KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy

KLM Airlines Seat Selection | +1-800-315-2771 | Policy

KLM Airlines Seat Selection | +1-800-315-2771 | Policy

KLM (Royal Dutch) Airlines provides a flexible seat selection policy; KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy allows passengers to select a seat after a booked ticket or at a later time. The official flag carrier of the Netherlands is known for its many customer-centric policies, including a beneficial and user-friendly policy for seat selection. 

KLM offers a variety of seats for different levels of comfort and benefits. It has seats with more considerable legroom and a better position for a relaxed journey. It also has seats for couples who seek privacy during intercontinental travel. So, no matter whether you are interested in the position of your seat or comfort, KLM Airlines has something planned for you. 

This blog is all about KLM Seat Selection Online, where we will share with you essential details about the seat selection policy, tell you how seat selection policy and rules work on KLM, and give you practical tips regarding a successful choice seat at KLM Airlines flight after a booking. So, read on.

What is the KLM Policy for Seat Selection: KLM Seat Upgrade

KLM Airlines offers paid seat upgrades (selection) to all regular economy and higher class passengers. Here are the key points, the rules, and the terms for a KLM Seat Selection Policy

1. The KLM Seat Selection process is available to passengers both online and offline.

2. KLM Airlines provides customers the option to choose their seats either at the time of reservation or later by using the ‘My Trip’ feature.

3. Passengers must pay an additional price to use KLM Seat Selection.

4. The KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy allows passengers to upgrade seats from Economy Class to Premium and Business Class and from Premium Class to Business Class.

5. Passengers who upgrade to higher travel classes receive the same benefits as all other passengers in those classes.

KLM Airlines Seat Selection | +1-800-315-2771 | Policy

How Do I Choose My Seat After Booking a KLM Flight?

Suppose you want to choose your seat during your flight reservation; with KLM, you can select your seat any time after booking your KLM flight ticket. Here’s how.

1. Log in to the My Trip section of the official KLM website, www.klm.com. View the seat map and check availability. Choose a seat you like, pay the seat selection fee, and, finally, get your seat confirmed.

2. Contact KLM via phone calls or live chat and choose your seat by requesting the KLM representative.

3. And if you want to upgrade to a higher class, you can choose your seat at check-in, the airport counter, or the check-in kiosk. However, your choice can be compromised due to insufficient seat availability. 

What Documents Do You Need to Fly on KLM?

The primary documents you need to fly with any airline in the world are almost the same. You need to carry a photo-identity proof, a valid passport, and a Visa with you. You’ll need these same documents if you’re flying on KLM. However, the exact documents you need will depend on a few factors mentioned below—your nationality, Your country of residence, Your country of departure, destination, and transfer.

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Ques. How do I select seats on KLM Airlines?

Ans. You can select seats on KLM Airlines both online and offline. The online process starts with logging on to the My Trip section of the official website and checking the seat map for current availability. Then, you have to choose your seat and pay for it to get the seat assigned. Regarding the offline method, you must contact KLM by phone to select seats.  

Ques. Can I upgrade my seat after booking a KLM Airlines flight?

Ans. Yes, you can upgrade your seat after booking a KLM Airlines flight. You can upgrade from Economy to Premium or Business Class or from Premium to Business Class anytime until the check-in period ends.  

Ques. Does KLM Allow Free Seat Selection?

Ans. The only exceptions are the Flying Blue members, who can choose accessible seats for themselves and their family members. However, when they are allowed to select accessible seats depends on their membership levels. For example, a passenger with a Flying Blue Silver or Gold membership can choose accessible seats between 24-72 hours before departure. 

Ques. Does KLM Seat Families Together? 

Ans. KLM has a Sitting-Next-to-Your-Kid policy for family bookings with children that allows families to sit together. Through this policy, the airline guarantees that children of eleven years of age or less will be assigned accessible seats next to their parents, even if no seats are chosen. This free seat assignment will be made during check-in. 

Ques. Can I get a refund for upgrading from Extra legroom Seat to the Business Class?

Ans. According to the KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy rules, you won’t receive a refund of the additional amount you paid for the Extra Legroom Seat. The amount you paid will be deducted from the upgraded ticket price at the time of the upgrade.