Volaris Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Volaris Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Volaris Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Volaris Airlines provides a flexible seat selection policy; Volaris Airlines Seat Selection Policy allows passengers to select a seat after a booked ticket or at a later time. It will enable passengers to choose and change seats on flights as per their liking. Being a low-cost airline, Volaris doesn’t have Business Class seats on its flights. Instead, the airline offers a variety of seating options to passengers within the main cabin to give them a premium and comfortable feel during journeys. Since seat selection is chargeable in Volaris for regular passengers, the airline sells flexible combos at additional prices that include free Standard Seats. 

All of this comes under the Volaris Airlines Seat Selection Policy, which has been discussed in great detail in this blog. So, read on.

Volaris Airlines Seat Upgrade:

Here’s what you should know about Volaris Airlines Seat Upgrade.

i. Volaris is an ultra-low-cost airline that offers cheap flights for budget travelers within Mexico and to a few destinations in the US. Therefore, the airline doesn’t have business and first-class flights, and you can’t upgrade from economy to a higher class. 

ii. The airline offers stretch seats with extra legroom to passengers, as well as a few additional benefits within the main cabin. Passengers can move from Standard Economy to these seats for a higher price. In a way, you can call this the cheapest upgrade if you wish. 

How Does Seat Selection Work On Volaris Airlines?

It is straightforward to understand the Volaris Airlines Seat Selection Process owing to the fact that the airline is primarily a domestic airline. It has limited seat options and uncomplicated rules. Therefore, to understand how the seat selection policy works in this airline, you have to know the rules and processes described below.

i. Volaris Airlines allows passengers to choose seats during booking or later as per their requirements or liking. 

ii. Passengers are allowed to choose from the same seat types or more comfortable seat options within the economy class main cabin. 

iii. Volaris flights don’t have Business and First Class seats. Therefore, there is no question of upgrading from Economy to a higher class.

iv. The airline charges for all types of seats and doesn’t mention any exceptions to this policy.

v. Volaris offers extra service combos such as More Speed Combo and Business Combo at additional prices, which include a free Standard Seat selection. These combos must be purchased at the time of flight booking.

Tips for a Successful Volaris Airlines Seat Selection and Upgrade

Volaris Airlines doesn’t offer a seat upgrade. It allows you to choose and buy similar or more comfortable seats inside the main cabin. Here’s how to get your favorite seat on a Volaris flight without spending too much money.

i. Always buy seats at the time of booking, especially if you choose Premium, First-off, or More Space seats. Seat prices are the highest at the airports and lowest during booking.

ii. If you want to choose Standard Seats and need to bring in some bags, too, buy a More Speed or Business combo at the time of booking. These combos include accessible Standard seats. 

iii. Always check the eligibility criteria before buying a More Space seat. Don’t buy these seats if you have a pet or a child below 15 years with you. 

iv. Buy seats online through the official website. Seats usually become more expensive when bought through call centers.

v. No need to choose seats if you’re traveling a short distance. Volaris assigns seats for free during check-in. 

How Do I Choose My Seat after Booking a Volaris Flight? 

You can choose your seat after booking a Volaris flight in any of the following ways.

i. Choose your seat online through the My Trips section of the official website, www.volaris.com. You need to log in first to get to the trip details page and then view the seat map to check current seat availability. Once you choose your seat, you need to pay for it and get your confirmation. 

ii. You can choose and buy seats by contacting Volaris by phone. A call center representative will assist you in the seat selection process.

iii. Also, you may wait till you reach the airport to choose your seat. Buy your favorite seat at the airport counter or check-in kiosk. However, your seat options will be limited in this case because other passengers would have booked most seats at this stage.


The Volaris Airlines seat selection is a simple and effective process. It is a straightforward policy explained in a fuss-free manner. The Volaris Online Seat Selection Policy provides flexibility regarding how and when to choose seats. It lets you choose seats both online and offline from the time of booking till the check-in period ends. Though Volaris doesn’t give you accessible seats, it offers you various seat options with added benefits and extra service combos for a sizable deal. 


Ques. How do I select seats on Volaris Airlines? 

Ans. To select seats on Volaris Airlines, do the following:

i. Log in to the My Trips section of your profile on the official Volaris website and confirm seat selection by choosing and paying for seats. 

ii. Contact the Volaris call center and select seats over the phone. 

iii. Check availability and buy seats at the airport ticket counter or check-in kiosk.

Ques. What documents do you need to fly on Volaris?

Ans. The documents you’ll need to pass on Volaris will depend on your nationality, destination, and origin of travel, apart from a few other factors. The list of documents required per category is given below.

Ques. Can I upgrade my seat after booking a Volaris Airlines flight?

Ans. Volaris is an ultra-low-cost carrier that offers cheap flight-only tickets to passengers. It doesn’t have Business and First classes on its flights. It only has economy seats in the main cabin. So, you can’t upgrade your seat from Economy to Business or First Class. 

Ques. Can I select seats on the Volaris Airlines Flight?

Ans. Yes, you can select seats on a Volaris Airlines flight at the time of flight booking or later until the check-in window closes. You can choose seats online through the official website, www.volaris.com, or the mobile app or offline via phone calls. You can also select seats at the airport.

Ques. How much does Volaris charge for Premium Seats Selection? 

Ans. The seat selection fee for Volaris Premium varies between $24.99 and $30, depending on when you buy the seat. 

Ques. What is the Volaris seat selection fee for Standard Seats?

Ans. Volaris charges between $9.99 and $15 for choosing Standard Seats, depending on when and from whom you buy them. If you purchase Standard Seats via the call center, you’ll be charged $13 flat.