How to Manage United Airlines Flight Booking? Change or Cancel Ticket

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How to Manage United Airlines Flight Booking?

In this fast-paced world, being able to manage your flight booking online is the bare minimum you expect from an airline. After all, it’s not always possible for everyone to wait for hours on the IVR, hoping to get connected to an airline representative during business hours. And that too for as simple a task as getting the flight canceled or its time changed. Thankfully, United Airlines has a system that meets the needs of a changing time. The United Airlines Manage Flight Booking Policy allows you to view, change, and cancel your reservation online from your smartphone or computer, offering you increased flexibility and superior control over your flight booking. In this blog, we’ll discuss the policy, process, and fees for managing your flight booking on United. 

The United Airlines Manage Flight Booking Policy

In simple terms, the United Airlines Manage Flight Booking Policy allows you to self-manage your United Airlines flight booking online from the convenience of your home or office without any assistance from an airline official. The policy deals with flight changes, cancelations, and various service requests, such as refunds and name corrections. It allows you to view your booking, check your flight status, and perform numerous other tasks related to your United flight booking all by yourself. And it’s because of this policy that you get 24-hour access to your flight booking from anywhere in the world. Here are a few essential things you should know about this policy.

● The purpose of the United Airlines Manage Flight Booking Policy is to give passengers flexibility and control over their flight bookings so that they can view, make changes to, or modify their reservations online on their own, sitting anywhere in the world. 

● The policy rules allow passengers to make changes to their flight date and time. The rules also allow them to make changes to their itinerary, provided the origin and destination of the journey remain the same. 

● The policy permits passengers to make same-day changes and join the standby list from the manage booking section of the website, enabling them to select a flight earlier or later than the scheduled departure, depending on their requirements. 

● The policy allows passengers to check in early, subject to fare rules, and select seats as per their preferences. 

● The policy also allows passengers to cancel their flights within 24 hours of booking without paying any cancellation fee, irrespective of their fare type. 

● The rules of the United Airlines Manage Flight Booking Policy permit passengers to access their booking information and manage it online from the official United website, even if their bookings were made through third-party agencies or websites. If their trip details don’t show up automatically, passengers can retrieve them by logging into their accounts with their booking credentials and then selecting “Save to my trips” for future use. 

● The policy allows passengers to view their travel credits and check their credit balance. It also allows them to request refunds after they cancel their flight/s.

●  With the help of this policy, passengers can also find their booking receipts and download them online at their convenience. 

●  The policy rules allow passengers to change or cancel their award tickets online without any assistance and redeposit the miles to their Mileage Plus accounts.

How do I Manage my United Airlines Flight Booking?

To self-manage your United Airlines flight booking, getting into your United Airlines account and your booking information page is essential. You can easily do it online from any device by entering the “My Trips” section of the website with your booking credentials. Here, booking credentials mean your booking confirmation code before check-in and your 13-digit ticket number during and after you’ve checked in. In the “My Trips” section of the website, you’ll find all your current and upcoming trip details. You can view all your booking information, such as your name on the ticket, your flight date and time, itinerary, extras or seats you’ve purchased, and your flight status if your journey has already started. Here, you’ll have various options, depending on your fare type, to make changes to all of these and even cancel the whole or part/s of your trip/s. You can also add or remove select flights from your trip. Moreover, you can select standby if your plans change suddenly, requiring you to travel earlier or later than your original flight on the same day as your scheduled departure. However, be prepared to pay the applicable United Airlines Flight change or cancellation fees and fare differences depending on your fare type and itinerary. 

How do I Change my United Flight Ticket?

Making changes to your United Airlines flight ticket is super easy. You can make changes to your flight date and time and even your destination as per your requirements. Here are the steps to do it through the website.

● First, land on the home page of the United Airlines official website,

● Click on “My Trips,” which is the 2nd menu from the left on the header menu bar after “Book.” This will open a black dropdown box with various sub-menus arranged in order under two columns. 

● Click on “My Trips,” which is the first submenu under the column heading “Manage My Trips.” This will open the “My Trips” login page, where you’ll find a box with the headline “Find a trip.”

● Enter your booking confirmation code and last name in the designated fields and click on “Search.” This will log you into your trip details section, allowing you to view and make changes to your flight booking. 

● You can also enter your account and trip details section by logging in with your Mileage Plus account number and password if you’re a frequent flier. 

● Once in your trip details section, select the flight you want to change. You’ll find the “Change Flight” and “Edit” buttons below the selected flight. 

● You can change your flight’s date and time or destination from here. Click on “Continue” and choose a new flight from the available options. 

● Take the following steps as per the instructions given. Pay the change fees, if applicable, and the fare difference. Confirm the change after you pay. 

How Can I Manage/Change my Seat on United?

United Airlines allows you to choose your seat at the time of buying flight tickets, between ticket purchase and Check-In your United Airlines, during check-in, and even between check-in and boarding, subject to your ticket rules. Similarly, the airline permits you to make changes to your chosen seats anytime during these periods mentioned. You can manage or change your seat on United at your convenience through the official website, through the United App, or a travel agent if you booked through an agency. Here’s what you have to do to manage or change your seat on United. 

● Once you’ve chosen your seat, you can manage or change it anytime you want through the website or app. 

● To do that, you have to get into your trip details by logging in through the “My Trips” section of the website or app. The “My Trips” login process has been elaborately discussed in the previous section.

● Once on your trip details page, select the flight for which you want to change your seat. Here, you’ll find the options to manage or change your seat.

● Take subsequent steps following the instructions given at each stage and confirm your change.

This is true for all fare types and classes except the Basic Economy. If you are a Basic Economy ticket holder, you aren’t allowed to choose or change seats like all other fares until the time of boarding as per the general rule. The option to choose/manage or change your seat will not show up in your trip details section in such a case. However, if you buy the extra seat selection service for an additional fee, you’ll be able to choose and manage/change seats like all other fares online. 

United Airlines

United Airlines

How to Contact United Airlines Customer Service?

You can contact United Airlines Customer Service in two ways – via phone call or live chat. To contact United Airlines Customer Service via phone call, you have to dial their toll-free phone number, +1- 800-241-6522. This is a 24/7 service. So, you can talk to a United Airlines representative anytime you need. Alternatively, you may consider reaching them through live chat. The live chat option is available on the home page of the United official website. United Airlines representatives can also be contacted via live chat through its various social media handles, including WhatsApp.

Does United Airlines Charge Fees for a Name Change?

The answer is both yes and no. To understand why, you have to know the United name change or correction structure. Well, United Airlines allows two types of name changes or corrections: simple changes/corrections and significant changes/corrections. These two types of changes and corrections are categorized into minor and significant name corrections depending on their itinerary as per the rules of the United Airlines Name Change Policy. Both the simple and significant name changes/corrections are treated as Minor name changes/corrections when the booked tickets are related to fully-operated United Eagle and United Prime flights. United Airlines doesn’t charge any name change fee for such minor name changes/corrections. However, the same types of name changes/corrections are treated as Major name changes/corrections when the tickets are associated with codeshare flights between United Airlines and any of its OneWorldAlliance partners or between United Airlines and any non-OneWorld Alliance carrier. Please note that United Airlines charges fees for name changes/corrections only when it’s a significant name change/correction. There is a processing fee of $25 for initiating the name change. The standard name change fees are $200 and $700 for domestic and international travel, respectively. Applicable fare differences may also apply in case of significant name changes. Also, it’s worth mentioning here that both minor and significant name changes/corrections are allowed only on refundable tickets. Name changes/corrections are not allowed on non-refundable tickets such as the Basic Economy. Passengers with Basic Economy tickets have to cancel and purchase a new ticket to make a name change. In such cases, cancellation fees as per ticket rules will apply. 


United Airlines lets you control almost everything about your flight booking on your own from your mobile or computer. Starting from changing and canceling flights to requesting refunds and checking travel credit balance, the United Airlines Manage Flight Booking Policy allows you to manage every aspect of your reservation. In this world of mad rush, where people only have a little time to waste, being able to manage your flight booking as per your need and convenience is a real advantage. And considering the flexibility this policy provides, you have one more reason to choose United Airlines over others. 

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Ques. I booked my United flight through another airline. Can I make changes to my ticket?

Ans. No. As per the United Airlines Manage Flight Booking Policy rules, you aren’t allowed to manage/make changes to your United flight booking through the website or app if your ticket was booked through another airline. The policy rules mandate that to be able to manage your booking online; your United ticket number must begin with 016.

Ques. I don’t see the option to choose or change seats in “My Trips.” Why?

Ans. Sometimes, airline companies offer free flights for specific reasons. If that is not the case, it might be because you have a Basic Economy ticket. Seat selection and changes are not allowed on Basic Economy tickets until at check-in or the departure gate. 

Ques. Can I change my United Airlines flight free of cost?

Ans. United Airlines doesn’t charge any fee for a flight change on most fares except Basic Economy, on which changes aren’t allowed. However, fare differences are still payable where applicable. So, you can make changes to your United Airlines flight for free as many times as you want, but be ready to pay the fare difference each time you make such a change.