Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy: +1-800-315-2771

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy: +1-800-315-2771

You can make a change of flight on Southwest Airlines as long as you follow the rules outlined in the airline’s policy handbook. You may complete the process of changing a Southwest trip as a passenger according to the laws and regulations of the airlines. The Southwest change flight policy states that you can adjust your flight by paying the difference between the original ticket price and the new one. However, there is no additional Southwest Airlines Flight Change fee.

What is changing a Southwest Airlines flight?

Changing a Southwest flight is easy and incurs no extra costs. Change a trip if you would like to go on a different day, take a different flight on the same day, or go somewhere completely.

The benefit of changing a flight over cancelling and rescheduling is that if you paid for EarlyBird Check-in, the money would stay with your reservation. You will not be reimbursed for your money if you buy this add-on and then have to cancel your flight. Here are some of the points of Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy: 

You can use the promo code for change anytime it’s available to alter your flight at a discounted rate. Passengers are also able to exercise their trip funds, which generally expire a year after they are obtained. You can exchange your current travel cash for Southwest flight points, which you can then use to buy a new ticket. If you have a medical emergency, you can change your trip with Southwest Airlines; however, you will only be charged the adjusted fee. There are no additional change costs.

When you use Southwest Airlines to change flights, you may make all name corrections and adjustments during the first 24 hours after the change. You must cancel the old ticket and purchase a new one with your name spelt correctly. Following your check-in, you can also modify your flight. as long as the flight has at least 40 minutes remaining to take off.

Southwest 24-hour Flight Change Rule

If a traveller cancels or modifies their flight within 24 hours of making their purchase, they are entitled to a full refund. The airline gives you a 24-hour window within which you can change or Cancel Reservations without incurring fees. You must complete a brief refund request form in order to get any return.


Indeed, you won’t be charged a fee to modify or cancel a flight because of Southwest’s incredibly accommodating policy. Naturally, if you decide to switch to a more costly flight, you may have to pay extra for your original ticket. If costs do, however, go down, it’s comforting to know that Southwest will let you quickly recalculate your fare.


Ques. What’s the time limit for making a flight change?

Ans. Indeed, changes to your flight must be made at least ten minutes before takeoff. For instance, you have until 8.50 am to make any changes to your flight itinerary if your scheduled departure time is 9 am. The value of your flight ticket will be forfeited (Wanna Get Away) or converted into Travel Funds (Anytime or Business Select) if you fail to make adjustments to your travel.

Ques. Can I change my Southwest Airlines flight to a different destination?

Ans. Yes, you are able to alter the destination of your flight to any other place within the terms of the Southwest flight change policy. But you have to pay the (if any) fare difference. Your account will be rewarded with Travel Funds if the new flight is more affordable.

Ques. Can I change my flight on Southwest for free?

Ans. Yes, travellers may reschedule their tickets for free on Southwest Airlines, but if the new trip is more expensive than the one you were initially scheduled on, you could have to pay the difference in fee.

Ques. How much does it cost to change a flight booking on Southwest?

Ans. Tickets on Southwest Airlines can be changed for free. You did really read correctly! Travellers can make unrestricted changes to their Southwest itinerary with the airline. However, even if there isn’t a change charge, there is still a fare difference. Should the cost of your new ticket exceed that of your first reservation, be prepared to cover the difference in price. Fortunately, if your new ticket turns out to be less expensive than your initial reservation, the airline will reimburse the difference in fee via travel credits.

Ques. Can a passenger select or change seats on Southwest Airlines?

Ans. Yes, travellers are allowed to select a different seat from the selections offered. All you have to do is plan your itinerary and choose from the possibilities. You’ll receive confirmation of it soon. You can switch to the other class, though, if there are no seats available.

Ques. How many times can I change my Southwest flight?

Ans. You get as many opportunities to modify your Southwest flight as you’d like. You will have to pay the difference in fees if your new flight is more expensive than the one you initially scheduled.