JetBlue Name Change Policy, Fee: A Complete Guide

Name Change/Correction on JetBlue Flight Booking | Methods & Rules

JetBlue Name Change Fee: What You Need to Know

Changing Your Name on a JetBlue Flight Booking: Step-by-Step Guide

Name Change/Correction on JetBlue Flight Booking: JetBlue’s name correction policy always allows changes/amendments to your JetBlue flight booking as per the customer’s government-issued ID/passport. Air travel can be exciting if you do everything right from start to finish. But if something goes wrong, your excitement can turn into a nightmare. For example, you may be denied boarding due to a simple name mismatch. While JetBlue Airlines requires your name and other details to match your government-issued ID proofs exactly, sometimes mistakes are made due to system issues and manual typing errors. You may also need to change your last name due to a change in your legal status, or in some cases, you may need to change yourself to someone else on your JetBlue flight reservation. All of these require passengers to make name changes or corrections on JetBlue bookings and flight tickets before travel.

If you’re travelling with JetBlue, changing or correcting your name on your flight-booked ticket is pretty straightforward. The airline has a well-defined policy to address the issue. In this blog, we’ll discuss the JetBlue Name Change Policy, the associated rules and guidelines and the name change fees so that you have a clear idea of what to do if you ever notice an error of name on your flight ticket or need a name change.

Understanding the JetBlue Name Change Policy

The JetBlue name change policy is entirely different from the JetBlue name correction. Although both the words, change and correction, are used interchangeably for other airlines, one has to be very cautious while using them for JetBlue. By name correction, JetBlue refers to correcting various typing errors and changes in passengers’ last names due to a change in their legal status. However, JetBlue name change deals with complex changes in passengers’ names that are otherwise impossible under its name correction policy rules, including substituting one passenger with another. Therefore, the JetBlue Name Change Policy doesn’t deal with simple spelling mistakes, typing errors and legal name changes. It takes care of other complex name change issues and modifications. Here’s what you should know about JetBlue Airlines Name Change Policy.

●   The JetBlue Name Change Policy allows passengers to make complex name changes that are impossible under the name correction rules by cancelling their original PNR and booking a new one using new terms. This allows passengers to substitute themselves with others on their reservations. In other words, the JetBlue Name Change Policy enables a change in passengers.

●   The JetBlue Name Change Policy rules permit passengers to change their date of birth and gender in conjunction with their names simply because a JetBlue name change allows booking a new PNR by cancelling the original one.

●   As per the JetBlue Name Change Policy rules, the JetBlue name change includes those changes in names that are not permitted under the JetBlue Name Correction policy guidelines. 

●   As per the policy guidelines, a JetBlue name change requires the cancellation of the original PNR and the issuance of new tickets, unlike a name correction that can be made on the same existing PNR. 

●   Multiple name corrections for a passenger are treated as a name change per the JetBlue terms and come under the purview of the JetBlue Name Change Policy rules. 

●   Name changes with JetBlue are chargeable. Name changes under the Policy are subject to payments of difference in fare and change fees where applicable. Also, there is a service fee that needs to be paid for name changes.

●   The JetBlue Name Change Guidelines mandate that to make a name change with JetBlue, the tickets must be from the B6/279 ticketing stock; in other words, JetBlue must validate such tickets. For codeshare travels, all flights on the tickets must be operated or validated by JetBlue and its other airline partners.  

How to Change Your Name on a JetBlue Airlines Flight Booking: Methods and Rules

Changing a name on a JetBlue Airlines flight isn’t easy, mainly because the JetBlue Name Change Policy rules don’t allow you to make those changes online. The policy declares explicitly that corrections or changes in passengers’ names on JetBlue flight tickets can only be made by JetBlue crew members upon receiving change requests via phone call or live chat. Please find below the various JetBlue name change methods and their associated rules.

a. Name change by phone call

JetBlue allows passengers to make name changes and corrections on their flight tickets via phone. To do so, passengers must dial the JetBlue toll-free contact number, +1-800-315-2771, talk to a JetBlue crew member directly over the phone and request a name change or correction. They should keep their booking confirmation codes, PNR numbers and personal documents ready for quick validations and verifications. 

b. Name change via live chat

Per the JetBlue Airlines Name Change Policy rules, passengers can make name changes on their flight tickets by directly interacting with a live agent via online or social media chat. The online live chat option is available on the home page of the JetBlue official website, and the WhatsApp chat phone number or link can be collected from the Contact Us page. However, passengers must pay a service fee on top of other applicable charges to get live assistance for a name change.

c. Name change through travel agencies

Passengers with third-party bookings (travel agencies, tour operators) are required by the JetBlue Airlines Name Change Policy rules to contact them for a name change. Travel agencies can cancel and book new PNRs and reissue tickets for passengers who require such changes. But the rules also allow passengers who purchased their tickets from travel agencies or tour operators to directly approach JetBlue via live chat or phone call to make changes to their names. However, JetBlue charges a service fee in such cases for making changes on behalf of the third-party agency. 

JetBlue Airlines Name Change 24-Hour Policy

JetBlue has a 24-hour change and cancellation policy, and the policy rules also extend and apply to name changes. As per the terms of this 24-Hour Name Change on JetBlue Flight Booking, passengers can cancel their tickets and rebook with new names without paying extra charges within 24 hours of booking. This rule applies to all passengers irrespective of their ticket type. The only condition is that the original ticket must have been booked at least seven days or more before departure. 

The JetBlue Name Change Fee: What You Need to Know

JetBlue charges passengers for name changes/corrections. The JetBlue Airlines name change requires passengers to pay change fees depending on their fare type, applicable fare difference and service fee to change their names and date of birth. Here are the details of the JetBlue name change fees.

●   For entry-level non-refundable fares, such as the Blue Basic, passengers must pay a name change fee of $100 if their itinerary includes destinations in North and Central America and the Caribbean.

●   For all other routes, passengers with Blue Basic fare are charged a change fee of $200. 

●   For non-refundable fares such as the Blue Basic, passengers must also pay the applicable fare difference and the change fees to change their names on their JetBlue tickets.

●  JetBlue doesn’t charge any fee for a name change from passengers with other non-refundable and refundable fares such as the Blue, Blue Extra and the Mint. As per the JetBlue Name Change Policy rules, only the fare difference must be paid in such cases. 

●  Additionally, passengers have to pay a service fee of $50 to make name changes via phone call or live chat. This chargeable is over and above the applicable change fees and fare differences. 

Online Name Change or Correction for JetBlue Passengers

The JetBlue Name Change Rules don’t allow passengers to make name changes or corrections online. As per the policy terms, passengers can make name changes or corrections on their flight tickets only by talking to or interacting with a JetBlue crew member or a live agent through phone or via live chat. There’s no other option for passengers who purchased tickets directly from JetBlue. 

Changing a Passenger’s Last Name with JetBlue: A Guide

Passengers change their last names on flight tickets only when there is a change in their legal status. A change in legal status commonly happens due to any of the three reasons – marriage, divorce or adoption. As per the JetBlue terms, passengers’ last names change under the JetBlue Name Correction Policy guidelines. The policy mandates that passengers can make such changes only by calling JetBlue or interacting with an agent via live chat. However, the policy terms do not require them to pay any fee for changes in their last names.


No matter how simple they sound or how easy they look, name changes should never be taken lightly. Even a slight deviation in your name from the government-issued proof of ID, and you might have to face the worst time of your life at the airport. Therefore, knowing an airline’s name change policy is crucial for hassle-free air travel. The JetBlue Airlines Name Change Policy is unique in many ways. The approach makes changes in passengers’ names possible under its name change rules and allows changes in DOB and gender along with simple name corrections.

And interestingly, the airline charges no change fee from passengers for such changes for most fare types. The only drawback of the policy is that it doesn’t allow you to make name changes online. However, keeping this no self-service part aside, JetBlue’s name change policy is among the best in the market. So now, you know how to change your name on a JetBlue flight ticket. 

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Ques. I have a JetBlue vacation booking. Can I make name changes on my flight?

Ans. Yes, as per the Jet Blue Name Change Policy rules, you can make name changes on flight tickets that are part of the vacation package by calling the JetBlue Vacations customer service team. 

Ques. Does the JetBlue Name Change Policy allow a change in a passenger’s name?

Ans. Yes, it does, but not on the same PNR if it’s already ticketed. The JetBlue Name Change Policy rules allow you to remove yourself by cancelling your PNR and entering the name of another passenger, provided a new PNR is booked, and the fare difference and the applicable charges are paid.

Ques. How many name corrections can I make on my JetBlue flight ticket?

Ans. JetBlue allows you to make unlimited corrections to your name, provided you are ready to pay. As per the rules, one name correction per passenger is allowed free of cost. More than one name correction is considered a name change per the terms of the JetBlue Name Change Policy and is, therefore, chargeable.