Changing Your JetBlue Flight: A Step-by-Step Guide

How Do You Change Your JetBlue Flight? Policy Rules, Process & Fees

How Do You Change Your JetBlue Flight? Policy Rules, Process & Fees

When planning air travel or making a flight reservation, it’s always better to consider the possibility of a flight change or Cancellation. Life being uncertain can sometimes force scheduled changes. Therefore, it’s better to be prepared than thrown off-guard. You should be aware of the JetBlue booking change policy of the airline you plan to fly with before buying your tickets. This not only saves you from unnecessary hassles in adverse circumstances but also saves you quite a few bucks.

This blog will discuss the JetBlue Flight Change Terms and Conditions, process, fees, and much more. So, if you’ve already booked your JetBlue ticket or are planning to do so soon, this blog could serve as your handy guide.

Understanding JetBlue’s Flight Change Policy

The JetBlue Flight Change Policy is a comprehensive guide on what to do or what to expect as a passenger if you’re forced to change your flight schedules due to unexpected events. The policy is a collection of rules, guidelines, and procedures to help passengers decide on the best possible actions in the event of a scheduled change. The Flight Change Policy distinguishes between refundable and non-refundable fares and issues separate change rules and guidelines for each. The Flight Change Policy also discusses change fees, missed flight situations, and their consequences. The JetBlue Change Policy also allows passengers to make same-day switches at nominal prices for a confirmed flight change. Moreover, the JetBlue Flight Booking Change Policy has a clearly defined provision for 24-hour JetBlue Flight Cancellations, allowing passengers to cancel their reservations without any fee within 24 hours of booking.

Rules and Guidelines for Changing Your JetBlue Flight

The JetBlue Flight Change Policy is a collection of rules and guidelines. Here they are for your quick understanding.

● The JetBlue Flight Change Policy rules allow passengers to change or cancel flights when their travel plans change due to unexpected events. 

● As per the rules, the cost of a flight change or Cancellation depends on the type and class of the ticket the passenger holds, the change process, and the proximity to the departure date.

● As per the JetBlue Flight Change Policy rules, changes to non-refundable fares, such as the Blue Basic before departure, may result in the deduction of a change fee and the applicability of a fare difference. If any balance remains, it is issued as a JetBlue travel credit for future use. 

● On the other hand, changes to refundable fares before scheduled departure don’t attract any change or cancellation fee from JetBlue, but fare differences will still apply in such cases.

● As per the JetBlue Flight Change Policy rules, passengers with non-refundable fares who fail to change or cancel their flights before departure and subsequently miss their flights will lose their entire booking amounts. Even the payments paid for extras, such as seats and bags, are also forfeited in such cases. If a no-show happens for a non-refundable flight segment, the total amount paid for that segment is lost.

● If passengers with refundable fares miss their flights, they are issued travel credits for future use.

● The JetBlue Flight Change Policy permits passengers to make same-day switches for an additional fee. A same-day button means changing flights on the day of scheduled departure. Same-day switches are confirmed flight changes, and this option is only available in select cities where JetBlue operates multiple flights in a day.

● The JetBlue Flight Change Policy makes a provision for 24-hour Cancellation. Under this provision, passengers can change or cancel their flights without any fee within 24 hours of making their reservations. This rule applies to all fares, irrespective of ticket type and class. The only condition here is that the booking must have been done at least seven days before departure.

● True-Blue members who buy their JetBlue flights by redemption of TrueBlue points are eligible to get back their issues if they change or cancel their reservations. If both points and cash were used to buy flights, passengers could return both, per the JetBlue Flight Change Policy rules. The cash portion is, however, refunded in the form of Travel Credits with 12-month validity.

● For JetBlue Vacations, flight changes can only be made by calling JetBlue Customer Service at +1-800-315-2771. Online changes are not allowed in such cases. 

Apart from Blue Basic, JetBlue doesn’t charge any change or cancellation fee for any other fare. The JetBlue Flight Change Fee structure for the Blue Basic fare is as follows,

● The change and cancellation fee for the Blue basic fare is $100 per passenger per segment for routes in Central and North America and the Caribbean. 

● The change and cancellation fee for all other routes is $200 per passenger per segment. 

However, JetBlue collects specific fees from passengers for changing or canceling their flights, irrespective of their ticket types and fare classes. These charges are.

● A $25 non-refundable fee per passenger per segment is collected from passengers if they change their flights or cancel them via phone calls or live chat with JetBlue customer care. This charge is levied on the change or cancellation fee where applicable.

● A $75 change or cancellation fee is collected from passengers, irrespective of their fare types, if they make same-day switches. 

Changing Your JetBlue Flight Online: Easy Steps to Follow

A simple way to change or cancel a JetBlue flight without paying a fee is to do so within 24 hours of booking. You can change your JetBlue Flight Booking Online by following the steps below.

● Open the home page of the official JetBlue website,

● Click on “Manage Trips,” the second menu from the left on the blue header menu bar beside the JetBlue logo. 

● On the “manage Trips” page, enter your last name and booking confirmation code or ticket number in the designated boxes and click “Continue.”

● Select the particular flight that you want to cancel or make changes to from your trip details. 

● Make the changes you want to your selected flight before scheduled departure to avoid complications. 

● Pay the fare difference, change fee, or other fees mentioned in the previous section if applicable. Now, confirm your change and submit.

JetBlue’s 24-Hour Flight Change Policy: What You Need to Know

The JetBlue Flight Change Policy has a unique 24-hour change and Cancellation provision. By the rules of this policy, passengers can make changes to their flights or cancel them without any change or cancellation fee within 24 hours of booking, irrespective of their ticket type. However, the original flight booking must be made at least seven days before departure for the 24-hour rule to apply. The JetBlue 24-Hour Flight Change Policy Rules also specify that the whole trip has to be canceled for this rule to be valid. 

Changing Your JetBlue Flight for Free: Is It Possible?

JetBlue Flight changes and cancellations for most JetBlue fare types are accessible. You don’t have to pay any change fee to make online changes to your JetBlue flight before scheduled departure. The only JetBlue fare that is charged a change fee is the Blue Basic. However, you can also change your flight for free even with a Blue Basic fare, provided you make the changes within 24 hours of booking, as JetBlue has a 24-hour Flight Change Policy in place for your convenience. 

Same-Day Flight Changes with JetBlue: Everything You Need to Know

The JetBlue Flight Change Policy offers a same-day switch option to help passengers secure confirmed flight changes on the scheduled departure day. The same-day switch rule allows passengers to reschedule their original flight to an earlier or later flight on the same day as the scheduled departure. This option is available to all passengers irrespective of fare type, including the True-Blue members who’ve redeemed their points for booking. However, passengers with non-refundable fares are charged a fee for making the same-day switch, while passengers with refundable fares are exempt from paying any fee.


Unexpected changes in travel plans can be frustrating at times. And considering their monetary repercussions, it is always advisable to carefully read the airline’s change and cancellation policy rules and guidelines before making reservations. Thankfully, the JetBlue Flight Change Policy is a genuine game changer. It allows you to change flights without any fee in most cases. It also permits you to make same-day flight changes at nominal extra rates. The only catch is that all the changes must be made before scheduled departure. The policy is quite strict on no-shows or missed flights. So, after all the discussions above on the JetBlue Flight Change Policy, you know what to do or expect from JetBlue if your travel plans change.

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Ques. How many times can you change your flight at JetBlue?

Ans. As per the JetBlue Flight Change Policy rules, you are allowed to change your flight free of cost only once. But you can change your flight as often as possible, provided you pay a change fee. 

Ques. I have a Blue Basic ticket with JetBlue. Do I have to pay a fee to make changes within 24 hours?

Ans. No. You don’t have to pay any fee to change your flight within 24 hours of booking, even if you have a Blue basic ticket. The JetBlue 24-Hour Flight Change Policy allows you to make flight changes without any fee within 24 hours of booking, provided the reservation is made at least seven days before departure.

Ques. I am a Mosaic member with JetBlue. Do I have to pay a fee for a same-day switch?

Ans. No. As per the JetBlue Flight Change Policy rules, Mosaic members are not required to pay a fee for a same-day switch. 

Ques. What is the time frame for making a same-day switch?

Ans. Same-day switches are permissible on the same calendar day of scheduled departure beginning at midnight. 

Ques. Does JetBlue Airlines offer a Standby option?

Ans. Yes, JetBlue Airlines offers standby travel to passengers based on seat availability. With this option, passengers can fly on a sold-out flight to the same destination on the same day as their original departure, subject to last-minute availability. Such flight changes depend on outside chances, and there is a standby fee of $75 per passenger per segment.