Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy

Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy

Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy

Traveling by air involves a lot of formalities. There are several rules to adhere to and plenty of guidelines to follow. To ensure everything goes smoothly on the day of travel, you have to plan your trip wisely and cross-check every detail on your flight ticket as many times as you can. Your primary focus should be on your name on the flight ticket because name mistakes are the most common ticketing errors. A simple typo or a misspelling is potent enough to spoil your entire travel plan. And in the unfortunate event you discover a name mistake on the ticket, a name change or correction is the only option you have. 

Talking about name changes, most airlines have well-defined policies to guide passengers, and here we shall discuss the Volaris name change policy for your understanding. Going through this blog, you will learn about the Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy rules and guidelines, name change fees and deadlines, and many other essential aspects. So, take a look.

Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy: Fees and Deadlines Explained

Volaris, the leading ultra-low-cost airline from Mexico, has a well-defined name change policy to address issues related to name mistakes on flight tickets. The policy permits passengers to correct typing errors and spelling mistakes in names on Volaris tickets to match their photo identification and travel documents. Here’s what you need to know about the Volaris Name Change Policy, the name change fees, and the deadlines.

  1. The policy allows passengers to change names on tickets until one and a half hours before scheduled departure.
  2. Passengers are charged a fee for name changes or corrections. The Volaris Airlines Name Change Fee is $79.99 per ticket per segment for routes to and from Mexico and the US. 
  3. The airline offers a More Flexibility Combo that includes free name changes as part of the package. The combo is available at a price of $31.99-38.99, and it can be purchased during booking.
  4. The name change fee for groups is $50 per passenger per segment.

Changing a Name on a Volaris Airlines Booking: Step-by-Step Guide 

The only way to make name changes and corrections on Volaris bookings is to do it via phone calls. The process can be completed in four simple steps. Here they are. 

  1. Dial the toll-free phone number of Volaris Call Center. The contact number for the US is +1-800-315-2771. 
  2. Talk to the call center executive and request a name change.
  3. Pay the requisite Volaris Airlines name change fee.
  4. The call center agent changes the requested name.

Can I change the name of a Volaris Airlines ticket online?

Unlike other airlines, Volaris doesn’t allow an online name change on tickets. As per the Volaris Airlines name Change Policy, passengers must contact the Volaris Call Center to make name changes and make corrections to the tickets. That’s the only option they have.

Last Minute Name Change on Volaris: Is it Possible?

The Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy allows passengers to make name changes up until 1.30 hours before scheduled departure. The service is not available if the journey has begun and the passenger misses his flight for a particular segment. 

Can I change the name of a Volaris Airlines ticket at the airport?

No, the Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy rules don’t allow you to make name changes or corrections at the airport. There is only one way to make name changes on Volaris bookings, and that is via phone calls to Volaris call centers. So, don’t wait to get your name changed at the airport.

Canceling a Volaris Flight After Name Change: Refund Policy

Volaris Airlines allows passengers to cancel flights online via the My Trips section of the official website. To use this facility, passengers have to log in by entering their reservation codes and last names. However, in the event they change their last names due to marriage or other reasons before attempting to cancel their flights, they have no other option but to contact the Volaris Call Center for flight cancelation. As far as refund is concerned, passengers must request a refund at least seven days before departure for international flights and 24 hours from departure for domestic flights. The refund request can also be made online via My Trips.

Changing Names on Multiple Volaris Tickets in One Booking  

The process of changing names on multiple Volaris tickets in one booking is the same as that for a single ticket. Passengers have to contact the Volaris Call Center for the name changes. However, passengers must keep the following points in mind.

  1. Making name changes on multiple tickets is allowed up to 4 hours before scheduled departure.
  2. All name changes have to be made before check-in.
  3. Passengers must pay corresponding fees for each name change.
  4. Name changes aren’t permitted on return tickets once the journey begins.

Does Volaris Charge a Fee to Change a Child’s Name on a Ticket?

Passengers are not required to buy tickets for children aged two years or less on Volaris flights. However, for older children, passengers need to purchase standard adult tickets as per the rules. Similarly, the name change fee for a child is also the same as for an adult on Volaris.


Volaris is an ultra-low-cost airline that offers flight tickets at dirt-cheap prices. Its ticket prices include basic airfare plus taxes. No wonder the airline charges extra for all other services, such as a name change. The Volaris Name Change Fee is also relatively high as compared to other airlines on routes between the US and Mexico. Additionally, the airline doesn’t offer the convenience and comfort of a name change online from your home or office. As per the Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy, you can change your name on tickets only via phone calls. Despite all these restrictions and inflexibility, Volaris can be your best choice if you need to fly on a budget and are well aware of the Volaris name change rules and guidelines. 


Can I change my name on Volaris for Future Flights?

Volaris Airlines often permits minor name changes or adjustments on plane tickets. This may include correcting typos or changing names to reflect the passenger’s legal identity.

Can I Completely Change the Name on a Volaris Ticket?

If you can back it up with appropriate documents or legal paperwork, and it doesn’t include a change in passengers, then the answer is definitely yes.

Can I change the name on a Volaris ticket after check-in?

Yes, if you’ve previously checked in before, you may alter your name. Provided that it is before the above-specified dates, you will need to phone Volaris and ask an agent to uncheck you for your flight before changing the name.

Can you transfer the Volaris Ticket to someone else?

Tickets purchased on Volaris Airlines are non-transferable and subject to the restrictions and limitations specified at the time of purchase. Thus, “NO” is the succinct response to this. Regarding your Volaris flight reservation, you are unable to transfer a reservation to another person. The best method to contact a Volaris Airlines customer service representative and chat with them is by phone.

Can I change the name of a Volaris Airlines ticket online?

In contrast to most airlines, Volaris prohibits name changes on tickets made online. In accordance with the Volaris Airlines name change policy, travellers who wish to alter their names or make amendments to their tickets must contact the Volaris Call Center. That is their one available choice.