Lufthansa Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Lufthansa Airlines Unaccompanied Minor PolicyLufthansa Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Lufthansa Airlines is well-trusted for its exceptional care of children. It takes complete care of children traveling alone on the flight. Lufthansa ensures that your children land safely at their destination under its unaccompanied minor policy. The Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minor Policy takes care of your children with great sensitivity.

It looks after your child before, during, and after the journey on their flights. Through this policy, Lufthansa ensures that children and their relatives feel in good hands before take-off, during and after their trip.

You can trust this policy if you plan to send your children alone on Lufthansa. Ensure that you know about Lufthansa’s unaccompanied minor policy in detail.

What is Lufthansa Airlines Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) Policy?

Lufthansa Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy takes care of your child during his journey. This policy allows parents to send their children alone to their desired destination. It guarantees their safe arrival at their destination. Children will remain comfortable on Lufthansa Airlines. They will enjoy their favorite meals and be guarded well. Features of this policy are:

● Children aged between 5 and 11 are considered as unaccompanied minor

● Children between the ages of children 5 and 11 can enjoy Lufthansa care service if they are traveling with someone who is at least 12 years old

● Lufthansa care service also applies to children between the ages of 12 and 17 who are traveling unaccompanied

● Children will get complete assistance, primarily if unforeseen circumstances result in a delayed or canceled flight.

● After the arrival, a Lufthansa staff member will drop your child off with the person responsible for collecting him. Lufthansa advises that your child be collected immediately after leaving the airport.

● Regulations for your unaccompanied minor vary according to your region. You may check regulations on the website or the mobile app of Lufthansa Airlines.

Critical Points While Booking Lufthansa Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Flight

Lufthansa Airlines must be informed about your child traveling alone as soon as you book his flight. It provides a practical checklist of documents that should be carried with your child:

Documents to be submitted for your unaccompanied child on Lufthansa:

● Passport or identity card of your child

● Visa in case of traveling to an international destination

● Travel insurance certificate

● Information on allergies that your child may have

● Receipt of payment made to avail of Lufthansa care service

● Declaration from you or any guardian that your child is traveling alone

Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minor Fee

You have to pay fees for Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minor Policy Booking Care service. Its charges apply per person and route. The fee structure of this service is as follows:

●  Domestic flights and those within Africa: USD 95

●  Flights within Europe: USD 95

●  North Africa and Levant: USD 105

●  Middle East, Central Africa, and Arab region: USD 130

●  Medium-haul intercontinental flight: USD 140

●  Long-haul intercontinental flight: USD 170

Booking A Flight For Lufthansa Airlines Unaccompanied Minor

The booking process for an unaccompanied minor on Lufthansa Airlines differs from regular bookings. It must be done offline. Check-in should be done at the airport for unaccompanied minor Lufthansa ticket booking. Tickets for your Lufthansa Minor Children should be booked through Lufthansa customer care service. You can even book them through a travel agency. The contact numbers of Lufthansa Airlines are:

Germany: +49 (0) 69 86 799 799

Canada: +1 833 9512503

China:+86 4008 868 868

France:+33 170 48 91 70

Israel: 03-9058049

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. Does Lufthansa allow minors to fly alone?

Ans. You can send your children to their desired destination alone on Lufthansa Airlines. Their age should be from 5 to 17. Lufthansa Airlines enables children between the ages of 5 and 11 to fly unaccompanied if they are traveling with someone at least 12 years old.

Ques. How much is the unaccompanied minor fee on Lufthansa?

Ans. Unaccompanied minor fees on Lufthansa Airlines differ according to routes. These fees apply to each passenger. You can check prices on Lufthansa Airlines’ website.

Ques. What is a Lufthansa child meal?

Ans. Lufthansa offers child-friendly meals while being onboard. Children traveling with Lufthansa Airlines can enjoy meals such as ‘rice pudding mouse’ and ‘dragon feet.’