How Can I Change My Eva Air Flight? 

How Can I Change My Eva Air Flight? 

EVA Air Flight Change Policy allows you to modify any part of your flight booking. You can make any changes until 3 hours before the departure of your flight. Some fares allow free flight changes. However, all of these changes become free within 24 hours of booking

EVA Air enables you to use its online and offline modes to make these changes in your booking. The online modes include the website and the mobile app. Whereas, offline modes include the EVA Airlines customer service.

What is EVA Air Flight Change Policy?

EVA Air’s flight change policy offers booking modifications from 1 year to 3 hours before your flight’s departure. All modifications that you make apply to all passengers in your booking. Along with the changes, all of its payments should be completed online. You can change your flight dates, times, and routes. EVA Airlines laid down certain rules for all of these changes:

● Changes cannot be made in flights that were booked through mileage award points

● After rebooking another flight, you should request for any special service again

● EVA Air does not provide certain special services after making changes in a booking within 24 hours before the departure

● You have to pay the fare difference between the new and the previous itinerary. It may either increase or decrease

● You should use the same credit card to edit your bookings that you had used originally. If you are using another card, then you must carry both of your cards to the airport for verification

What to do when EVA Air Cancels Your Flight?

EVA Airlines updated its policies for canceling or changing your flight due to unpredictable events. These updates were applicable from March 2023. After EVA Air cancels your flight, it becomes eligible to be refunded or compensated according to these updates. If it happens, then:

● EVA Airlines will automatically rebook another flight for you. You can confirm to travel on this flight according to your choice

● Instead, you can rebook another flight for free. It should be done within 14 days after the intimation of your flight cancellation

● You can rebook your flights for free. You do not have to pay the fare difference, taxes, fuel surcharges and booking service changes

● Flights can be rebooked in UNI Air, the partner airline of EVA Air too

● You can apply for refunds if you do not want to rebook your flight again

EVA Flight Change Within 24 Hour

Eva Air’s Flight Change Policy includes booking modifications within 24 hours of booking. According to this policy, if you are changing your flight within these hours, then all changes will be free. EVA Air will not apply any cost to any change that you make within these hours.

You have to only pay the fare difference that might increase due to the high price of the new flight. Otherwise, all of your remaining balance will be refunded. This airline also promises full refunds in the original form of payment.

Eva Air Flight Change Online

EVA Airlines allows you to use online modes to change your flight. These modes include the website and the mobile app of EVA Airlines. Both of these modes are convenient for you. They guarantee all changes are successful. You can modify any part of your bookings quickly.

To make changes through these modes, you have to access your itinerary. Enter your booking reference number, first name, and last name to access it. You cannot use these modes in the following conditions:

● Invalid booking

● The number of passengers is different from the original booking record

● Booking has active special requests such as pet transportation, cabin-seat baggage, various medical needs, medical/sports equipment transportation, etc.

● Bookings purchased with Reward points

● Group booking of more than 9 passengers.

● Seats purchased through EVABidDeal.

EVA Air Flight Change Offline

All changes in your bookings cannot be made online. If you still want to make any, then you can use the offline services of EVA Air. It includes contacting the customer service of EVA Air. This service is available to all regions where the airline operates. That means you can contact this service any time according to your convenience. The contact details of this service are given on the website. You can find them in these ways:

● Click on the ‘question mark(?)’ image on the EVA Air’s website’s homepage

● On the ‘help’ page, click on customer service

● Select your region to view the EVA Air customer care contact information

You can contact EVA Air via:

● Phone call

● Email

● Fax

● Mail

What Are the Fees For Eva Flight Change?

EVA Air flight change fees depend on your fare type and route. All fares of EVA Air such as Economy Discount, Basic, and Standard incur these fees. Whereas, the flexible classes of EVA Air do not imply these change fees. It starts from USD 50 per ticket. The discount fare does not allow flight changes.

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