British Airways Name Change Fee & Policy

British Airways Name Change Fee & Policy

British Airways Name Change Fee & Policy

A British Airways (BA) flight ticket’s name change procedure might be complex and governed by the carrier’s rules and regulations. Ordinarily, airline laws prohibit changing the name on a British Airways travel ticket. Nonetheless, there are certain situations where little adjustments or modifications can be made. To ensure that the procedure goes well, it is essential to comprehend the terms and restrictions related to name changes.

According to British Airways Name Change Policy, name changes on tickets are often allowed for a fee that varies depending on the ticket type and the route. At the airline’s discretion, name changes are permitted in the event of an error, a legally required name change, or certain other situations. It can be necessary for passengers to provide supporting documentation, like a marriage certificate or passport, to have their names corrected. This rule, however, could vary depending on the type of transaction, the location, or exceptional circumstances.

What are the rules of British Airways’ name change policy?

In exceptional and unexpected circumstances, British Airways will consider requests for name correction. The following are the policy guidelines for the British Airways Name Change:

• If your flight segment is reserved using executive club travel points, you cannot request a name correction or any other adjustments on a British Airways aircraft.

• Every now and then, the traveler may discover that changing the name on their ticket is impossible. You may thus need to buy a new ticket in this situation.

• Airlines may allow misspelled name changes for same-day flights under certain conditions and at their discretion.

•To update your name, you are advised to contact the travel agent you used to make the trip arrangements in compliance with British Airways’ name change policy.

•Direct name changes are also possible if you buy your tickets from the airline alone.

•Depending on the airport, mode of payment, discounted pricing, extra services, etc., that the passengers select, the change name facility may vary.

•If the airline asks, passengers might have to purchase a new ticket at the same pricing level or in the next available class or cabin.

Documents Required for British Airways Name Change

The airline will appropriately verify each and every request for name adjustment. Passengers must compile documentation and submit it to the airline using their official mail ID. To change the name on a ticket, British Airways requires the following essential documents:

• The name correction application you have submitted.

• New identification documents along with the name change.

• A few instances of legal papers include marriage licenses and court verdicts. 

• Additional supporting paperwork, as necessary.

Cost to Change a Name on a British Airways Ticket

Navigating the British Airways Name Change process requires a balance of adaptability and thoughtfulness. The airline will kindly waive fees for name modifications, such as typos or post-marriage alterations. But if taxes, fees, or surcharges increase after the fact, there can be a further British Airways Name Change Fee. Name changes brought about by significant life events, such as marriage or divorce, require documentary support.

A name correction request made within 24 hours of the purchase date will only be accepted with a 150 USD BA name change fee. When a traveler requests a legal correction of their first name, title, middle name, last name, or any combination, British Airways must have a legal document to fulfill their request. A fresh PNR should be made in such instances, and the flight ticket should be reissued using the same or better available service. Please note that there may be a fare difference. 

After 24 hours, there would be a USD 250 name change cost for British Airways, and requests for name corrections involving only the first, middle, or final three characters would be considered. The three characters represent the aggregate total and are not to be interpreted as the first, middle, and last names.


A British Airways flight ticket’s name may only be changed for minor spelling problems. Check out British Airways Name Change Policy or carefully study your ticket information before making your reservation to prevent any problems. Should you run into a problem, contact British Airways customer assistance immediately and be ready to offer any necessary proof.


Ques: How Can I Update My Name on British Airways Tickets After Marriage?

Ans: You must present supporting documentation, such as a marriage certificate, court order, or other legal paperwork, to have your name updated on a British Airways ticket after getting married.

Ques: Can I Completely Change the Passenger Name on a BA Ticket?

Ans: No, British Airways does not permit passengers to change their complete name on flight tickets. The BA name-change policy allows only a few minor mistakes, misspelled names, or name-change marriages.

Ques: Can you modify the name of an already booked flight?

Ans: Yes, you can modify the name on your booked ticket. You need to provide legal documents to support your request. 

Ques: Can I transfer a British Airways ticket to another person?

Ans: Generally, tickets purchased on British Airways are non-transferable, which means they cannot be given to another individual. The name on the ticket and the identity used to board the aircraft must match.

Ques: How Much Does Changing a Name on a British Airways Ticket Cost?

Ans: British Airways allows free name changes, but only under specific circumstances. If you do not qualify for any of those benefits, you may be required to pay around £50.00 for each change. In North America, changing a phone’s name costs $60.