How Do I Manage My Booking at Southwest Airlines?

How Do I Manage My Booking at Southwest Airlines?

How Do I Manage My Booking at Southwest Airlines?

The world’s largest low-cost passenger carrier, Southwest Airlines, is known for its flexible policies and customer-oriented approach. The Dallas-based airline is also famous for its extensive use of technology in enhancing customer experience. It has an online booking management system that not only helps passengers change or cancel their flights 24/7 but also self-manages each and every aspect of their flight reservations without any assistance. This makes air travel both hassle-free and convenient for modern-day tech-happy travellers. 

In this blog, we will discuss various rules and terms associated with the Southwest Airlines Manage Booking Policy, learn the flight change and name change procedures and know what the Southwest Airlines Rebooking Flight Policy is. So, go through this blog as we answer most of your queries related to Southwest Airlines managing bookings.

What is Southwest Airlines Rebooking Flight Policy?

Automated changed schedules and unexpected flight cancellations impact passengers’ travel plans. And the only consolation passengers receive from airlines is the rebooking option. Rebooking, as the name suggests, allows passengers to be rebooked on other flights. It helps passengers grapple with the frustrations of an unexpected flight cancellation by somehow minimizing its impact. Therefore, a solid rebooking policy is needed to reduce the overall impact of a flight disruption. Like all other airlines, Southwest Airlines has a rebooking policy that is designed for this purpose. Here are the critical points of Southwest Airlines Rebooking Flight Policy

●  Passengers are automatically rebooked on the next available flights if Southwest Airlines unexpectedly cancels their flights or changes them due to sudden changes in its flight schedules.

●  Passengers are informed about the automated rebooking within minutes by phone calls or through emails.  

●  Rebooking is subject to seat availability in the same fare class on similar flights. However, their itinerary could change. 

●  Automated rebooking is deemed as confirmed when passengers decide to travel on the rebooked flights. 

●  Passengers may also choose to rebook flights online on their own or offline via phone call if they aren’t satisfied with the rebooking options provided by the airline. 

●  The Southwest Airlines Rebooking Flight Policy allows passengers to change or cancel the original flight impacted by the involuntary schedule change.

●  Rebooking can be done free of cost within 14 days of scheduled departure. 

How do I rebook my Southwest Flight Booking?

Southwest Airlines automatically rebooks you on the next available flight if it cancels or changes your flight booking. However, suppose you are not satisfied with the automatic rebooking option provided by Southwest Airlines, or you’re yet to be rebooked on the next flight due to non-availability. In that case, you can always get yourself rebooked on another flight of your choice either on your own through the official website or mobile app or by calling Southwest Customer Care. And if you booked your ticket through a travel agency, you have to contact them for a rebooking.

How to Rebook your Southwest Airlines Flight Booking Online?

If you are yet to be rebooked on the next available Southwest flight, you can easily rebook your Southwest Airlines ticket online on your own through the official website. Here is how to do it step-by-step.

●  Land on the home page of the Southwest Airlines official website,

●  Click on “Flight”, which is the first menu from left on the header menu bar.

●  Click on “Manage Reservations”, which is the 2nd submenu from the top in the first column inside the pop-up menu box. 

●  You’ll be redirected to the “Retrieve Air Reservation” login page. 

●  Enter your booking confirmation code and your first and last names, and click on “Search.”

●  All your trip details will be retrieved in your flight reservation section. 

●  Find the original flight booking that has been cancelled or rebooked. Click on it, and you’ll find the option to rebook. 

●  Follow the instructions given and complete your rebooking process.

What does Southwest Airlines Charge for Rebooking?

Southwest Airlines doesn’t charge any fee for rebooking, nor does it charge you for changing flights. However, you might have to pay a fare difference if you rebook yourself on a flight where ticket prices are higher. 

How to Contact Southwest Airlines Customer Service for rebooking your Flight Ticket?

You can contact Southwest Airlines Customer Service to rebook your flight ticket by dialling its toll-free contact number, +1-800-435-9792 or +1-800-315-2771, anytime on any given day. The service is available 24/7. You just need to follow the IVR correctly to be able to talk to a Southwest Airlines representative. 

What are the Different Policies and Rules Under Southwest Manage Booking?

From lifestyle to leisure and responsibilities, you manage everything in life from your smartphone or computer these days. You hardly have the time to wait for hours at an office or over a phone call to get a particular service. Southwest, being the number one affordable airline in the world, understands this very well. The Southwest Manage Booking Policy is a reflection of this understanding and its highly customer-driven approach. The policy has given birth to a system where passengers can manage and control every aspect of their flight booking from the comfort of their homes or offices through their mobile phones, computers and other devices. With the help of this policy, passengers can view, change, and cancel their reservations online anytime at their will. There’s a lot more to the Upgrade Southwest Booking Policy. All the key points, rules and terms are discussed below.

●  The policy allows passengers to self-manage their flight bookings online 24/7 without any assistance. 

●  Passengers can manage booking online if they book their tickets online. 

●  Passengers can view their bookings and all booking-related information, such as extras purchased, taxes, cancellations, refunds, flight credits, miles and rewards, from the reservation details section of the website or the mobile app.

●  Manage booking system allows passengers to print boarding passes and share their itinerary via email.

●  The policy allows passengers to choose a same-day standby or a same-day change from their mobiles and computers if they need to reach their destinations earlier or later than the original flights. 

●  Passengers can change their flights anytime, absolutely free of cost. There is no change fee. 

●  Passengers can cancel their flights anytime from anywhere without any assistance and request refunds. Southwest Airlines doesn’t charge any fee for online flight cancellation.

●  The policy allows passengers to rebook their flight bookings if their flights are cancelled or changed by Southwest and they aren’t satisfied with the rebooking options provided.

●  Passengers can always upgrade to higher fare classes on their own if their ticket rules permit.

●  Passengers can change their tickets from non-refundable to refundable. 

●  They can add Rapid Rewards numbers themselves and redeem points for flight booking. 

●  With the help of this policy, passengers can check in early through the website or mobile app if their ticket rules permit. 

●  Passengers can purchase EarlyBird Check-In and add it to their reservations.

●  The policy rules allow passengers to check and manage their flight credits and use them for future purchases. 

●  Passengers are allowed to change flight date, time and destination up to 10 minutes before scheduled departure. 

●  Passengers can make flight changes even after check-in, provided such changes are done at least 10 minutes before scheduled departure.

●  The policy rules allow passengers to change reservations for minors online. 

How do I Manage/Modify my Ticket Booking on Southwest?

The Southwest Policy for Manage Booking allows you to self-manage your Southwest flight ticket booking online from anywhere. You can view, add and change almost everything related to your flight booking through the Southwest official website or the mobile app. The first thing you have to do is to get into your reservation. The steps to getting inside your reservation details have already been discussed earlier in this blog. Once you log in to your “Retrieve Air Reservation Page” and your trip details are retrieved, you’ll get access to all the tools to manage or modify most things related to your flight booking. 

How do you Modify Flights booked through Southwest Airlines Travel Agents?

You can modify your Southwest Airlines flight booking through travel agents if you purchase your ticket from them. The Southwest Manage Booking Policy also allows you to modify the booking online through the official website, but only on the day of the scheduled departure. Alternatively, you can also modify your booking through a Southwest Airlines Customer Service representative by dialling +1-800-315-2771, the toll-free phone number given earlier.

Southwest Name Change Correction Situations

Southwest Airlines divides name changes/corrections into two categories discussed below.

●  Simple Name Correction: All typing errors and spelling mistakes made by passengers in their first and middle names on flight bookings are treated as simple name corrections. The Southwest Manage Booking Policy allows passengers to make simple name corrections by themselves through the official website or the Southwest mobile app. 

●  Name Change: Southwest Airlines allows name change but not passenger change. It allows passengers to change their last names due to a change in legal status or life events such as a marriage, divorce, adoption or a Government title or honour. 

southwest Airlines

southwest Airlines

How Can I Manage my First and last name on Southwest?

You can easily modify your first name online from your desktop through the official Southwest website or from your mobile through the mobile app. Both the processes are discussed below. Please note that Southwest Airlines doesn’t allow a change of first name. You can only correct a typo or a spelling mistake in your first name online. 

Through the Website

●  Open the official Southwest website on your browser. 

●  On the home page, click on “Flight” on the header menu bar. 

●  In the dropdown, click on “Manage Reservations”, which is the 2nd menu option under the “Flight” column. 

●  Enter your booking credentials in the required fields and click on the “Search” button.

●  Once you get into your flight reservation section and your trip details are retrieved, check your booking name. 

●  If you are eligible, as per the rules of the Southwest Manage Booking Policy, to modify your name online, an “Edit Name” option will appear right beside your name. 

●  Click on “Edit Name” and make corrections to your first name. 

●  You’ll be notified of the change in name via email.

Through the Mobile App

●  Download the Southwest mobile app on your phone. 

●  On the top left of your mobile screen, there is a hamburger icon. Tap on the icon.

●  Choose “Look Up Reservation” from the options.

●  Enter your credentials, like your booking confirmation number and your first and last names, and click on “Retrieve Reservation.”

●  Once your booking details are retrieved, look out for your name. If it has a sign of the edit pencil beside it, you’re eligible for a name change or correction. If it’s greyed out, you have to contact Customer Relations. 

●  Update the name and continue. You’ll be taken back to the “Manage Reservation” page. 

●  Wait for the email for confirmation.

The processes mentioned above are related to the change or correction of the first name. As far as changing the last name on Southwest is concerned, the Southwest Manage Booking Policy doesn’t allow you to manage it on your own. You need to contact the Customer Relations department for that.

Southwest ticket name correction rules for Rapid Rewards Bookings

As per the Southwest Manage Booking Policy rules, online name changes or corrections aren’t allowed on Rapid Rewards bookings. There are two ways to change or correct your name if you use your Rapid Rewards account information in your booking. They are.

●  You can cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking and get your total refund. Then, you book your flight again with the correct name.

●  You can correct your name or make changes to your last name by contacting the Southwest Customer Relations department at their phone number: +1-800-315-2771. 


Southwest Airlines understands that plans change. The Southwest Manage Booking Policy and its associated guidelines are a reflection of this understanding. The Policy and its rules allow you to self-manage most things you’ll require for your air travel. The online self-service model is an example of proactive customer orientation and is proof of the airline’s customer-first approach. From flight changes to name corrections and cancellations to refunds and rewards to standby, the Policy allows you to manage everything from your desktop or mobile. Therefore, don’t worry if you need to modify your Southwest Airlines booking because you can change most things quickly without any fee or assistance. 


Ques. I checked in before the name correction. Do I need to check in again?

Ans. Yes, as per the rules of the Southwest Manage Booking Policy, you have to check in again after your name correction even though you checked in earlier.

Ques. I don’t find any Edit option in my Manage Reservations section. How do I correct my name?

Ans. If you don’t find the Edit option, it means that you are not eligible for online name correction. Call the Southwest Customer Relations department on their helpline number and get your name changed or corrected.

Ques. How do I change my name on my Southwest Rapid Rewards account?

Ans. All name change requests must be submitted in writing and sent by mail to the below-mentioned address: 

Customer Relations/Rapid Rewards Department 

P.O. Box 36647, 

Dallas TX, 75235. Written name change requests can also be sent by fax to the number 877-506-0154. Alternatively, such requests can be uploaded through Southwest’s official website.

Ques. What is the flight change fee for Southwest Airlines?

Ans. Southwest Airlines doesn’t charge any fee for flight changes or cancellations. So, you can change or cancel your flight free of cost. 

Ques. How do I change my Southwest flight?

Ans. Changing your Southwest flight online is easy. You can do it via the official website or the mobile app. First, you have to log in to your “Manage Reservations” section and make changes to your flight date and time when your trip details are retrieved. 

Ques. Can I make flight changes after I have checked in?

Ans. Yes, you can. The Southwest Manage Booking Policy allows you to change your flight online up to 10 minutes before scheduled departure even though you have checked in. But you have to recheck after the flight change if your new flight is scheduled 24 hours after the original departure. 

Ques. How many times can I change my flight booking online?

Ans. The Southwest Manage Booking Policy doesn’t mention any limit for online flight change. You can change your flight as many times as you want, provided you pay the fare difference each time. 

Ques. I have my lap child in my Southwest flight booking. Can I change my flight online?

Ans. No. You can’t. The policy rules don’t allow you to change your flight online if your booking includes a lap child. You have to call Southwest Airlines at +1-800-435-9792 and make a name change request.

Ques. Can I make a confirmed same-day flight change online?

Ans. Yes, you can do so through the website or the mobile app. You have to go into Manage Reservations, retrieve your booking details, and access your itinerary. Select a new flight. You’ll be notified if there is an open seat on your selected flight. You’ll receive an email confirmation for the flight change.

Ques. What is the time limit for choosing a same-day standby?

Ans. You can list for a same-day standby online up to 30 minutes before scheduled departure.