KLM Missed Flight Policy

KLM Missed Flight Policy

In the world of air travel, unforeseen circumstances can sometimes force passengers to miss their scheduled flights. Whether it’s due to traffic jams, unexpected delays, or personal emergencies, passengers sometimes may find themselves trapped in difficult situations leading to a KLM Missed Flight Policy. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which is the official flag carrier of the Netherlands, recognizes this issue and addresses it sensibly to ensure that passengers don’t have to suffer in the end. The airline, which carries millions of passengers to almost 200 countries in the world, has a standard missed flight policy that not only talks about what to do if you miss your flight but also mentions the charges for rebooking. In this blog post, we will explore the KLM Missed Flight Policy and discuss all these points one by one.

What Happens if You Miss Your KLM Flight?

Missing a KLM flight can be a stressful experience. But understanding the rules of the airline you booked your ticket with can help ease the anxiety. KLM, the century-old Dutch airline, has a comprehensive KLM Airlines Missed Flight Policy to address such situations. The following outcomes may be expected if you miss your KLM Airlines flight.

●  As per the rules of the KLM Missed Flight Policy, the airline typically provides the option for rebooking if you miss your KLM flight due to your fault, ensuring that your journey continues with minimal disruption. However, the fare rules associated with your purchased tickets may apply in such cases.

●  If you have non-refundable tickets and you miss your flight due to your fault, your entire ticket amount may be forfeited, and you may be required to purchase a new key to travel. For Example, The Economy Light doesn’t allow you to rebook after you miss your flight.

●  KLM may cancel the rest of your itinerary if you miss the first or any legs of the connecting flights. In such cases, you might be required to purchase new tickets to continue traveling.

●  Even if KLM doesn’t charge you any rebooking fee after a missed flight, you might need to pay the fare difference to rebook. 

●  However, you receive complete rebooking assistance from KLM, including a waiver of rebooking fees if you miss your KLM flight due to the airline’s fault. 

●  Additionally, in the cases of self-transfer flights, KLM automatically rebooks its passengers to the next available flights without any extra charges if they somehow miss their flights. 

How to Rebook Your KLM Missed Flight: KLM Missed Flight

Rebooking a missed flight with KLM involves a series of steps designed to accommodate passengers and get them back on track with their travel plans. Upon realizing that you’ve forgotten your flight, it’s crucial to contact KLM as soon as possible. The following points must be kept in mind to rebook your missed KLM flight. These points are being discussed assuming that your ticket type allows rebooking after a missed flight. 

●  You can rebook your KLM missed flight ticket online if you purchased the original key from KLM or via its SkyTeam Alliance partners, Air France or Delta Airlines. Depending on the rules of the key you originally purchased, you can rebook by changing your departure time or travel date via the “My Trip” section of KLM’s official website.

●  While rebooking, you have to select the alternative flights depending on availability. KLM automatically displays the current availability. You have to find the next available flight yourself. As per the rules of the KLM Missed Flight Policy, the KLM Customer Contact Canter will not offer you any assistance in finding alternative flights in such cases.

●  You must pay the fare difference at the time of rebooking if the flight you chose had comparatively higher prices than the original ticket. 

●  If you purchased extras like preferred seating or onboard meals with your original ticket, you might decide to carry them on with the rebooked key. If you are not okay with the additional charges you have to pay in such cases, you may choose to cancel the extras while rebooking after your missed KLM flight.

●  If your original ticket was booked through Flying Blue reward points, you have to contact Flying Blue Customer Service at the toll-free number +1-800-315-2771 to rebook your passport after you miss your KLM flight.

●  If your original ticket was booked through a travel agent, you must contact him for rebooking or refund after a missed flight. You will not be able to rebook online in such a case through the KLM website.

How to Book KLM Flight Online – Process of Booking Missed KLM Flight

KLM has smoothened its online booking process to make it convenient for passengers, including those who may have missed their original flights. The airline’s website and mobile app offer user-friendly interfaces that allow passengers to access their bookings and make necessary changes. Whether you’re on the go or at home, KLM’s online platform provides meaningful assistance in managing missed flights. Here are the steps to rebook your forgotten flight ticket online through the website.

●  Open the KLM website, www.klm.com, on your browser. Land on the home page. 

●  Click on the “My Trip” option on the top menu bar. It’s the 2nd menu from left after Home. 

●  This will open the “My Trip” page. Click on the box that reads “Log in to my account.” 

●  Provide your last name and booking reference number to retrieve your booking information. 

●  If your original ticket allows you the option to rebook, it will show you the next available flights. If you have an Economy Light ticket, you might not be given the opportunity to rebook. 

●  Choose the next suitable flight as per the availability shown and continue.

●  Pay the fare difference and rebooking fee as applicable. 

●  You get the mailed confirmation once your rebooking is complete. 

How Much Does KLM Charge for Rebooking Missed Flights?

While the specifics of rebooking fees can depend on various factors, KLM generally charges an administration fee for making changes to your flight itinerary. The amount can vary based on factors such as the fare class, the time remaining until departure, the country you are traveling to, and the specific conditions of your ticket. It’s essential to check KLM’s rebooking fees and policies, which are outlined in their terms and conditions. In general, here’s what you have to pay as per your ticket class to rebook your missed flight.

●  For Standard Economy, you have to pay €70 to rebook your missed flight. The rebooking fee is the same as the Standard Business ticket. This charge is applicable for travel within Europe.

●  You have to pay €200 as rebooking charges for both Economy Light and Economy Standard tickets if you’re flying from Europe to other countries such as the US, Canada, or Mexico. The rebooking fee goes up to €250 for the same international destinations and the same ticket type if booked in the Premium Comfort class. 

●  You don’t need to pay any rebooking fee for international travel or travel within Europe if you have a Flex ticket in the Economy or Business class. 

However, please remember that in all cases, when you miss your flight due to your fault, you will need to pay the difference between the original and the new flight fare. On the contrary, you might not need to pay anything if you missed your KLM flight due to KLM’s faults.

KLM Missed Flight Policy | Rebooking Missed Flight | Fee

Basic Guidelines of KLM Missed Flight Policy

In the unfortunate event of missing your KLM flight, it’s essential to follow some basic guidelines. Mentioned below are things you should do as per the KLM Missed Flight Policy. 

●  First and foremost, inform KLM of your situation as soon as possible. Prompt communication enhances the chances of finding suitable alternative arrangements like rebooking to the next available flight. 

●  Additionally, be prepared to provide relevant information, such as your booking reference and personal details, to expedite the rebooking process. Keep in mind that flexibility in your travel plans can increase the likelihood of securing a satisfactory solution.

●  If you’re sure after talking to the KLM officials that your ticket allows you to rebook after you accidentally miss the KLM flight, log on to the KLM official website and complete the rebooking procedure online. The website will show you the next available flights for rebooking if your ticket rules permit. 

●  You will need to buy a new ticket to continue on your journey with KLM if you’re not allowed to rebook as per the rules associated with your original key. Check whether your ticket rules will enable you to get a refund for the original missed flight ticket. 

●  The extras booked with your actual ticket can be added to your rebooked access. However, you might be required to pay higher prices for the same extra services you bought. You may also decide to cancel them when you rebook and receive a refund as per applicable ticket rules.

●  If booked through a travel agent, you must contact him for rebooking assistance after you miss your flight.

●  You don’t need to take any steps if you miss your connecting flight due to KLM’s fault. In such a case, KLM will automatically rebook you on the next available flight. You will not be required to pay any rebooking charge or fee in such a case. However, you can cancel the rebooked ticket if you’re not satisfied with the alternative arrangement. You can get a full refund in that case and even ask for compensation if the rule permits. 

Does KLM Airlines Charge for Missed Flights?

While KLM typically charges fees for rebooking and making changes to flight itineraries, the airline may not impose a specific fee solely for missing a flight. However, it’s important to note that if you miss your flight and need to make new travel arrangements, you’ll likely incur charges associated with rebooking. Understanding the nuances of KLM’s fee structure can help passengers make informed decisions when faced with an unexpected situation like a missed flight.

Does KLM Have a Refundable Policy for Missed Flights?

KLM Airlines Refund Policies: for missed flights can vary depending on the circumstances and the type of ticket purchased. In general, airlines often have limited provisions for refunding missed flights, and KLM is no exception. Suppose you miss your KLM flight due to the airline’s fault, such as a previous flight delay or cancellation. In that case, the airline provides options for automatic rebooking and a full refund along with compensation if you’re not satisfied with the alternative arrangement. However, if the missed flight is a result of your circumstances, chances for a refund are almost zero in general unless for exceptional circumstances. 


For an ordinary traveler, missing a flight can be a nerve-wracking experience. However, with KLM’s comprehensive missed flight policy, passengers have chances of saving the day with minimum damage caused. The airline shows some form of leniency by allowing passengers to rebook soon after they realize that they have missed their scheduled flight. While the KLM Missed Flight Policy might contain all the information you need, reading it carefully before booking your flight is very important. From online booking and rebooking procedures to understanding potential charges and refund policies, being well-informed is the key to managing a missed flight effectively and with confidence.

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Ques. I have an Economy Light Ticket with KLM. Am I eligible to rebook after I miss my flight?

Ans. As a standard rule, rebooking isn’t allowed on an Economy Light Ticket. Please get in touch with the KLM Customer Contact Centre for rebooking if you’ve missed your KLM flight under extraordinary circumstances.

Ques. Do my rewards get reinstated if I miss my KLM flight booked with reward points?

Ans. You might get your reward points reinstated free of cost, depending on the rules associated with the class of your reward ticket. Please get in touch with Flying Blue Customer Service for precise assistance. 

Ques. What happens if my rebooked flight costs less than the original?

Ans. You may receive the remaining value in the form of a voucher to be adjustable with your next KLM ticket purchase.