Delta Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Delta Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Delta Airlines Missed Flight Policy

A missed flight is the least-desired event for a traveller due to many reasons. First, the airline forfeits the entire booking amount soon after the scheduled flight departs without the passenger on board. Second, all the remaining trips in the itinerary, including round trips, are cancelled. So, a missed flight means severe monetary losses for the passengers. Though the rules don’t differ much, how the missed flight situations are handled varies from airline to airline. Therefore, it’s essential to know the relevant clauses of the missed flight policy of the airline you’re flying with. 

If you’re flying with Delta, then this blog might help because here we’ll discuss various aspects of the Delta Airlines Missed Flight Policy in analytical detail. So, read on for a thorough understanding.

Can I get rebooked on another flight if I miss my Delta flight?

As per the rules of the Delta Airlines Missed Flight Policy, if you miss your Delta flight due to Delta’s fault, such as a delay in arrival of the previous flight, you’ll be rebooked on the next available flight without any additional charges. However, if you miss your Delta flight due to your fault, your chances of getting rebooked on another flight will solely depend on Delta’s discretion. The best thing to do under such circumstances will be to contact a Delta representative at the airport immediately and report the matter. 

How do I request a refund for a missed Delta flight?

Suppose you’ve missed your Delta flight due to a significant delay of the previous flight or an involuntary flight cancellation, and you wish to get a refund of your booking amount to your original mode of payment. In that case, you have to fill out and submit the Travel Disruption Refund Request Form. Suppose Delta Airlines has already rebooked you on the next available flight, and you’re not satisfied with the arrangement. In that case, you can request a refund online via the My Trips section on the official website as per the standard process. Please note that if you have a non-refundable ticket, you’ll not be eligible to request a refund for a missed flight if your previous flight has not been significantly delayed or cancelled by Delta. That means if you’ve missed your Delta flight due to your fault and you have a non-refundable ticket, you’re not allowed to request a refund as per the Delta Airlines Missed Flight Policy rules.

What documents do I need if I contact Delta about a missed flight?

You don’t need to submit any documents if you contact Delta about a missed flight. The Delta Airlines Missed Flight Policy doesn’t mention anywhere about any document you’ll be required to submit. The only information you’ll need to provide Delta officials is your booking confirmation code or your ticket number.   

Can I still use my checked baggage if I miss my Delta flight?

If you miss your Delta flight, chances are you’ll get rebooked or you’ll reschedule your flight. If any of these happens, you have the right to request a refund for the checked baggage fee you already paid for your original Delta ticket. Though it is not explicitly written anywhere on Delta Airlines official website, it has been confirmed via Delta Airlines’ official resources. However, the refund process for your checked baggage is not automatic. You have to request it manually, and Delta will take the time to process it. And as far as checking bags for your new ticket is concerned, you can buy a new checked bag.

How can I contact Delta about a missed flight?

If you are already at the airport and you realize that you’ve missed your flight, then the best way to contact Delta is to talk to a Delta representative at the airport directly. Remember that a missed flight must be reported immediately to avoid complete forfeiture of the booking amount. On the other hand, if you have yet to reach the airport but can already anticipate a missed flight, the best thing to do under the circumstances is to contact Delta via its toll-free helpline number. 


People miss their flights all the time. Sometimes, due to an underestimation of a city’s traffic situation, and on other occasions, due to a significant flight delay or cancellation by the airline. Then, there are situations like medical emergencies and unavoidable personal circumstances that can’t be ruled out. While missed flight situations or no-shows can’t be stopped entirely, a slightly lenient approach in dealing with such conditions on the part of the airlines can go a long way. Thankfully, passengers flying with Delta Airlines do not need to worry because Delta offers greater flexibility in managing a missed flight situation than most other major airlines in the US. The Delta Airlines Missed Flight Policy gives passengers the option to reschedule their flights online and contact Delta immediately via phone calls if they feel that they are going to miss their flights or have missed already. The fact that Delta doesn’t charge any change or rebooking fee further helps the passengers’ cause. With such flexibility and a sensible approach, passengers can rest assured that their booking money won’t be forfeited if they act on time.  


Ques. What if I miss my flight due to an emergency?

Ans. If you miss your Delta flight due to any reason other than Delta’s fault, the outcome totally depends on Delta’s discretion. You may or may not be rebooked or given a chance to reschedule your flight. Therefore, it’s advisable to contact Delta immediately and inform them about the missed flight so that they can take appropriate steps based on the circumstances.

Ques. What happens if I miss my flight because of a flight cancellation or delay by Delta?

Ans. Suppose you miss your connecting flight due to a flight cancellation or a significant delay by Delta. In that case, you are immediately rebooked on the next available flight no later than 24 hours from the original flight’s departure time. If Delta fails to do that, or if the rebooking done by Delta doesn’t satisfy you, then you have the option to cancel the booking and ask for a refund. 

Ques. How can I avoid missing my Delta flight?

Ans. The best way to avoid missing your Delta flight is to arrive at the airport early so that you have enough time to complete all check-in formalities. Also, if you have connecting flights, always make sure that there’s enough of a gap between your original flight’s arrival and the next flight’s departure time so that minor delays most negligible impact you. Never be optimistic enough to book back-to-back connecting flights, even if you have a tight schedule. Remember, flight delays are more common than you can imagine. 

Ques. Does Delta offer any compensation for missing a flight?

Ans. That’s right. Delta offers compensation for missing a flight if the original flight is cancelled or significantly delayed in arrival for reasons within its control, or in other words, due to controllable irregularities such as mechanical faults, employee unrest, etc. Government regulations decide the compensation slabs, while the airline chooses the exact amount you’re eligible to get.