Privacy Policy of FLIGHTS VILLA

When you are thinking to browse on this website you must read the privacy policy. In the Privacy Policy of FLIGHTS VILLA, we collect personal data or information of the users for the operations of reservations and promotional goals. The use of “We”, “Us” and “Our” in this website means FLIGHTS VILLA (A Travel Agency). In the Privacy Policy you can Understand How we Collect Your Data and How Use the Data.

Privacy Policy Major Concerns:

  • Flights Villa Collects Your Personal Information Directly
  • We Only Use the Data of Users for the Flights Booking and Solving Enquiry of the passengers
  • We Store and Process the Data of the Users with 100% Privacy Security
  • In the Collected Information we Collect General Communication Data of the users Including Travel Dates, Name of Passengers, Travel Related Stuff, Account, Payment Details, Passport Information and Email Address as well (Only When you registered With Us for Booking Flight)
  • By Providing and Sharing Personal Data for Proceeding Reservations with Us You Are Permitting That You Are Providing Accurate and Current Information to Use
  • By Providing Data You Are Agree to Store Your Data For Future Promotions.

Data We Collect:

  • Your Purchase Data on Flights Villa
  • Your Chats and Support Request Email For Our Services
  • Information of Your Participating in Deals, Surveys and Evaluations on Flights Villa
  • All Request of Users for Information or Material
  • Your All Queries, Comments and Questions
  • Your First Name and Last Name
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Company Name
  • Your Home Address or Billing Address
  • Your City and Town
  • Mobile Number Or Telephone Number of User
  • Passport Information
  • Login Data Including Username, Password and Credit Card Information
  • Your Personal Information


FLIGHTS VILLA is also Using Cooking and these are small snippets of data that our portal sends to your browse for storage. Some of the web pages of our website have the “Cookie” by Which We Gather All Information of Web Pages.

Users can also delete or red the cookies used by us anytime and also set the setting of browse to notify about the cookies. We also gather the information of IP Address of the visitors on our website to collect broad demographic information. But we never collect any personal identifiable information of the user.

Opt Out:

Please Note that FLIGHTS VILLA Never Share the Data and Personal Information and Contact Details of the Users with any other third party for marketing purpose without user consent.

You can also Email Support@Flights For “Unsubscribe” Emails From Our Website.

We Use Data Only For Making Hassle-Free Travel of Visitors:

We use the data of the users only with the permit and without permission we never use the data. The data is only collected for the purpose of making your travel hassle free. Many times, users required the flight changes and cancellations and to provide extreme good quality experience for the changes and cancellation we store the data of the users for giving personalized experience. FLIGHTS VILLA may also send your marketing emails about special offers of our services or booking process related email.

Third Party Websites:

FLIGHTS VILLA is not responsive the data stores and shared by the suppliers providing services to us in order to assist in the services and improving your experience on our portal. Our Suppliers have their own Privacy Policy and we can’t control on their privacy policy. However, we always try to give our best that the data use is complaints with regulations to the best of our knowledge.


Please Note, FLIGHTS VILLA is not responsible or liable for the supplier’s privacy policy. However, we always select good supplier for your personal information.

Please note, FLIGHTS VILLA does not hold responsibility or is not liable for our suppliers’ privacy policies. We carefully select suppliers who process your personal information and require that they fully comply in protecting your personal data.

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