Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy | Fees

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy | Fees

Bags are a passenger’s lifeline, especially if he is travelling intercontinental. From dresses and accessories to personal items and work-related equipment, your bags carry things you can travel without. However, not all airlines allow free baggage. Low-cost carriers such as Frontier offer baggage allowance as bundles at extra cost. While getting your bags transported to your destination is essential, it is even more crucial to do so at minimum cost. And the knowledge of your airline’s baggage policy can certainly help you with that. In this blog, we’ll review the Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy and discuss the rules and fees so you know what to expect if you’re travelling with a large bag on a Frontier flight.

What is Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy?

The Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy is a set of principles, rules and guidelines created to guide passengers about the airline’s expectations and thought process regarding bags. The policy creates passengers’ awareness regarding bags, measurements, and baggage norms. The policy also discusses what bags are accepted during air travel, their maximum dimensions and weight, and what is not. The policy describes the process of buying extra bags and informs about the baggage fees.

Overview of Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

You must know the rules and guidelines to understand and get an overview of the Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy. Here they are for your quick understanding.

●  Frontier Airlines allows passengers to carry only one personal item with them free of cost. In other words, only one free individual item is included in the fare.

●  The maximum size of the free personal item is mentioned in the policy as 14″ H x 18″ W x 8″ D, exceeding which passengers must pay additional charges. The size of the bags is checked before boarding.

●  By personal items, the policy refers to purses, handbags, laptops, briefcases, diaper bags and kids’ backpacks that can be adjusted under the seats. 

●  Per the Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy rules, all carry-on and checked bags must be purchased. Passengers can buy bags anytime between bookings and up to 60 minutes before departure. 

●  Baggage prices are the cheapest at the time of booking and are always the highest at the airport.

●  Carry-on bags have a maximum size limit of 24″ H x 16″ W x 10″ D, including the handles, wheels and straps, as per the policy rules. They have a maximum weight limit of 35 pounds.

●  Checked bags must be under 62″ in overall dimensions per the rules. They have a maximum weight limit of 40 pounds. 

●  Bags weighing between 41 and 99 pounds will incur additional charges per the baggage policy rules. 

The policy doesn’t allow passengers to carry bags weighing over 100 pounds or measuring more than 110 linear inches in overall dimensions. 

●  Most Frontier Airlines bundles have carry-on or checked bags included. 

●  Passengers can purchase bags online at the time of booking or later through the official website or the mobile app. 

●  Once purchased, passengers can upgrade their checked bags anytime through the website or the mobile app. 

●  The policy allows passengers to carry with them in the cabin assistive devices and items such as a wheelchair, crutches, etc., at no extra charge. Such items are also not counted towards the passengers’ baggage allowances. 

●  Passengers can carry bicycles, sporting equipment, artwork, musical instruments, and alcoholic beverages under the policy rules subject to payment of applicable charges and adherence to the policy guidelines and restrictions. 

●  Active U.S. military personnel enjoy special baggage waivers under the policy rules upon presenting their Common Access Card (CAC) during check-in. They are allowed to carry one personal item, one carry-on bag and 2 checked bags free of cost.

What are Frontier Airlines Baggage Fees?

Frontier Airlines charges a non-refundable baggage fee of $75 for oversized checked bags. On the other hand, it sets two types of baggage fees for overweight bags. For bags weighing between 41 and 50 pounds, the Frontier Airlines Baggage Fee is $75; for bags weighing between 51 and 100 pounds, the baggage fee is $100. All these charges are applicable on a per-bag, per-direction basis. Similarly, the cost of carrying a bicycle is $75, and for antlers, it is $100.

How Do I Avoid Baggage Fees on Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines doesn’t offer free bags under normal circumstances unless you buy extra bundles. So, your chances of avoiding baggage fees on Frontier Airlines are meagre, besides the few exceptions mentioned below.

●  You can count on your Elite status for free baggage allowances. The Elite 20K and 50K members can carry one free carry-on bag. However, you can’t expect to get a free checked bag at this level. To avoid the fee for your first checked bag, you must have an Elite 100K status. At this level, you get the Works bundle free with your ticket, which entitles you to a free checked bag during travel. If you have yet to reach the 100K status, keep an eye on the status matches offered periodically by Frontier Airlines

●  Most travel cards offer rewards and annual travel credits, which you can use to reimburse your baggage fees. Some cards offer up to $300 in annual travel credits. This can free your baggage fees. 

●  If you are an active duty U.S. military personnel, you can avoid paying baggage fees on Frontier Airlines, as the airline allows you to carry one personal item, one carry-on bag and 2 checked bags free of cost. The only requirement is that you have to produce your CAC at the airport at the time of check-in. 

How Do You Check Your Bag On Frontier Airlines?

You can check your baggage online through the official website or the mobile app. You can also check your bags at the airport during boarding. However, airport check-ins come at a higher baggage price. Here is the step-by-step online process to help you review your bags at your convenience.

●  Open the home page of the Frontier Airlines official website,

●  Click on the 2nd menu called “My Trip/Check-In” in the grey box. 

●  Enter your last name and booking confirmation code and click “Search.”

●  Once directed to the “Manage My Booking” page, click the “Add Baggage” option.

●  Pay the baggage fee and confirm your baggage check-in. 


Frontier, being a low-cost carrier, has one of the strictest baggage policies in the industry. The airline offers no free bags. Even the baggage fees are the highest compared to other airlines in the U.S. However, the only winning point is the airline’s incredibly low fares, which can save you a few bucks if you travel light. You can learn all these and more about Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy in this blog. So, if you plan to fly with Frontier soon, read this blog, study the rules and do your math before buying the tickets. And yes, don’t bring in a heavy backpack or a large duffel bag if you plan to fly on Frontier.

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Ques. How Many Bags Can You Take On Frontier Airlines For Free?

Ans. None if you’re a regular passenger. You can carry free bags on Frontier only if you’re an active duty U.S. military personnel or have an Elite 100K status.

Ques. What Is The Baggage Charge For Frontier Airlines?

Ans. The baggage charges for Frontier Airlines range between $75 and $100 depending on whether the baggage is oversized or overweight. In the overweight category, it has two fee slabs. Between 41 and 50 pounds, the fee is $75, and from 51 to 100 pounds, the cost is $100.

Ques. How Do I Avoid Paying Baggage Fees On Frontier Airlines?

Ans. There are only two ways to avoid baggage fees on Frontier Airlines. Here they are.

i. Present your Common Access Card (CAC) at the airport if you’re an active duty U.S. military personnel.

ii. Mention your Elite 100K status during booking.

Ques. Does Frontier Airlines allow a free checked bag?

Ans. Yes, it does – only for an Elite 100K status holder and an active duty U.S. military personnel. These two are the only exceptions in the Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy rules.

Ques. Can I Get A Refund For Frontier Airlines Baggage Fees?

Ans. No. Per the Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy rules, all baggage fees charged by Frontier are entirely non-refundable.

Ques. What Is Frontier Airlines Baggage Size Limit?

Ans. Here are the Frontier Airlines baggage size limits for personal, carry-on and checked bags.

i. Personal item – 14”H x 18”W x 8”D

ii. Carry-on bag – 24”H x 16”W x 10”D

iii. Checked bag – overall dimension of 62 linear inches, including handles, strips and wheels 

Ques. What Is Frontier Airlines Baggage Weight Limit?

Ans. The Frontier Airlines baggage weight limits for carry-on and checked bags are as follows.

i. Carry-on bag – 35 pounds

ii. Checked bag – 40 pounds

Ques. How much baggage can I carry on a Frontier Airlines Flight?  

Ans. You can carry as many bags as you want on a Frontier Airlines flight if you pay the required fees and the bags conform to the maximum size and weight restrictions. Please note that Frontier Airlines doesn’t allow any free bags to regular passengers.