How to Change Name on Delta Flight Ticket?

How to Change Name on Delta Flight Ticket?

How to Change Name on Delta Flight Ticket?

Dealing with name change requests is a non-stop process for every airline. Since most flight tickets are booked through third parties, spelling mistakes in names and typing errors are pretty common occurrences. Then there are technical errors, name mismatches, and legal name changes that significantly contribute to the submission of more name change requests. Managing such a high volume of name change and correction requests requires a concrete policy, and major airlines like Delta don’t want to leave anything to luck. 

The Delta Airline Name Correction Policy is well thought out and it deals with all types of name mistakes and name change scenarios. The policy includes rules and guidelines for name correction for domestic and international tickets. It also issues special instructions for policy exclusions. In this blog, we discuss all of these and more to give you an idea about what to do if you make a name mistake on your Delta flight ticket. So, read on.

How to Modify Your Name on a Delta Flight Ticket?

Delta Airlines clearly mentions the types of minor name corrections it allows in its name correction policy. You can make name correction requests online if your name mistake on the flight ticket matches the types specified in the policy. Your name on the Delta Flight Ticket will be modified upon submission of an online name correction request if it fulfills the terms and conditions of the Delta Name Correction Policy. On the other hand, if your name mistake doesn’t match the types of name corrections allowed and meet the terms and conditions, the only way you can modify your name is by contacting Delta Reservations for assistance. However, if you’ve purchased your Delta flight ticket from a third-party travel agency, then you have to contact them to modify your name on the ticket.

How Do You Change Your Name on a Delta Flight Reservation After Marriage?

Delta Airlines Marriage Name Change doesn’t fall in the category of minor name corrections mentioned in the Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy. And as per the rules, you have to contact Delta Reservations for any name change that is not defined by the policy and its terms. So, all you have to do is request a marriage name change from a Delta representative by contacting Delta via phone calls, live chat, or through its social media handles, and provide supporting legal documents to validate the name change on your photo identity proofs.  

Can I Correct a Spelling Mistake on My Delta Flight Ticket Name?

Yes, you can. The Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy allows you to correct spelling mistakes in your name on your Delta flight ticket by sending a name correction request online through the official website and the Delta mobile app. If the spelling mistake doesn’t match the types of name corrections allowed under the name correction policy, you have to contact Delta Airlines Reservations via phone calls, live chat, or other means and submit your request.

What documents do I need to change to correct a minor name mistake on a Delta ticket?

You don’t need any additional documents to make minor name corrections on your Delta ticket, as per the Delta Name Correction Policy rules. All you need to do is make sure that your name on the ticket is exactly as it appears on your government-issued ID proofs. 

How Do I Update My SkyMiles Name After a Minor Legal Name Change?

Suppose your name has legally changed, and your new name reflects on your new government-issued photo identifications. In that case, you have to log in to the profile section of your SkyMiles account through the official Website or the mobile app and submit the name change request to update your name. You’ll also need to upload supporting legal documents and copies of your old and new photo identity proofs so that the SkyMiles team can verify those documents and validate the name change. 

Contacting Delta Customer Service for Help with a Name Change

Contacting Delta Airlines Customer Service regarding a name change is easy and convenient. There are many ways to do that. Out of these, the most trusted and conventional method is contacting them via phone at their toll-free helpline number, +1-800-315-2771 (OTA). The best method of contacting Delta Customer Service for a name change is to start a live chat through the Website or the Delta app. Delta offers both virtual and real chat assistance to help passengers quickly with matters related to a name change or correction. Passengers can also text Delta requesting a name change or correction by clicking on the “Message Us” button on the Website and the app.

Similarly, SkyMiles members can dial +1-800-323-2323 to contact Delta Customer Service for a name change. However, passengers who are fans of social media can use the various social media handles of the airline to contact Delta Customer Service for a quick name change. Comments and messages on social media platforms such as X handles and WhatsApp usually attract the fastest response of all other methods these days. 


Delta is a premier airline that excels in the use of modern technology and customer service. Delta’s signature customer service is not only exceptional, but it also has a separate fan base. And you can experience this whenever you need help with name changes and corrections. Though the Delta Airlines Name Change Policy allows you to request a name change or correction online through My Trips, the best way to get it done is still via phone calls, live chat, and social media comments. And Delta never fails to impress with its adept handling of such requests.

Moreover, the fact that Delta has removed all kinds of change fees on most routes and for most fares further adds to its credibility. With the Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy, you can not only make minor name corrections easily but also change your last name after marriage without any hassle and, in most cases, without any fee. So, the next time you decide to fly with Delta, do so without any worry of losing money over a name change or correction. 


Ques. How do I change the name on a Delta ticket over the phone?

Ans. To change your name on the Delta flight ticket over the phone, you have to dial the Delta toll-free customer service phone number, which is +1-800-221-1212 or +1-800-315-2771 (OTA), and request a name change from a Delta Airlines representative. Also, you need to provide him with legal documents as proof of the name change. 

Ques. What Fees Might Apply When Changing a Name on a Delta Ticket?

Ans. Delta has eliminated all kinds of change fees on most routes and for most of the fare classes. This applies to name changes as well. However, depending on the complexity of the name change, you may be charged a fee. Though the official Delta website doesn’t clearly mention it anywhere, a name change fee of $75 to $200 may apply. But again, if you cancel your Delta reservation and rebook within 24 hours of booking, you can escape the name change fee anyway. 

Ques. How to Avoid Needing a Name Change on Your Delta Flight?

Ans. The best way to avoid the hassle of a name change on your Delta flight ticket is to cross-check all the personal information as soon as you receive the e-ticket in your inbox or get the hard copy ticket in your hands and cancel the ticket immediately after you notice a name mistake. Delta Airlines has a 24-hour booking cancellation policy. So, you can cancel your ticket without any fee within 24 hours of booking and book a new ticket with the correct name. This way, you can also avoid paying the name change fee.  

Ques. What documentation is needed for a name change on a Delta flight ticket?

Ans. Like other airlines, Delta offers complete last name changes on the grounds of marriage, divorce, or adoption. For such legal name changes, passengers are required to submit copies of their supporting legal documents, such as marriage certificates, divorce decrees, court orders, or adoption papers, as per their applicability and the old and new government photo IDs. 

Ques. How Much Does It Cost to Change a Name on a Delta Ticket?

Ans. There is no charge for changing the name on a Delta Ticket within 24 Hours of booking, as Delta’s 24-hour booking cancellation policy allows you to cancel your flight and rebook without any fee easily. So, you can use this policy to your advantage if you notice a name mistake on your flight ticket. Beyond 24 hours, however, the cost of a name change could vary between $0 and $200, depending on the fare class and route. 

Ques. Can I change the name on a Delta Basic Economy ticket?

Ans. By rule, Delta Basic Economy tickets are unchangeable, meaning that you can’t make changes to these tickets, whatever the reason may be, at least within the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. This applies to name changes as well. So, if you’ve made a name mistake on your Basic Economy ticket and you need a name change, it’s better to cancel the reservation and rebook with the correct name within 24 hours of the original booking.