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British Airways Unaccompanied minor Policy

British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Policy

British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Policy

British Airways Unaccompanied minor Policy

British Airways Unaccompined Minor Policy

Increased work pressure and demanding job and business schedules have been forcing people to stay away from their families these days. Even couples are living in different cities separately due to work. For most people nowadays, vacations with families are a luxury. But they need not be so for children who need their parent’s or grandparent’s company and love. To help children travel alone and meet their parents and families living in other cities, airlines today have full-fledged policies that deal with British Airways must stay caught up. The legacy carrier has a policy for children travelling alone to ensure that their solo journeys are safe and smooth. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Policy, its rules and guidelines, and the related processes. Read the blog thoroughly if you’re planning to send your child on an unaccompanied flight to your spouse or parents. 

What is the Policy for Unaccompanied Children on British Airways?

British Airways has a separate policy for children travelling on its flights without their parents. The policy is known as the British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Policy, and its terms and conditions are purposefully designed to ensure that solo travel becomes a pleasant experience for the unaccompanied child. Here’s what the policy is all about.

  1. The policy allows children of 14 years and older to travel alone on domestic and international flights on this website:
  2. According to the policy rules, children below the age of 14 can’t travel on a British Airways flight alone. They must be accompanied by an older child who’s at least 16 years of age, or their bookings must be linked to adults travelling on the same flights. 
  3. As per the policy rules, unaccompanied children must be booked for travel like an adult. However, they can’t be booked online like regular flight reservations. Parents need to contact British Airways via phone calls or chat to book tickets for their unaccompanied children.
  4. British Airways doesn’t provide any boarding or de-boarding assistance to unaccompanied child travellers. The airline makes it clear through its unaccompanied minor policy that it can’t take parental responsibility for children travelling alone. Booked children must board their flights and make their way to the departure gates alone without any assistance.
  5. As per the British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Policy rules, parents or guardians aren’t issued any gate passes to go past the security gates. The children had to walk from the security gate to the plane, totally alone. The same rule applies at the time of departure.
  6. Parents are required to fill out and sign a British Airways Consent Form, which the child needs to carry with him throughout his unassisted journey. 
  7. Parents or guardians are required by the policy rules to wait at the terminal until the flights carrying their children depart. 

Can my Child Fly Alone with British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Policy?

Yes, they can. The British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Age rules allow your child to fly alone with British Airways on both domestic and international flights, provided he is at least 14 years of age. If your child’s age is below this specified age limit, he can’t fly alone on a British Airways Cheapest Flight.    

How do I Book a Flight for my Child to Travel Alone on British Airways?

According to the British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Policy rules, you must book your child as an adult to send him alone on a journey with British Airways. However, you can’t book unaccompanied travel for him online in the same way as a regular flight booking. To book unaccompanied travel for your child, you have to contact British Airways via phone or chat. You can get the contact details on the “Contact Us” page.  

What Documents does my Child need to Travel Alone on British Airways?

Your child must carry the following documents with him on a British Airways flight if he is travelling alone, as per the British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Policy rules.

  1. A British Airways Consent Form duly filled up and signed by you or a guardian
  2. Your photo identification that includes your signature, such as your passport or driving license
  3. Travel documents of your child, such as his valid passport and visa and proof of his return travel


Unlike other airlines, British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Policy rules don’t allow small children under ten years old to travel alone without their parents or an older child who is at least 16 years old. It only allows 14 and 15-year-olds to travel alone without anyone accompanying them. The policy is fairly strict and unaccommodating. The airline even goes to the extent of declaring that it can’t accept parental responsibility for the children travelling alone on its planes, meaning it can’t supervise or handhold the children at every stage. Moreover, it only issues gate passes to parents or guardians to accompany their children beyond the security gates. All said and done, book unaccompanied travel for your child on British Airways if you’re okay with these strict terms and conditions.


Ques: What is the minimum age for flying alone on British Airways?

Ans: As per the British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Policy rules, the minimum age to fly alone with British Airways is 14. 

Ques: Does my child need a visa to travel alone on British Airways?

Ans: Yes, your child needs a Visa to travel alone to international destinations on British Airways. Since he is booked like an adult, the travel documents he requires are the same as those of an adult.

Ques: How early does my child need to arrive at the airport for a flight?

Ans: As per EU rules, a passenger must arrive at the airport at least 1 hour before departure for domestic flights and flights within Europe, 90 minutes for mid-haul flights, and 2 hours for a long-haul flight. However, there are additional formalities for a child travelling alone. So, consider arriving at the airport earlier than the time limits specified above. 

Ques: What happens if the flight is delayed and my child arrives late?

Ans: Suppose your child’s flight is significantly delayed, and he arrives late. In that case, you have to assist British Airways in arranging accommodations for him if required as per the rules and personally collect the child at the airport. 

Ques: What happens if my child’s flight is delayed or cancelled?

Ans: The British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Policy clearly states that it will contact you or the guardian who signed his consent form in case his flight is significantly delayed or cancelled due to adverse circumstances. If his flight needs an emergency stopover or his connecting flight is cancelled, you’ll be required to assist British Airways in finding overnight accommodation for the child, as most hotels and transport companies won’t accept unaccompanied minors as guests. 

Ques: Does British Airways have a policy for children with medical conditions?

Ans: British Airways doesn’t prescribe and offer medications to unaccompanied children with medical conditions. The airline advises parents to make sure that their children carry all required medications and doctor’s certificates with them during travel. Also, the British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Policy requires parents to be always available on call and to give children devices for emergency communication. 

United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

When it comes to organizing aircraft routes, travel schedules, travel permits, and customs lines, there may be a combination of excitement and anxiety associated with travel planning. It might get more complicated to handle all of this on behalf of your underage children, particularly if they are travelling alone. It is challenging for kids travelling alone, either domestically or abroad, to comply with the necessary formalities and paperwork. You can make sure that your minor child’s entire flying experience is secure and hassle-free by doing your homework in advance and obtaining the United Airlines Minor Policy.

Procedure & Requirements for Unaccompanied Minor in United Airlines

Sometimes, your little child has to go somewhere by themselves without an adult family member or trusted friend to accompany them. Parents and kids alike are understandably concerned about such events. However, you may relax knowing that your child will be in good hands and have an enjoyable journey according to United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

When making a reservation for your child to fly alone on United Airlines, make sure you are aware of the following conditions:

• Children aged 5 to 14 who are travelling alone or with an adult under the age of eighteen must use United Airlines’ unaccompanied minor service.

• Only nonstop flights on United or United Express, such as those from New York to Delhi or domestically within the United States, are available for booking on behalf of your kid.    

• You or another adult who is at least eighteen years old must travel with your kid if they are under five years old and are not eligible for this service.

• Without utilizing this service, your children who are between the ages of 15 and 17 can travel alone. However, it is available for usage if you would like to reserve the minor policy for them.

Unique luggage tags, an envelope containing their unaccompanied minor paperwork, and a bracelet are given to the young fliers. Also, they get free snacks after take-off and early boarding to settle in.

If permitted by the airport, the dropping-off parent or guardian may go with the youngster to the gate. If gate passes are available, the parent or guardian who is picking up the child can wait by the arrival gate. The youngster will be met by a United agent at the plane and taken to the authorized pick-up person.

What documents are required for kids on United Airlines?

 Some of the documents that are required for minors to travel with United Airlines: 

• official identification document, such as a passport, for the kid.

• Valid passport for your child in the event that they are travelling abroad.

• Fill out and sign the Unaccompanied Minor Form. 

• The individual responsible for collecting the child at the destination, including their name, address, and phone number.

• The parent or guardian must provide valid photo identification (a passport, license, or other identity document) to verify the person picking up the child’s identity.

United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Travel Policy Fee

United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Charges are based on child pairs rather than individual children. For both domestic and international flights, United charges the following fees for kids travelling alone:

• For one or two unaccompanied minors: $150 each trip

• For three to four unaccompanied minors: $300 for each trip

• For five to six unaccompanied minors: $450 for each trip

It would be double if the unaccompanied minor(s) had round-trip tickets. Therefore, rather than paying $150 for a one-way itinerary, two minors flying on a round-trip itinerary will spend a total of $300.


When it comes to kids travelling alone, there is a good deal of data to sort through and consider. Being prepared is essential for a stress-free, easy journey. Before purchasing airline tickets, it’s a good idea to find out what your child’s particular wants or preferences would be. To ensure that neither you nor your kid encounter any surprises at the airport, airline service staff can assist you with any queries you may have regarding your child’s travel. 

You can help your child avoid travel problems and ensure that they don’t have any difficulties because of ill-preparedness by adhering to the United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy and having the necessary paperwork in place ahead of time, such as an unaccompanied minor form, ID proofs, and contact information.


Ques: What is the minimum age for a flight ticket alone?

Ans: According to United Airlines’ rules, a child must be between the ages of five and fourteen to qualify as an unaccompanied minor and be allowed to travel on nonstop United flights. If your child is less than five years old, they can only travel with others.

Ques: What are the fees associated with the Unaccompanied Minor Service?

Ans: Up to two minors are subject to the USD 150 per trip, which is an unaccompanied minor cost at United Airlines. This fee varies if the number of minors increases, i.e., $450 for each trip for 5 to 6 minors.

Ques: Where do I check in my child for their Unaccompanied Minor flight?

Ans: It would help if you escorted your minor to the security checkpoint and then to the gate, where you can inform the United Airlines person at the desk about your unaccompanied minor who is travelling alone.

Ques: How early should I arrive at the airport with my child for their Unaccompanied Minor flight?

Ans: United Airlines suggests you arrive at least 30 minutes before the airport in comparison to the average reporting time to avoid last-minute hurdles. In case of picking up your unaccompanied minor, you should reach the airport in at least 45-60 minutes so you have time to get through security and collect your escort pass.

Ques: Can unaccompanied minors fly on international flights on United Airlines?

Ans: Yes, if the trip is nonstop, unaccompanied minors are permitted to travel internationally.