American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

There are times when flying could be a more pleasant experience. They may be attempting numerous difficult circumstances. While adults might be able to cope with these challenging circumstances, children may find things relatively easy, mainly if they are comfortable travelling alone. AA has offered passengers with a heightened level of security. And that’s the point at which a thorough policy for young travellers becomes necessary. And that is where the need for a comprehensive policy for minor travellers arises. Most airlines operating in the US have unaccompanied minor policies to ensure the safety and protection of children travelling without their parents. And American Airlines, being one of the premier passenger carriers in the US, is no exception. 

Here, we will discuss the American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy, its guidelines, and terms and conditions. So, if you’re a parent planning to send your child by plane to his grandparents or your spouse living in a different city for work, here’s all the information you need. 

What is American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy?

The American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy is a set of rules and guidelines laid down to help parents send their minor children to different cities or places without physically accompanying them. With this policy in place, children can safely travel alone by air from one place to another under the protection and guidance of American Airlines crew and security staff before being handed over to their guardians at the destination airports. For more on this, find the key points below. 

●  The policy allows parents or guardians of minor children aged 5 to 14 years to send them by air unaccompanied from one place to another under the protection of American Airlines staff and crew. 

●  According to the policy, parents or guardians can book the unaccompanied minor service at an additional fee over and above the ticket price. 

●  Children can travel alone without their parents, both within and outside the US, as per the policy rules. However, additional restrictions may apply depending on the destination country. 

●  The policy doesn’t allow children below 5 years to be booked for the service. However, such children are permitted to travel if they are accompanied by older siblings who are at least 16 years of age.

●  The policy makes booking of AA Unaccompanied Minor Service optional for children aged 15 to 17 years. 

●  As per the policy rules, children aged 5 to 7 years can be booked only for non-stop flights under the minor service program. 

●  For children aged 8 to 14, the policy mentions the names of the airports through which their connecting flights are permitted to pass. The list includes prominent airports in the US, such as Charlotte, Washington, New York, etc. 

●  Children booked under the unaccompanied minor service program enjoy several unique benefits, such as early boarding, access to kids-only lounges, the assistance of airport escorts to help with flight connections, and free complimentary kits for kids.

●  According to the policy, children can’t be booked for unaccompanied minor service if their journeys require overnight connecting flights or involve codeshare flights with other airlines and Oneworld partners.

●  As per the policy, unaccompanied minors can only be booked by phone call. 

American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Age Limit

As per the American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy, the age limit for children to be booked under the unaccompanied minor program is 5 to 14. The service can be booked for children aged 15 to 17 years as well. However, for them, booking this service is optional. 

Booking American Airlines Flights for Unaccompanied Minors

To book American Airlines flights for unaccompanied minors, parents and guardians must contact American Airlines Reservations via phone calls. The toll-free phone number for customers in the US and Canada is +1-800-433-7300. The service is available 24/7. 

Can My Child Fly Alone on American Airlines?

The American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy allows children aged 5 to 14 years booked under its unaccompanied minor service program to fly alone on American Airlines flights subject to the fulfilment of certain conditions discussed in previous sections. So, your child can definitely fly unaccompanied on an American Airlines flight if he belongs to that age group and fulfils the conditions specified. 

Documents Needed for Unaccompanied Minor on American Airlines

The following documents are required for unaccompanied minors on American Airlines during booking and check-ins.

●  A duly filled-up unaccompanied minor form that the child needs to carry with him all along the journey. 

●  A birth certificate proving the child’s age

●  The parent’s or guardian’s phone number in case he needs to be contacted for any emergency.

●  Parent’s or guardian’s photo identification and current address

●  The address, name, and phone number of the adult who is going to receive the child at the destination airport.

American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Connecting Flights

Parents need to keep the following things in mind if their children have a connection or if they are planning to book their children on connecting flights.

●  American Airlines has dedicated lounges for unaccompanied minors at select airports. Children can relax, dine, and play games at these lounges while they wait for their connections.

●  Each child waiting for connection is put under constant supervision of specialized American Business Partner personnel. These officials go to the extent of accompanying the child outside the lounge if he needs to buy some food or drinks for himself. 

●  American Airlines will contact the phone number provided on the unaccompanied minor form if the minor fails to board his connecting flight due to a flight delay or cancellation. 

●  Suppose the child needs to stay overnight at the connecting airport due to a missed connection or any other emergency. In that case, he will be provided adequate meals, safe accommodation, and continuous supervision till he is able to board the next available flight.

●  Connecting flights can’t be booked for children aged 5 to 7.

●  Connecting flights that involve a codeshare can’t be booked for unaccompanied minors as per the American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy.

●  Overnight connecting flights or flights that are the last connection of the day from a city can’t be booked for unaccompanied minors.


It is not always possible for parents to accompany their children during air travel due to today’s demanding work schedules. While vacations are a luxury for most overworked Americans, children can’t be denied a chance to meet their other parents or grandparents when their schools break. Thankfully, the American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy comes as a true saviour. The policy allows parents to book flights for their children under the unaccompanied minor service program and assures the highest form of safety and protection for them. The policy is strict, and its rules and guidelines are designed to keep children’s safety and comfort in mind. The airline provides a comfortable and entertaining journey for children travelling alone, allowing them enough personal space amid tight security for a safe and satisfying air travel experience. 


Ques. What is the minimum age for flying alone on American Airlines?

Ans. As per the American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy rules, the minimum age to fly alone on an American Airlines flight is 5 years. 

Ques. Can a 5-year-old be booked for connecting flights on American Airlines?

Ans. The rules of the American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy don’t allow children aged 5 to 7 years to be booked for connecting flights. They can only be booked on non-stop flights.

Ques. How to check in an unaccompanied minor at the airport?

Ans. American Airlines doesn’t allow children travelling alone to be checked in online or at the airport check-in kiosks like other passengers. The parent or guardian of the child must first speak with a ticket counter agent. Then, he has to fill out the unaccompanied minor form, present the child’s and his photo ID proofs, and provide the name, phone number, and other details of the person who is going to receive the child at the destination airport. If it is international travel, necessary customs and immigration documents must be provided. Finally, he has to collect the security pass before accompanying the child toward the boarding gate. 

Ques. How much is the Unaccompanied Minor Fee on American Airlines?  

Ans. American Airlines charges $150 per ticket each way plus applicable taxes for booking children under its unaccompanied minor program. This fee is charged over and above the ticket prices. 

Ques. Can unaccompanied minors fly internationally with American Airlines?

Ans. The American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy allows children to be booked for international flights without their parents. The child needs to have all required documents, including immigration clearance and a valid passport, with him in such a case. Also, rules in certain countries might prohibit his parents or guardians from entering the airport to accompany or receive him. American Airlines assigns a team member to accompany the child to the boarding or exit gate in such cases.