KLM Airlines Flight Change Policy-Rules

KLM Airlines Flight Change Policy - Date and Time

KLM Airlines Flight Change Policy – Date and Time

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the oldest operating airline in the world. The official flag carrier of the Netherlands boasts superior travel management, the best in-flight amenities, and flawless operations to over 170 countries and more than a thousand destinations in the world. The airline is also known for its outstanding customer service and unrivaled technology adaptation. In this blog, we talk about the airline’s flexible Airlines flight ticket change policy and tell you how you can change your KLM flight ticket, Date, and time both online and offline. Additionally, we’ll discuss automatic flight rebooking and delay compensations. So, please read the blog as we discuss all of these and more.

Yes, you can change the passenger Flight on a KLM Airlines Flight by contacting their customer service at +1-800-315-2771. Keep in mind that Flight changes may be subject to specific conditions and fees. It’s very crucial to address any Flight change needs before checking in for your KLM Airlines Change Flight Policy whenever possible. If you find yourself in this situation, contact KLM Airlines at –KLM Airlines (OTA Skip Waiting)  or +1-800-315-2771 or for assistance is advisable.

Here’s How to Changcee Your Flight on KLM Airlines: Online: Log in to “My Trips” on KLM Airlines’s website or app, find your reservation, and choose “Modify Passenger Details.” (0TA) or +1-800-315-2771(Live Persons)” Enter the correct wanted Flight Change need and provide supporting documentation if required.

What is the KLM Airlines Flight Change Policy?

Sometimes, flight changes become necessary to adjust to changed schedules and emergencies. The KLM Airlines Flight Change Policy lays down the terms for such flight changes. Here’s what the policy is all about and the associated rules and guidelines.

● The policy allows passengers to change their travel dates, departure times and even destinations. 

● The level of flexibility allowed on flight changes depends on the passengers’ fare rules and ticket conditions. 

● The KLM Flight Change Policy rules permit passengers to change flights both online and offline. 

● Passengers with standard tickets in any ticketing class have to pay a flight change fee for both domestic and international travel. They also have to the fare differences where applicable.

● Passengers with flex tickets across classes don’t have to pay the flight change fee as per the policy rules. 

● The Flying Blue reward ticket holders can change flights by contacting Flying Blue customer service. 

● The money paid for extras such as seats and meals is automatically adjusted to the new booking after the flight change. However, passengers might be required to pay higher prices for the same. 

● Passengers can also cancel extras purchased with their original KLM tickets during flight changes. 

KLM Change Booking Policy within 24 Hours 

KLM, being a customer-friendly airline, has a 24-hour booking changing policy that allows passengers to alter their KLM flight ticket reservations and claim full refunds without paying any fee within 24 hours of booking. Passengers can use this KLM Flight Ticket Change Policy for their flight bookings without paying any additional charges. They can change their flight bookings and rebook within 24 hours at no extra cost. 

KLM Airlines Flight Change Fee

KLM charges fees for flight changes depending on fare rules. The KLM Airlines Flight change fee is zero for the Flex fares across ticket classes. It means that passengers with flex tickets can change their KLM flights for free. However, Standard ticket holders across ticketing courses have to pay a flight change fee ranging between €200 and €300 for rescheduling their international flights. The change fee is €200 for the Economy Light and the Standard tickets in the Economy Class, whereas it is €250 for Standard tickets in the Premium Comfort class. At the same time, passengers have to pay €300 for flight changes if they have Business Light and Business Standard tickets. For domestic travel, Light and Standard ticket holders in the Economy and Business classes have to pay a flight change fee of €70. 

KLM Flight Delay Compensation and Automatic Rebooking 

Being a KLM airline from an EU member country, KLM pays compensation to passengers for delaying flights beyond 3 hours from the scheduled departure due to controllable irregularities. The compensation guidelines and the amounts are decided based on EU regulations regarding the same. The compensation amounts are fixed at €250, €400, and €600 depending on the distance of the air travel booked. As per the rules, passengers may be eligible for compensation for delayed KLM flights if the delay has been caused by unforeseen events that KLM could control if timely actions were taken.

If KLM is forced to cancel flights due to uncontrollable circumstances, passengers are automatically rebooked on the next available flights at no extra cost. Such re-bookings are done in the same fare classes, and KLM pays special attention to ensure that the itineraries for these new bookings remain the same.

KLM Change Seats Online

KLM allows you to manage seats online from your desktop or mobile without any assistance. You can reserve and change seats to your liking via My Trip. Here’s how you can do it through the official website. 

● Open the homepage of the official KLM website, www.klm.com.

● Click on the 2nd menu called “My Trip” on the header menu bar.

● On the “My Trip” login page, click on “Log in to my account.”

● Enter your booking credentials and log in. 

● Your trip details will be retrieved once you enter your “My Trip” section. 

● Click on “Seat” and then select the change option.

● The available options will be shown to you as per your ticket rules and fare class.

● Choose the seat you want to shift to. Make the payments and get your confirmation.

KLM Change Flight Online

KLM Airlines allows you to change your flight date, time and destination online without any hassle. Here are the steps to reschedule your KLM flight via the official website. 

● Click on “My Trip” on the homepage of the KLM official website. It’s the second menu from the left on the header menubar. 

● Provide your credentials and log in to the trip details section. All your flight bookings will show here.

● Select the flight you want to change. 

● Check availability. Choose a flight date and time that matches your changed schedule. 

● Pay the fees and the fare difference. 

● Rebook as per the online prompts and instructions given. 

KLM Flight Change Offline

You can change and rebook your KLM flight offline, too, via phone calls and from the counters at the airports. For KLM flight changes via phone calls, you have to dial the toll-free helpline number of the KLM Customer Contact Center and request a flight change from a KLM representative. Alternatively, you can get your flight rescheduled by a KLM crew member at any airport counter before your flight’s scheduled departure. 


The KLM Airlines Flight Change Policy is straightforward and easy to understand. The policy lets passengers manage their bookings online, allowing them to reschedule flights at their convenience. The policy also discusses factors that might influence flight changes, such as fare rules, the Flying Blue membership levels and many more. All of these have been mentioned here in this blog, along with automatic rebooking due to delayed KLM flights. So, the next time you have to change your KLM flight, don’t fret because you know, by now, how to change your flight both online and offline. Also, with the knowledge of the change policy, you can now choose fares that’ll be the least affected due to flight changes if you’re expecting a change in schedule.

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Ques. How much does it cost to change a flight date with KLM?

Ans. It depends on your fare type and ticket class. If you have a Flex ticket, you don’t have to pay any flight change fee for changing your flight date with KLM. This holds irrespective of your ticket class. If you have a Standard ticket, you’ll be required to pay between €200 and €300 for a flight date change for international travel and €70 for domestic travel. However, you have to pay the applicable fare differences for both Standard and Flex.

Ques. How many times can you change a flight with KLM?

Ans. You can change your KLM flight as many times as you want as long as you pay the flight change fee and the applicable fare differences.

Ques. How can I change my flight date for free?

Ans. To change your KLM flight date for free, Reach out to KLM Airlines customer service through the helpline number provided ( or +1-800-315-2771). Clearly state that the date change is due for any reason and provide the necessary details. Documentation: Have your marriage certificate ready as supporting documentation for the Date change. 

You have to cancel and rebook your flight within 24 hours of booking. KLM has a 24-hour booking cancellation policy that permits passengers to cancel flights without charges within 24 hours of booking.