Aeromexico Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Policy

Aeromexico Airlines Flight Delay Compensation PolicyAeromexico Delay Flight Compensation Policy

Aeromexico Delay Flight Compensation Policy prevents you from any challenge caused due to your flight delay. It protects you from this mishap while complying with the law of the European Union, known as EC 261.

The policy of Aeromexico Delay Flight Compensation Policy is framed according to this law of the EU.

Through this policy, Aeromexico covers up for your losses even after delaying or canceling your flight. Some unavoidable events force Aeromexico to delay your flight even though it tries its best to avoid this delay.  

On this basis, it can refund your entire amount, too. Let’s understand how this Aeromexico Delay Flight Compensation Policy works.

Is There Compensation For Delayed Aeromexico Flights?

Aeromexico Airlines provides compensation for flight delays according to the rules of EC 261. This law rules that Aeromexico will be liable to compensate following the reasons within its control. For valid reasons, Aeromexico will compensate in the following ways:

Compensation for 2+ hours of delay:

● Free meals and beverages

● Free communication via 2 phone calls, SMS, and text

Compensation for 3+ hours of delay:

● Flights within the distance of 1500 km: EUR 250 per person

● Domestic flights more than 1500 km: EUR 400 per person

● international flights between 1500 km and 3000 km: EUR 400 per person

● international flights flying for more than 3,500 km: €600 per person

Compensation for 5+ hours

● Free refreshments

● Medical Assistance

● 2 free phone calls, email, and SMS for communication

● Rebooking of an alternative flight

● Hotel accommodation because of overnight delays

● Refund of the entire booking amount

Compensation for Aeromexico flight cancellation

● Aeromexico will refund your money

● Book an alternative flight

● You can also rebook another flight of your choice for free

What Causes Aeromexico Flight Delays?

Aeromexico cancels or delays your flight due to various reasons. Aeromexico Flight Delay should have controlled these reasons. It will compensate for flight delays caused due to reasons within its control.

Following is the list of valid and invalid reasons for Aeromexico to cancel or delay your flight. Valid reasons are the ones that Aeromexico could have controlled. At the same time, invalid reasons are the ones that are beyond its control. 

Reasons outside the control of AeroMexico:

● Bad weather, such as thunderstorms or cyclones

● Terror activities

● Hostilities between nations

● Hijack threats

● Strikes

● Any labor-related dispute that causes disruptions in services

● Sudden orders of government

Reasons within the control of AeroMexico Airlines       

● Change in schedule

● Reshuffling of staff

● Technical glitches in the flight

● Shortage of labour

● The airline overbooked your flight

● Increase in flight numbers and their mismanagement

How Can I Check The Status Of My Delayed Aeromexico Flight?

You will be informed about the status of your flight by Aeromexico. After checking the status, you can apply for Aeromexico Flight Delay Compensation. It will inform you in the following ways:

●  Aeromexico website: You can check the delayed status of your flight via the ‘flight status’ tab on the website of

●  The mobile app of Aeromexico: You can even know the status of your flight delay through the mobile app by tapping on the ‘status’ button from the home screen

●  Aeromexico text: Aeromexico informs you about your flight delay status through the SMS text and WhatsApp text

●  Aeromexico email: Aeromexico will inform you about the delay status of your flight in your email, too. You have to provide your email address and contact numbers to get these updates 

Aeromexico Delayed Flight Customer Service

To resolve your issues regarding your flight delay, you can contact the customer care of Aeromexico. You can apply for it at this number: +1-800-315-2771. While requesting for compensation, you have to keep these details ready:

● Booking reference number

● Ticket number

● Flight number

● Departure and arrival details

● Valid identity proof

● Boarding pass

● Baggage tags

Get a Refund After the Delay 

Aeromexico entitles you to refunds if it cancels, delays, or even overbooks your flight. You will be compensated with refreshments and communication mediums for delaying your flights by more than 2 hours. In case of more than three hours of delay, Aeromexico will pay you up to EUR 600. If your Aeromexico flight gets delayed by more than 5 hours, then the following compensation will be provided:

● Refunds of the entire amount

● Rebooking of the earliest available flight

● Provision of meals and vouchers

● You will also be refunded for denied overboard

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. You can apply for your compensation if Aeromexico Delays Flights due to valid reasons. These reasons could be a shortage of staff or crew shuffling. Aeromexico will compensate you with as much as EUR 600

Ans. Aeromexico charges you for canceling your flight. It charges you between the range of $200 to $500. However, you can cancel your flight for free within 24 hours of booking. You do not have to pay any fees in this period.

Ans. Aeromexico can delay your flight by more than 5 hours. In this case, it will rebook the next available flight. It will also give you the choice to book another flight on your own. Otherwise, you can apply for compensation. You can apply for it by contacting the customer care of Aeromexico on the above-given numbers or by texting Aeromexico on WhatsApp. Aeromexico will compensate you after creating the request

Ans. You can get refunds from Aeromexico if it cancels or Delays Aeromexico Flights. It will refund you the entire amount for delaying your flight by more than 5 hours. You can also apply for it after canceling your flight.