Frontier Airlines Seat Selection

Frontier Airlines is an ultra-low-cost carrier whose fares and fees are structured to suit budget travellers. It doesn’t have club bags, seats, and other services with fares.

You can quickly seal your seat on Frontier Airlines by calling +1-800-315-2771 or going through a lengthy online process, but the process and fees involved may vary depending on the booking fare, such as the type of ticket you purchased. Type and reason for seat selection.

Here, fares include only flights and options such as preferred seats are offered at extra charges. This means that as a traveller, you must pay for an even and odd seat at the back of the cabin if you choose it. However, this doesn’t mean that if you don’t select your seat at the time of booking or later, you won’t be assigned a comfortable seat later. First, all Frontier seats are pre-reclined, extra-cushioned, and ergonomically designed. Second, you are given a free seat during check-in or at the gate. The only question here is availability. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a window seat; if you are,t you will be sandwiched somewhere in the back. So, if you’re picky about an aisle or a window seat or travelling with your family, spouse, or a small group, selecting Frontier seats at the time of booking for a smooth and happy journey is always advisable.

Frontier Airlines Seat Upgrade

Suppose you want to upgrade your Frontier Airlines seat. So it would help if you considered purchasing an upgrade, set selection, or premium seating during booking or check-in for extra legroom and space to make your flight more enjoyable. Excellent seating options are limited and sell out quickly. So, if you’re interested in a little more legroom or want to upgrade your seat for a comfortable journey, don’t hesitate to move faster.

As a low-cost airline, Frontier doesn’t have Business or First classes on its planes. The only class it offers is the Economy. Therefore, there is no chance of a seat upgrade on Frontier Airlines. However, there are options for buying preferred seats in the main cabin. It offers stretch seating options with extra legroom, which you can buy at any time after booking for a comfortable journey.

How Does Seat Selection Work on the Frontier?

To select a seat on Frontier Airlines, you can do so online through their website or by contacting customer service at +1-800-315-2771. You can choose a seat on a Frontier flight by logging into your account, accessing your reservation, and selecting the option to change or choose your seat. Alternatively, you can contact Frontier Airlines’ customer service for assistance determining your seat on Frontier Airlines. Remember that fees and restrictions may apply, so it’s best to review Frontier’s specific policies regarding seat selection before proceeding.

To get the best deal on your Frontier Airlines seats, you have to know how seat selection works on Frontier. Here’s everything you should know about Frontier Airlines seat selection.

i. Frontier Airlines doesn’t offer accessible seats with any fare. You have to pay for the seat you choose. 

ii. If you don’t choose seats on Frontier, you will be randomly assigned seats for free during check-in or at the gate. However, the type of seat assigned to you will depend on the remaining seats available at that stage. You’ll have no say about what you’re set. 

iii. Most seats on a Frontier Airlines flight are the same except for a few rows at the front and near the exit and emergency gates. 

iv. The few rows at the front are called Frontier Airlines stretch seating, and these premium seats come with a more considerable legroom of up to 5-7 inches compared to the other standard seats.

v. Frontier Airlines offers stretch seating at a higher price than the standard seats. 

vi. Frontier Airlines doesn’t have a Business and First Class on its flights. So, there is no question of upgrading to these higher classes.

vii. Per the Frontier Airlines Seat Selection Policy guidelines, passengers can buy seats at the time of booking and any time after that until the check-in window closes. 

viii. Frontier Airlines has dynamic seating pricing, meaning the closer you get to the departure date, the higher the price you pay for your chosen seats. 

ix. On Frontier Airlines, seat prices vary based on seat selection methods. Seat prices are the highest for seat selection via call centres or the airport kiosk. 

x. Similarly, the lowest seat prices are guaranteed for passengers who book seats through the official website until 24 hours before departure or until the check-in window opens.

xi. Frontier Airlines guarantees adjacent seats to at least one accompanying adult for one or more children aged 13 or less travelling with their parents, even if no seats are selected for them. 

xii. The adjacent seat guarantee is provided at no extra cost and applies to all fares.

xiii. This guarantee applies if adjacent seats near the adult are available when booking. 

xiv. The only exceptions to the seat selection rules are made for passengers who have an Elite status. The Elite 20K status holders can choose standard and stretch seats for free during check-in. On the other hand, the Elite 50K and 100K status holders are allowed to select seats for themselves and family when booking.

Tips for a Successful Frontier Airlines Seat Selection & Upgrade

Here are some tips for successful Frontier Airlines seat selection and upgrades to allocate your favourite seats on Frontier at a lower price.

i. To ensure you get your preferred seats on Frontier, always choose seats when booking. 

ii. If you missed seat booking at the time of ticketing, make sure you do it as soon as possible. Your chances of getting your preferred seats gradually reduce as the departure date approaches. Also, seat prices go up with time. 

iii. The seat selection cost at Frontier depends on the method used. Don’t buy seats via Frontier call centres or airport check-in counters. You’ll have to pay more if you use these methods. 

iv. Always select seats online through the official website because it costs the least. Remember to do it before the check-in period begins. 

v. If you’re travelling solo and have no issues seating in the middle or back, don’t buy seats at all. You’ll be assigned a seat free of cost, subject to availability during check-in.

vi. Book flights during off-peak hours or weekdays. Fewer passengers on the flight mean higher chances of getting your favourite seat assigned to you even if you don’t buy it.

vii. Remember to study the Frontier Airlines Seat Selection guidelines and learn the eligibility criteria before buying exit row seats. You might not be assigned the seat you choose even if you pay for it. 

How do I Choose My Seat after Booking a Frontier Flight?

If you have yet to choose your seat on a Frontier flight at the time of flight booking, you can do it anytime later till the check-in window closes in any of the following ways.

i. You can log in to the official Frontier Airlines website,, and choose your seat(s) through your profile’s My Trip or booking management section. 

ii. Contact Frontier call centre by dialling the toll-free helpline number and buying seats over the phone. 

iii. You can wait till your departure date to choose your seat and buy it at the airport kiosk or the check-in counter. 

iv. You may also prefer to do it through the official website during online check-in. However, this will cost you more than if you did it earlier. 

What Documents Do You Need to Fly on the Frontier?

Like any other airline, you must submit photo identification copies to book tickets and fly with Frontier. The photo identification must contain important information such as your name, DOB, and gender. The airline considers any of the following documents valid and acceptable ID proofs.

i. Driver’s License

ii. Permanent Resident Card

iii. Border Crossing Card

iv. U.S. Passport 

v. U.S. Military Card

vi. Native Frontier Tribal Photo ID

vii. Foreign government-issued Passport

viii. Canadian Provincial Driver’s License

ix. Transport Workers Identification Credential (TWIC)


The prime purpose of flying with Frontier Airlines is to get cheap flight tickets. And the airline obliges by offering tickets that don’t include unnecessary extras. Therefore, only buy seats on Frontier if you’re travelling with your family or someone special or are picky about where you sit. Buy a stretch seat at the time of booking. This reduces the hassles of buying a seat later. The Frontier seat selection fee is also relatively low compared to other airlines. Finally, the Frontier Airlines Seat Selection Policy gives you the flexibility and convenience to select online and offline seats. So, with or without a chosen seat, it can be a good deal if you’ve plans to fly with Frontier.

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Ques. How do I select seats on Frontier Airlines?

Ans. You can select seats on Frontier when booking or later in any of the following three ways.

i. Select seats online through the official website

ii. Select seats through phone calls

iii. Select seats at the airport counters or check-in kiosks

Ques. What is the Frontier Airlines seat selection fee for Standard Seating?

Ans. Frontier Airlines’ seat selection fee depends on the time and mode of selection. The seat selection fee structure is as follows.

i. The seat selection fee for Standard Seating starts from $5 if the selection is made through the website until the check-in window opens.

ii. The fee starts from $7 if the selection is made during online check-in. 

iii. For seat selection through telephonic conversation, the fee starts from $16.

iv. The fee starts from $16 if the selection is made at the airport ticket counter or check-in kiosk.

v. The seat selection fee can go up to $56 if you buy seats near the departure date.

Ques. How much does Frontier Airlines charge for Stretch Seating?

Ans. For Stretch Seating, Frontier Airlines charges the following fees depending on the time and mode of seat selection.

i. The fee for stretch seating starts from $16 for online seat selection via the official website until 24 hours before departure.

ii. For online seat selection via the official website during check-in, the seat selection fee starts from $18.

iii. For both seat selection via phone calls and from the airport ticket counters or check-in kiosks, the fee starts from $56.

Ques. What are Frontier Airlines’ favoured seats?

Ans. Passengers favour those seats that are more comfortable to sit in and are in high demand. In the case of Frontier Airlines, Stretch seats fit in this category. These seats have an extra 5-7 inches of legroom, a more extensive food tray, and an adjustable recline. These seats are also located near the front of the cabin, making them a preferred choice of passengers. So, you can call these favoured seats on Frontier.

Ques. Can I upgrade my seat after booking a Frontier Airlines flight?

Ans. Frontier Airlines doesn’t have a Business or First Class. So, there’s no question of upgrading after booking. As far as buying a stretch seat is concerned, you can do it anytime after booking your Frontier Airlines flight.  

Ques. How early can you choose seats on Frontier Airlines?

Ans. You can choose seats on Frontier Airlines as early as at the time of booking.

Ques. Can I select seats on Frontier Airlines Flight?

Ans. Yes, you can select seats on your Frontier Airlines flight for a fee at the time of booking or later until the check-in window closes. Also, you can choose seats both online and offline.