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FLIGHTS VILLA is the global flight tickets booking solution providing company through instant online travel search services. We are engaged in offering travel services to the customers on valuable costs. Our services are available for the clients through the mode of our website, apps or other platforms.

FLIGHTS VILLA is not a travel booking agent and we are also not responsible or liable for controlling the deals, prices applicable to any of the travel options or products which you may find on the website or app or FLIGHTS VILLA. Our all Travel Deals are provided by particular or Independent Travel Agents, Hotels, Airlines, and Tour-Operators.

Read FLIGHTS VILLA Terms & Conditions:

The Terms and conditions of FLIGHTS VILLA validate your access to and use of FLIGHTS VILLA Services and Platform. Before using the FLIGHTS VILLAPlatform you should agree with our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Disclaimer. If you agree with these terms then use the FLIGHTS VILLA Platform otherwise stop you’re browsing right now.

The terms and conditions are the legal agreement between the customers and FLIGHTS VILLA. By using this website or services of the platform you are confirming that you have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer guidelines also. Not all services of FLIGHTS VILLA have the same terms and conditions and some of the services also impose different terms and conditions on customer use of those services.

The terms and conditions on the website may change any time without any intimation. Hence, it is your duty to keep revising the terms and conditions whenever you browse on this website. The responsibility for further knowledge about these Terms is of the customer.

We have the right to change our terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer without any intimation and notification. We also live the updated and changes terms and conditions on the website. Therefore, it is important whenever you use this website you need to take a glance at the terms and conditions again if they revised in any circumstances. Only those people are eligible for the use of the FLIGHTS VILLA Platform and FLIGHTS VILLA Services who accept all terms and conditions.

Payment Issues:

In Case, if your payment is deducted through the online transaction but the booking is not completed due to the technical issues then we are not responsible for any liability or damage. You should contact your bank or the travel service provider through which you are confirming your booking.

You should only use the FLIGHTS VILLA Services and FLIGHTS VILLA Platform only for the Legal or Legitimate Purpose. With the use of this website you are confirming these points given here:

1. You are above 18 years of age

2. You possess the legitimate authority to build a binding legal obligation

3. You are browsing on this website in accordance with the terms of use

4. With the booking of your tickets or another person through this website, you are confirming that you are doing these things only for the legitimate purpose.

5. You will state the information on terms of use that apply to the use of our services and reservations you have made on their behalf.

6. The data and information provided by you on this website are accurate, true, valid and complete.

7. By using your FLIGHTS VILLA Account on this website, app or any other platform it is your responsibility to secure your account information.

8. We are not responsible for any lost data and information with the use of this website.

9. We have also the right to reject the access to anyone to this website and FLIGHTS VILLA Services without any notice or reason.

No Liability and Responsibility of Your Bookings:

FLIGHTS VILLA is the travel deals search engine. We are acting like an interface and not the service provider. Therefore, all liabilities and responsibilities related to your booking are not varying to FLIGHTS VILLA. The Travel Service Provider through which you are making a booking and you are responsible and liable for any future issues and liabilities. FLIGHTS VILLA has not taken any responsibility for the booking of your travel products.

Feedback of Clients:

As we receive too many inquiries, comments and questions from the users but we can’t respond to all comments, reviews, and queries. User privacy is our primary focus and we also take the user's privacy seriously. We protect the data of the users according to the provenience and law. You agree that the personal information provided by you to FLIGHTS VILLA is accurate. The protection of the user’s data has our primary concern. The booking will complete according to the information or data which you’re shed by us. Therefore, in any inaccuracy, we are not responsible.

Role of Intellectual Property:

FLIGHTS VILLA is only for the personal use of the clients. We do not give permission to exchange, update, sell or share the content and material of this website with others including the images, audio, video, text, for any business or commercial objective. FLIGHTS VILLA with the Travel Partner and Business Partners, own complete software, images, trademarks, services marks, content on the website, extra material contained on our website and text also. We do not give permission to any user to copy our data like image, audio, video, content and other information available on the website.

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