Aeromexico Airlines Check-In Policy

Aeromexico Airlines Check-In Policy

Aeromexico Airlines Check-In Policy

Aeromexico enables its customers to check in for their Aeromexico flights. It is because its Aeromexico Check-In Policy is a guide on the entire check-in process.

This policy informs you about the duration of the online and offline check-in. You can use any offline and online check-in methods within the time mentioned in this policy.

Through these methods, you will be able to purchase your favorite seat. You will also be able to buy travel extras and avail of services that you require during your journey on an Aeromexico flight.

Thus, Aeromexico Check-In Policy streamlines the process of check-in for a currently scheduled flight. You can follow this guide to Aeromexico Check-In Policy and board your flight peacefully.

This process will be available to you within 48 hours prior to the departure of your domestic flight. For your international flight, Aeromexico Check-In Policy Online is available 24 Hours prior to its departure.

What are the Aeromexico Check-In Options?

Check-In Steps With Aeromexico:

What are the Aeromexico Check-In Options: mentions multiple offline and online methods to check in and issue your boarding passes. These methods enable you to check in in advance to avoid any hassle at the last moment. Even airport check-ins allow you to reach the boarding gate on time.

Methods that you can use at your convenience are web check-in, mobile check-in, airport counter, and airport kiosk check-in. Each of these methods carries out a streamlined check-in process. You should know these important points about these methods:

● Both the domestic and international Aeromexico flights should be checked in 2 hours before the departure

● Travellers of all Aeromexico travel classes can check in online

● Contact customer care of Aeromexico before check-in if you have modified your reservation

● You cannot check in online if your reservation includes wheelchair, oxygen use, traveling with infants, unaccompanied minors, and pets

● Several destinations can be web-checked through Aeromexico’s partner airlines. Some of these are:

1. Amsterdam: web check-in on KLM Airlines

2. Atlanta: Web check-in on Delta Airlines

3. Charlotte: Online check-in on Delta Airlines

4. Cincinnati: Web check-in on Delta Airlines

5. Detroit: Web Check-in on Delta Airlines  

● You can check in on your mobile app through partner airlines such as Delta Airlines, Air France, and KLM Airlines

● Airport kiosk allows you to check in for your Aeromexico flights at the last moment as it will print your boarding passes within 2 minutes

Aeromexico Web Check-In

The option of web check-in is one of the easiest ways to check in for your flight. Steps to check in via this option are:

Step 1: The website of Aeromexico: You can web check-in for your flight via the website of Aeromexico at This website is easily accessible to initiate the check-in process.

Step 2: Check-in tab or Aeromexico user account: You will see the ‘check-in’ tab on the website’s homepage. To initiate the check-in process, you have to click on this tab. You can also use your Aeromexico user account to complete the check-in process.

Step 3: Booking reference number and last name:  You have to retrieve your bookings to check in for it. After clicking on the check-in tab, please enter your reservation or ticket number and last name to access it.

Step 4: Check-in instructions: Follow further instructions to complete the check-in process

Step 5: Book your seat:  Pay for preferred seats and all extras that you need during the check-in process

Step 6: Download your boarding pass after the check-in is completed

Aeromexico Mobile App Check-In

To finish your check-in and download your boarding pass, you can utilize the Aeromexico mobile app in addition to their website. Aeromexico Mobile App Check-In enables you to check in through the following steps:

Step 1: Aeromexico mobile app: To proceed as a guest, download and launch the Aeromexico app on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: My Trips: Tap on ‘my Trips to enter your itinerary details and start the check-in process

Step 3: Instructions for check-in:  Follow the check-in instructions for

Step 5: Pay for travel extras: Pay for travel extras and book your favorite seat

Step 4: Complete check-in: Complete the check-in process and download your boarding passes

Aeromexico Check-In at the Airport

Instead of Aeromexico Check-In Policy, you can check in through airport counters or self-check-in kiosks. You can check in at the airport in these ways:

● Arrives at the airport at least 2 hours before the departure of your flight

● Show your travel documents as requested by the AeroMexico personnel

● Book your seats and pay for it

● Create a request for required Aeromexico services for your travel

● Proceed towards the security check after collecting your boarding pass

Check In Online With Aeromexico Flight

Aeromexico Check-In Policy options enable you to access your itinerary and complete the process quickly. These online options include the website and the mobile app of Aeromexico Airlines. You will be able to check in advance and save your time at the airport. Some more features of Aeromexico Check-In Policy Online are:

● Download your e-boarding pass online after the online check-in

● All the Aeromexico personnel can accept e-passes

● Aeromexico international flights online check-in starts 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

● The online check-in process for Aeromexico domestic flights starts 48 hours before their departure

● Aeromexico will automatically assign you a seat in exceptional cases

Procedure For Aeromexico Online Check-In

The process of Aeromexico Check-In Policy is straightforward. You will not find any obligations during it. Aeromexico has streamlined this process to complete it quickly and successfully. Following is the procedure

● Using the app or the website of Aeromexico Check-In Policy

● Retrieving itineraries via the given methods

● Following the further steps to check-in

● Buying your preferred seat and travel extras

● Completing the process of check-in

● Downloading your e-boarding pass

Aeromexico Check-In Time

You have to complete your Aeromexico Check-In Policy before the end time. The check-in time of Aeromexico includes:

●    Mobile and web-check-in: 2 hours

●    Airport check-in for flights within Mexico: 30 minutes

●    Airport check-in for flights operated via code-share partners: 30 minutes

●    Flights departing from the United States: 60 minutes

●    Domestic flight group check-in: 60 minutes

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