How to Change Your Wrong Name on Delta Ticket? A Complete Guide

How to Change Your Wrong Name on Delta Ticket? A Complete Guide

How to Change Your Wrong Name on Delta Ticket? A Complete Guide

If you need to change the Name on your Delta Airlines ticket, you can reach out to Delta Airlines customer service at 1-800-Delta Airlines-1 or 1-833-633-1571 or 1.800-221.1212.

We all make spelling mistakes while writing, but not all of them have as severe consequences as spelling mistakes in names on flight tickets. Name mistakes on your air tickets can not only cause unnecessary complications but also put your entire travel plan in jeopardy. Therefore, it’s essential to change or modify your Name on the flight ticket in due time. To do that, you need to know the airline’s rules regarding the same. Delta, being one of the most trusted airline companies in the world, has a name change policy that is both customer-centric and easy to understand. In this blog, we talk about Delta Airlines Name Change Policy and its various rules and guidelines.

What is Delta Name Change Policy For travel Agents?

Delta Airlines has a clearly defined name change policy for individual and corporate travel agents and online travel agencies. Here are the policy rules and guidelines.

● The policy rules are applicable worldwide on Delta 006 ticketing stock except for travels between the US and China. 

● The policy restricts name corrections or changes on tickets with itineraries that include travel between the US and China. Travel agencies are instructed to cancel all reservations and book new tickets in such cases if name change requests are received. 

● Travel agents can correct a maximum of three letters in customers’ names as per the policy rules. For correction of more than three letters, they have to contact Delta Global Sales Support. 

● The Delta Airlines Name Change Policy for travel agents allows only one name change per customer. Travel agencies must contact Delta Global Sales Support for assistance if tickets have to be re-issued a second time.

● Travel agents can add or remove additional last names without changing the passenger names on the tickets.

● Travel agents are allowed to correct inverted first and last names on the tickets. 

How Do You Change a Passenger Misspelt Name On a Delta Flight ticket?

Yes, you can change the passenger name on a Delta Airlines flight by contacting their customer service at +1-833-633-1571 or 1-800-221-1212.

To change or correct misspelt names on Delta flight tickets, passengers have to contact Delta customer service or Delta Reservations via phone calls or its various social media handles. Passengers can also update their misspelt names online through the official website or the Delta mobile app. Also, passengers who have purchased tickets from travel agencies can change misspelt names on their Delta flight tickets by contacting them.

How Do I Edit – and Upgrade my Name on Delta Profile?

You can update your name in your Delta profile online by using the Edit option. Here are the steps to do that.

● Land on the home page of and click on “My Trips.” 

● Login with your booking credentials to enter your Delta customer profile.

● Check out your name. The “Edit” option will show beside your name if you’re eligible for a name change.

● Click on “Edit” and make the necessary changes or corrections.

● Pay the requisite fees if you have to. 

● Follow the instructions given and save the change. 

Delta Airlines Name Change After Marriage

You can change your last name on the Delta flight ticket after marriage to match your changed government ID proof. You have to submit supporting documents, such as a copy of your marriage certificate and copies of your old and new ID proofs, along with the name change request. You have to upload these documents on the official website if you want to change your name online. Otherwise, you have to send these documents to Delta as per the instructions given.

Delta Name Correction Rules for SkyMiles Bookings

Here are the Delta name correction rules for SkyMiles bookings.

● For SkyMiles bookings, passengers have to keep their names updated on their SkyMiles accounts to match government ID proofs such as their passports or driving licenses. 

● Simple spelling mistakes and typing errors in names can be corrected online. Supporting documents have to be uploaded if required.

● Passengers have to fill out and submit the Identity Verifications Form. 

● For name changes in SkyMiles accounts due to marriage, divorce, or adoption, copies of supporting documents (Ex: – Marriage certificate, Divorce Decree, Court Order, old and new government ID proofs) must be submitted along with the change requests.  


Your correct name in the airline reservation shows on your flight ticket and boarding pass. Therefore, spelling your name correctly on your flight ticket reservation is essential to match your photo identifications. It’s also crucial to change your name on the ticket if it changes due to marriage. The Delta Airlines Name Change Policy is well-laid and is aimed at guiding passengers in situations of a name mismatch. The policy defines the rules and guidelines for name changes and corrections on Delta flight tickets and discusses the steps involved. The beauty of the policy is that it allows name changes and corrections both online and offline. So, the next time you fly with Delta, don’t worry if you have made a name mistake on your ticket.


Ques. How do you modify the wrong name on the Delta Airlines ticket?

Ans. You can modify your wrong name on the Delta Airlines ticket in any of the following three ways.

i. By editing your name online through the Delta website or the mobile app

ii. By contacting Delta customer service or Delta reservations via phone calls, live chat, social media, or direct messages

iii. By contacting your travel agency

Ques. How do I change my name on a Delta flight ticket?

Ans. As per the rules of the Delta Name Change Policy, you can’t change your name on the Delta flight ticket. You can correct, update, and modify your name or change a part of your name after marriage, divorce, or adoption. You can do that both online and offline through the website, mobile app, and via phone call and live chat.

Ques. What if I forgot to put my middle name on my Delta ticket?

Ans. You don’t need to worry because Delta Airlines allows you to add or remove your middle name both online and offline without any documentation. You have to log in to the website and fill out your Identity Verification Form to make the change.