Delta Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Delta Unaccompanied Minor Policy | Fee |  Minor Policy Rules

Delta Unaccompanied Minor Policy

The Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy: enables children up to the age of 14 years to travel alone. This Delta unaccompanied policy maintains the security of your children of this age group. They will remain under the supervision of Delta Airlines throughout their journey. A person will be picking them up after their arrival.

Although you are sending them alone, you must accompany your child until his flight takes off. The Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor policy has made it mandatory for you to be with him during the entire process before the departure. Let’s understand how this Delta Unaccompanied Minor Policy cares for them while traveling without you.

Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy Rules 

Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy: lays down rules in the interest of your unaccompanied minor children. It will take care of them according to its laws. You should explain these rules to your children well before their journey. 

You can contact Delta Airlines at the numbers on the website for any questions regarding these rules.

● Verify your child’s eligibility by contacting Delta Airlines Reservations at 800-315-2771. It will inform you whether he can travel or not.

● Prepare a small bag with snacks, games, and books for your child. Besides this bag, you can also prepare a checked suitcase for more oversized items. His ID card and contact information should be attached to his bag

● Meet a Delta customer service agent when you arrive at the airport. He will provide you details regarding drop-off and pickup for unaccompanied minor travel

● You have to accompany your minor child until his flight takes off. His travel ID and all details must be presented for his check-in

● Delta Airlines will provide your child with a trackable wristband that can be used to assist him whenever he needs

Delta Unaccompanied Minor Documents Checking

Delta Airlines will check all your child’s documents. These documents must be packed with your child for his journey. You have to present these documents before its personnel whenever required. These are:

● Valid ID proof

● Contact Number

● Address

● Name, address, and mobile number of the person receiving your child at the airport

Pickup Of The Unaccompanied Minor Details

Delta Airlines mentions rules for the person picking up your child. It recommends appointing a trusted person to pick up your child after his arrival. He should follow these rules:

● Delta Airlines will issue a gate pass for the pickup person

● The pickup person should reach the airport at least 2 hours before the arrival time

● You should inform Delta Airlines at (800) 315-2771 if the other person replaces the pickup person

● If another person reaches the airport to receive your child instead of the one appointed initially, then a Delta representative will contact you to verify the identity of this person

What Will be the Fee For Delta Unaccompanied Minor Booking?

Delta Airlines will apply an unaccompanied minor fee of $150 on nonstop and connecting flights. This fee will be in addition to the flight ticket purchased. Parents of their minor children must pay for each of their four children. It will be applied to each one-way and return flight.


Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy: Ensure your child’s safety during his journey without his guardian. Because of this policy, you can be assured that you can send your child under 14 years alone to his destination. You can send up to 4 children together. These children can travel on both the nonstop and connecting flights of Delta Airlines. They can travel internationally as well.

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