Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy: What to Know

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy: What to Know

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy: What to Know

Seat selection is essential in air travel, especially if your journey involves international destinations and long-haul flights. Though most airlines operating long-haul flights have ergonomically designed seats in the main cabin, seats with extra knee room and recline are always in high demand for obvious reasons. However, such premium seats are smaller and can’t be assigned to all. Hence, choosing your seat before your flight is crucial for an enhanced air travel experience. And that is where a good understanding of the airline’s seat selection policy always helps. The seat selection policy rules tell you when and how to buy seats and guide you regarding the terms and conditions, increasing your chances of getting your preferred seats.

This blog talks about the Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy. It discusses various aspects, including the rules and guidelines, fee structures, and restrictions to ensure you enjoy a smooth and happy journey with your family and group. So, study the blog for more details.

What is Turkish Airline Seat Selection Policy?

Turkish Airlines seat selection policy allows agents or passengers to change, choose and upgrade their seats, typically during booking or at any time before check-in at Turkish Airport.

At this time, Turkish seat assignments can be purchased via Reservations, Airport Customer Service; here’s How to change, choose or upgrade your seat on a Turkish Airlines flight: Call (0TA) +1-800-315-2771 or 080005 01565 (Live Persons)” provide the change, select a seat and provide supporting documentation if asked and then done.

Turkish.com and the FlyTurkish App. The selection fee is per seat and flight segment and is subject to availability. Now, seat assignment purchase is only available for wholly domestic flights. Here are the critical points of Turkish’s seat selection policy:

During Booking: Passengers can select their seats during the booking process, either online, through the Turkish app, or by contacting Turkish reservations.

After Booking: If seats are not selected during booking, passengers can still choose seats later by accessing their reservation online, through the Turkish app, or by contacting Turkish reservations. Seats are subject to availability.

Fees: Turkish generally does not charge a fee for standard seat selection. However, fees may apply for preferred seats, additional legroom or other amenities, or upgrades to Turkish Comfort+ seats. Fees vary depending on the route and seat type.

Special Situations: Turkish offers accommodations for passengers with disabilities or special needs. Passengers requiring such accommodations should contact Turkish’s Special Service Request team.

Group Bookings: Turkish will try to seat the group together for group bookings. It is recommended that you contact Turkish’s Group Reservations department for assistance.

Turkish Airlines Members: Turkish Medallion members may be eligible for complimentary preferred seating or discounted upgrades to Turkish Comfort+

On Turkish Airlines international and domestic flights, the Business Class seat selection is free of charge until the check-in duration is finished.

Turkish Airlines Seat Upgrade

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy – Rules allow passengers to upgrade seats from low to high ticket class after booking.

The Turkish Airlines seat upgrade process is both easy to understand and execute. Here’s what you should know.

i. Passengers can move from Standard Economy to Extra Legroom and Emergency Exit seats for a higher price. These two changes make for the least expensive upgrades within the main cabin.

ii. Passengers can upgrade from Standard Economy, Extra Legroom and Emergency Exit seats to Business Class.

iii. According to the rules, passengers who’ve purchased seats will get an automatic refund to the original mode if they upgrade to the Business Class. 

iv. Seat upgrade is allowed right after booking until the check-in window closes or 6 hours before departure.

v. According to the rules, Miles&Smiles members can upgrade from the Cabin to Business Class on Turkish and its partner airlines’ flights by redeeming their miles. 

i. Miles&Smiles members are also allowed to make last-minute upgrades within 24 hours from departure, subject to seat availability.

How Does Seat Selection Work on Turkish Airlines?

To enjoy a satisfying journey with Turkish Airlines, you’ve got to know how seat selection works. Here are the key points and the information you should have regarding Turkish Airlines Seat Selection.

i. Turkish Airlines offers three special packages – EcoFly, ExtraFly, and PrimeFly to passengers with Standard Seats in the Economy Class. These packages include various features such as seats, bags, and refunds and can be purchased anytime between 355 days and 1.5 hours before departure.

ii. The ExtraFly and PrimeFly packages offer accessible seats to Standard Economy ticket holders on domestic and international flights. Passengers who buy these packages can select standard seats free of cost until 6 hours before departure.

iii. Passengers who buy EcoFly don’t get seats with an accessible package. They can choose seats for an additional seat selection fee until 6 hours before departure. If they don’t buy seats, they’re assigned seats randomly during check-in. 

iv. Even passengers who buy these packages must pay seat selection fees to choose extra legroom and emergency exit seats. 

v. Passengers with Standard Economy tickets who don’t buy any of these packages must pay the seat selection fee for choosing seats until 6 hours before departure.

vi. Per the Turkish Airlines Seat Selection rules, Business Class passengers can select seats for free until the check-in window closes. This is true for both domestic and international flights.

vii. Also, the Miles&Smiles Elite and Elite Plus members can select standard seats for free until 6 hours before departure. 

viii. Passengers eligible for accessible seats and who pay for seats aren’t guaranteed a seat assignment by Turkish Airlines under any circumstances. The chosen seats can be changed at the last moment due to system requirements, security reasons, or operational constraints.

ix. Passengers choosing Emergency Exit seats must fulfil specific eligibility criteria to be assigned their preferred seats. Turkish Airlines will take the final decision regarding their seat assignment.  

x. On Turkish Airlines, seat changes are always free for paid and free seats. But only for the same seat type. Changing to a higher seat type or class is considered an upgrade.  

xi. Passengers can change seats until the check-in window closes. 

xii. Due to operational and technical difficulties, Turkish Airlines doesn’t offer seat selection on some flights. 

Tips for a Successful Turkish Airlines Seat Selection and Upgrade

Here are a few tips for getting your preferred Turkish Airlines seats and upgrades.

i. If you’re buying tickets for your family or a small group, always ensure that your chosen tickets allow you to select seats for free. 

ii. Turkish Airlines offers accessible seats for Business Class tickets. Buy business class tickets for yourself and your family. 

iii. Check your miles if you can’t buy Business Class tickets. Turkish Airlines also offers accessible standard seats to the Miles&Smiles Elite and Elite Plus club members. It is even better to add your family or group members to the same PNR.

iv. If none of the above is possible, buy add-on packages such as ExtraFly and PrimeFly. These packages include accessible seats that can be chosen anytime until 6 hours before departure.

v. Buy an Emergency Exit seat only if you fulfil the eligibility criteria outlined in the Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy. Read the conditions before buying these seats to minimize the possibility of rejection. 

vi. Always buy and upgrade seats as far away from the departure date as possible. Remember, the closer you get to the departure date, the higher the price you pay for seats.

Avoid Plane Seat Selection Fees – Turkish Airlines

How do you avoid a seat selection fee? If you’re travelling with a group, booking your seats simultaneously is the best way to prevent a Turkish Airlines seat selection fee. If the airline assigns you seats, it typically seats people under the same record locator number together. For more information about the Turkish Airlines seat selection policyyou can typically search at www.turkishairlines.com.

How Do I Choose My Seat after Booking a Turkish Flight?

After ticketing your Turkish Airlines reservation, you can choose your seat online through the official website or the mobile app. Here are the steps to do it.

i. Open the homepage of the official website, www.turkishairlines.com.

ii. Click on “Check-in/Manage Booking”.

iii. Log in to your booking management section, visit the passenger block, and select the Seat tab.

iv. View the seat map to check availability.

v. Choose your seat. Make payments as per your ticket rules. 

vi. Submit your request. Wait for the seat confirmation mail. 

What Documents Do You Need to Fly on Turkish Airlines?

You need the following documents to book tickets and fly on Turkish Airlines.

i. Your ID proof (Government-issued ID cards, Driving License, Passport, Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, etc. are accepted as valid ID proofs)

ii. A valid visa is issued in your name if you are travelling to a foreign country that requires a visa for a visit.

iii. Your valid Passport if you’re flying internationally.


Turkish Airlines doesn’t offer accessible seats for regular passengers. For Standard Economy, complimentary seats are provided with an add-on extra package or through the Miles&Smiles Elite Club program. Therefore, regular passengers only have to pay for seats if they fly on Turkish Airlines. However, changing seats in Turkish is accessible for both paid and free seats. The best part is that you can choose and change seats on Turkish Airlines online through the website or the mobile app. Looking at all these aspects, the Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy can be termed both strict and lenient at the same time. Hence, it is always advisable to study the seat selection and change rules before buying your tickets on Turkish Airlines because you need to understand whether the terms and conditions match your requirements.


Ques. Can I pick my seats on Turkish Airlines?

Ans. Paid seat selection is only available to passengers holding tickets. Free seat selection can also be made for flights with a reservation. Sick and mobility-impaired passengers can choose aisle or window-side seats to avoid blocking the in-cabin emergency exit on all flights. For more information about the Turkish Airlines seat selection process, you can typically search www.turkishairlines.com.

Ques. How do I select seats on Turkish Airlines?

Ans. You can select seats on Turkish Airlines online at the time of booking. If you miss it, you can still choose seats online after booking and during check-in. To select seats on Turkish Airlines online, you must log in to the booking management section of your profile on the official website, select seats from the seat map and make payments before submitting your request.

Ques. How Much Does Turkish Airlines Charge for Seat Selection?

Ans. For international flights, Turkish Airlines charges the following seat selection fees.

i. $9-39 for Standard Economy seats

ii. $19-249 for Extra legroom seats

iii. $19-139 for Emergency Exit seat

iv. $0 for Business Class seats 

Ques. Can I upgrade my seat after booking a Turkish Airlines flight?

Ans. Sure, you can upgrade your seat after booking a Turkish Airlines flight. You can do it online anytime until 6 hours before departure through the official website and the mobile app.  

Ques. How early can you choose seats on Turkish Airlines?

Ans. The Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy allows you to choose seats 355 days before departure.

Ques. Can I select seats on a Turkish Airlines Flight?

Ans. Indeed, you can select seats on your Turkish Airlines flight. You can choose seats at the time of booking, after booking through the booking management section of the official website or the mobile app, and during check-in.