How Do I Cancel My Ticket on JetBlue?

How Do I Cancel My Ticket on JetBlue?

How Do I Cancel My Ticket on JetBlue?

If you’re booking your flight in advance, always keep the possibility of a flight cancellation in mind. Life is unpredictable and never fails to surprise us with unforeseen events. And our travel plans change when such events cross our paths. Flight cancellations due to emergencies or changed schedules are not imaginary situations but an everyday reality. Therefore, always remember to check out the airline’s cancellation policy before buying your flight ticket from them. And if you’re going to fly with JetBlue soon, here’s your chance to know everything you need to about their JetBlue booking cancellation policy because in this blog, we’ll discuss the JetBlue Booking JetBlue Fares Cancellation Policy, its terms, the cancellation process and the fees. 

How do you cancel JetBlue Flight Ticket Booking?

As per JetBlue Airlines’ ticket cancellation policy (T.S.A), Terms and Rules, flight ticket cancellations appear on your JetBlue Airlines travel ticket booking. To comply with this requirement, the JetBlue Airlines travel cancellation policy requires that flight booking cancellations on your JetBlue ticket be confirmed in all respects, including in-flight tickets. You can contact us at +1 (800) 315-2771 to change or cancel your JetBlue travel ticket or change your name, date of birth, or last name on the JetBlue Airlines ticket booking.

JetBlue Booking Cancellation Policy

The JetBlue Booking Cancellation Policy is a complete guideline that touches upon all the facets of a flight cancellation like the terms and conditions about both refundable and non-refundable fares, refundability, no-show, 24-hour cancellation and sudden cancellation by the airline. These, along with the associated rules and guidelines, are discussed below.

●  The JetBlue Booking Cancellation Policy talks about voluntary and sudden unexpected cancellations by JetBlue. The policy rules allow passengers to cancel their flights if their plans change due to unexpected situations. 

●  The policy rules allow passengers with non-refundable tickets to cancel their flights and get full refunds in the form of travel credits for future flights and extras, provided that tickets are cancelled before departure. If such passengers fail to cancel their tickets before departure and miss their flights, all their booking money is forfeited.

●  On the contrary, passengers with refundable fares are allowed, as per the policy rules, to cancel their flights anytime and get full refunds to their original payment modes, provided that they cancel their flights before the scheduled departure time. Also, their booking amounts are only forfeited if they cancel their tickets before departure and miss their flights.  

●  JetBlue doesn’t charge pass cancellation cancellation fees for both refundable and non-refundable fares except Blue Basic, which is the entry-level fare JetBlue offers and is non-cancellable. However, per the policy rules, a difference in fare is applicable on all fares irrespective of their type and class. 

●  JetBlue has a 24-hour flight booking cancellation policy, allowing passengers to cancel their flights within a 24-hour window from flight booking without paying any cancellation fee, provided the booking is made at least seven days before scheduled departure. This rule holds for all fare types, including the Blue Basic. 

●  The JetBlue Booking Cancellation Policy allows exceptions to the regular cancellation and refund rules for military personnel in cases of military orders, the death of the passenger or his immediate family members, or the sudden illness of the passenger. 

●  TrueBlue members who redeem their points to book flights get their points back to their accounts if they cancel their flights. For bookings where cash and points are used, refunds are made as per the original process to the original modes of payment. 

●  The JetBlue Booking Cancellation Policy rules entitle passengers to receive full refunds irrespective of their fare type if JetBlue cancels their flights due to unexpected events.  

JetBlue Customer Support Service for JetBlue Flight Cancellation

JetBlue provides dedicated customer support for flight cancellations. Passengers purchasing their tickets directly from JetBlue sources can contact customer support via phone or live chat. JetBlue customer service representatives are available at the toll-free number 1(800) 315-2771. They can also be contacted via live chat. The live chat option is available on the official website and the various social media handles of the airline, including WhatsApp. However, passengers are charged a service fee for availing of the customer support services provided by JetBlue for cancelling their flights. JetBlue Airlines also provides direct customer support for flight cancellations to passengers who book through travel agents or other third-party sources. However, passengers are charged a higher service fee for availing such services.

What is the Cost for JetBlue Ticket Booking Cancellation? 

JetBlue doesn’t charge any JetBlue flight cancellation fee from passengers for any fare type except the Blue Basic. The Flight ticket cancellation fee for the entry-level fare varies between $100 and $200 depending on routes. JetBlue allows passengers who purchase their tickets directly from JetBlue to cancel their flights online. However, passengers can also cancel their flights via phone or live chat. JetBlue provides direct customer support for flight cancellation to passengers for a service fee of $25 per passenger per segment. The JetBlue Booking Cancellation Policy also allows passengers who purchase tickets from travel agencies or third-party vendors to cancel their flights via phone or live chat. However, passengers must pay a service fee of $50 over and above other applicable fees. 

JetBlue Online Booking Cancellation

The JetBlue Booking Cancellation Policy guidelines allow passengers to cancel their flights online without hassle. Here are the steps for online JetBlue ticket cancellation

● First, open the official JetBlue website,

●  Then click on the 2nd menu from the left, “Manage Trips”, on the blue header menu bar beside the JetBlue logo. 

●  This will open the “Manage Trips” page, where you must enter your last name and booking confirmation code or the ticket number in the given boxes and click “Continue” to enter your booking details section.

●  Your flight/s will be shown here. Select the flight you want to cancel from the list and request a refund.

●  Confirm your cancellation as per the instructions given and submit. You’ll be notified via e-mail when your flight is cancelled.


The best thing about the JetBlue Travel Ticket Cancellation Policy is that it allows passengers to cancel their flights without any fee (Blue basic fare being the only exception). Passengers can quickly cancel their flights online from the comfort of their homes without any hassle. The policy also entitles passengers to receive credit vouchers or cash refunds after flight cancellations, depending on their fare terms. The policy has separate rules for JetBlue flight cancellations within 24 hours of booking, which exempts passengers with Blue Basic fares to avoid paying any cancellation fee. Looking at all of these, it’s fair to conclude that JetBlue has one of the best cancellation policies in the industry that promises hassle-free flight cancellation at minimum cost.


Ques. I need to cancel my JetBlue Flight Travel Vacations package. Can I do it online?

Ans. No. As per the JetBlue Booking Cancellation Policy rules, you can’t cancel your JetBlue Vacations package online. A dedicated helpdesk assists passengers in matters related to vacation package bookings and cancellations. You have to contact the helpdesk via their toll-free phone number.

Ques. I have a Blue Basic ticket. What happens if I miss my JetBlue flight?

Ans. Blue Basic is the most restricted fare offered by JetBlue. It is both non-refundable and non-cancellable. Therefore, per the booking cancellation rules, your entire booking amount will be forfeited if you miss your flight. 

Ques. Can I book a JetBlue flight and cancel it for free if needed?

Ans. Yes, you can. JetBlue has a 24-hour Cancellation Policy, which allows passengers to cancel their flights without paying any cancellation fee within 24 hours of booking and receive full cash refunds. This is true irrespective of the fare type.