Changing Your Flight With Copa Airlines

Changing Your Flight With Copa Airlines

Changing Your Flight With Copa Airlines

Changing flights is not a challenging task for Copa Airlines. The exhaustive flight-changing policy of this airline reduces all the challenges of this task. You can cancel or rebook your flight anytime before your departure.

Even after your flight’s departure, you can rebook an alternative flight due to delays from the end of Copa Airlines. All these allowances are provided in the Copa Airlines Flight Change Policy.

Thus, this policy guides customers on changing or rebooking another Copa Airlines flight. Because of this policy, Copa Airlines holds great popularity among travelers.

What To Know About Copa Airlines Change Flight?

You need to know all the rules and regulations that apply to all kinds of changes by you on Copa Airlines. These rules of Copa Airlines apply to changing flights within 24 hours of booking and on the same day of the departure. Following are the rules you need to know:

● You can book an alternative flight only for the original one in Copa Airlines and its partner airlines.

● Group reservations on Copa Airlines are not allowed to be modified

● You cannot change flights that were booked through Copa Airlines miles. It allows changing flights booked through credit or debit cards, cash, and checks.

● Copa Airlines flight rebooking is allowed more than once. Make sure that you rebook it before 48 hours of departure. After these hours, you will not be allowed to rebook it.

● The availability of flight determines whether a passenger can rebook another flight or not

● To modify your reservations, you can change your flight dates and times. You are also allowed to correct errors in your name

What Is Fee For Flight Name And Date Change On Copa Airlines?

Changing the Name in Your Flight Reservation and the date of Copa Airlines incurs some fees. These fees differ according to the fare rules through which you have purchased your flight. There are different types of fares available on Copa Airlines. All of these include different flight change fee rules. These fares are:


●    Basic– Cost will be applied for modifications of flight reservations

●    Classic-You can modify your bookings for free only once. Requests for modifications should be raised at least 8 days or more before departure

●    Full-Copa Airlines allow free booking modifications in this fare


Promo Your flight booked with the business promo fare can be changed only once for a fee. Make sure you change it at least 8 days or more before departure.

Complete- You can change your flight for free that was booked with the business full fare.

How to Modify Your Flight on Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines offers many offline and online ways to modify your flight. These modes are the website, the mobile app, and the customer care of Copa Airlines.

The website and the mobile app of Copa Airlines are the online modes that provide various options such as ‘user accounts’ or ‘my trips.’ Through these options, they can initiate their process of flight bookings.

On the other hand, phone calls are the offline modes that enable flight rebooking through customer care. Following are the steps to rebook flights through these modes:

The Website of Copa Airlines:

Step 1: Open the website of Copa Airlines

Step 2: Select the options between ‘my trips’ tab and ‘login’ on the homepage to proceed

Step 3: Enter your login credentials or booking reference numbers and continue

Step 4: Review your booking and select the flight that you need to change

Step 5: Select the alternate available flight

Step 6: Pay applicable fees for flight changes

Step 7: Confirm your flight change settings and payment of fees

The Mobile App of Copa Airlines:

Step 1: Login or continue as guests on Copa Airlines

Step 2: Tap on ‘my trips’ or ‘login’ to initiate your flight change process

Step 3: Enter your credentials

Step 4: Review your bookings and select flights, date, or time that needs to be changed

Step 5: Pay the applicable fees for modifying your reservations

Step 6: Confirm changes that you made in your reservations

Copa Airlines Customer Care Numbers:

The customer care numbers of Copa Airlines can be found on the website. You must click the ‘information’ menu and select the ‘customer service’ option.

Copa Airline Ticket Fare Classes And Their Change Policies

Copa Airlines has different ticket fare classes through which you can buy your flight tickets. The primary, classic, and full tickets belong to the economy class. On the other hand, the complete and promo tickets belong to the business class. Some of the standard rules they have are:

● Fare differences apply to fares that cost higher than the original one after purchase

● You have to pay the change fees if you fail to board your flight

Are you It Possible to Modify Your Copa Airlines Flight?

Copa Airlines allows you to modify your reservation. Copa Airlines lets you cancel the original flight and rebook an alternative flight date, name, or time. It allows you to modify these parts of your bookings as often as you want. You can modify your bookings until 48 hours before departure.

Terms And Conditions Web Check-In (Copa Flight Changes)

You can change your flight on the same day during the check-in period of 36 hours. Within this period, Copa Airlines allows you to change your flight from 24 hours to 1 hour before departure. Following are the things to know before changing flights in this period:

● The alternate booked flight should depart 24 hours before or after the departure time of the original flight

● This rule applies to all Copa Airlines flights and ticket numbers starting with 230

● Flight changes can be done for all passengers in a reservation

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