his next flight due to the delayed arrival of his previous JetBlue flight. The JetBlue Missed Flight Policy rules allow passengers to claim full refunds if a no-show happens due to JetBlue’s faults. The policy also entitles passengers to be rebooked on the next available flight by JetBlue at no extra cost. 

What happens if you Miss a JetBlue Flight?

As per the JetBlue Missed Flight Policy, three things may happen if you miss your JetBlue flight.

● If you have a non-refundable ticket, a travel credit is issued to you, which you can use to rebook your next flight or buy flights and extras in the future. 

● If you have a non-refundable ticket, your entire booking amount, including the amounts paid for extras, is forfeited. If your non-refundable ticket was purchased with True Blue reward points, all reward points are forfeited. 

● Suppose you miss your next flight due to a delayed arrival of your previous JetBlue-operated flight. In that case, you are immediately rebooked at no extra cost by JetBlue on the next available flight. If no such option is immediately available, you can wait till the next day or ask for a full refund. 

How to Manage JetBlue Missed Flight?

Now that you’ve understood all the possible consequences of a missed or cancelled JetBlue flight let’s talk about what to do and how to manage such a situation. Here are the steps to be taken.

● The moment you arrive at the airport and realize that you’ve missed your Flight, contact the JetBlue ground staff immediately and describe your whole situation. They will take a look at your ticket and might be able to help you out, subject to your ticket rules. 

● If you have a connecting flight with JetBlue and you’ve missed your next Flight due to the delayed arrival of your previous JetBlue-operated Flight, you’ll be rebooked by JetBlue at no additional cost or hassle. 

● If they don’t find a suitable flight to rebook you on the same day, they might ask you to wait till the next day. You can rebook online on your own in such a case. And, of course, you can always ask for a full refund for the missed Flight. But no matter whether they rebook you or you rebook yourself online, be prepared to be diverted to reach your destination. 

● If your original ticket was a non-refundable one, there’s very little chance that you’ll get back your booking amount. Prepare yourself mentally to let go of the entire booking amount. Buy yourself a new ticket either from JetBlue or any other airline so that your schedule doesn’t take a beating and you safely reach home for the holidays.

● On the other hand, if your original ticket was a refundable one, you’ll be automatically issued a travel credit for future use, which will be deposited in your travel bank. There’s no doubt about that. But don’t wait for it. Your family might be expecting you at home. So, buy your next ticket. 

Refund Policy for Missed JetBlue Flight

The JetBlue Refund Policy is very simple for missed flights. If you miss your next flight due to JetBlue delaying your previous flight, you are eligible to claim a full refund of the booking amount. However, if you miss your JetBlue flight due to your fault, you’re not entitled to a refund as per the rules of the JetBlue Refund Policy. At maximum, you get a travel credit issued to your name that is good for future use if you purchase a refundable ticket.


Missed flights are neither planned nor expected. Yet, they do happen sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances. The JetBlue Missed Flight Policy tries to minimize the impact of a no-show by offering a rebooking and refund option to passengers whose flights were missed due to JetBlue’s faults. The policy also allows for the issuance of travel vouchers for refundable ticket holders. In the world of air travel, where a missed flight automatically leads to the forfeiture of the booking amount, JetBlue does its best to at least issue a travel voucher for a segment of passengers. Therefore, the purpose of the policy, which is to provide passengers with better conveniences than others, is served.

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Ques. I have missed my JetBlue flight. Can I use my return ticket two days later as intended?

Ans. The JetBlue Missed Flight Policy rules clearly specify that if you miss your JetBlue flight, all your remaining journeys are automatically cancelled. So, you have to purchase new tickets for your return journey.

Ques. What happens to my seats and bags if I am rebooked on a new JetBlue flight?

Ans. If you miss your next flight due to JetBlue delaying your connecting flight, you are rebooked on the next available flight by JetBlue at no extra cost. The extra amounts you paid for seats and bags are also attached to the new booking. If that is not possible due to any technical fault, you receive a refund for those extras.