JetBlue Airlines Group Travel Booking – Policy, Process, & Terms

JetBlue Airlines Group Travel Booking – Policy, Process & Terms

JetBlue Airlines Group Travel Booking – Policy, Process, & Terms

Gone are those days when group travels were meant only for vacations, events and excursions. Over the years, group travel has transformed. Now, they are also undertaken for corporate meetings, seminars and award functions. Corporate group travel has now become a growing trend, grabbing a significant chunk of the global group travel business of leading airline companies. JetBlue, being one of the most professionally run low-cost carriers in the US, has smoothly transitioned from the old to the new. It now offers both conventional and modern corporate group travel programs with numerous perks, benefits and comforts that match the demands of modern times. In this blog, we’ll discuss the JetBlue Airlines Group Travel Booking Policy in detail and understand both the online and offline processes of group booking so that you know what to do when you book group travel for your family, friends, or employees.

JetBlue Airlines Group Booking Policy

The JetBlue Airlines Group Booking Policy is a set of guidelines for passengers willing to book group travel under its conventional and corporate group travel programs. The policy covers all aspects of group travel booking, including the terms and conditions, benefits, cancellations and refunds. The policy divides group travel into two, namely Leisure Travel and incentive or Meeting Travel, depending on its purpose. Here are the critical points of the policy, including the benefits it provides.

●  The JetBlue Group Booking policy provides special rates for both corporate and non-corporate groups that are not only competitive but also among the lowest in the market, considering their flexibilities and value additions. The airline quotes unique and customized group rates for each group that submits a group booking request.

●  The JetBlue Group Booking Policy provides unmatched flexibility to group passengers for an unparalleled group travel experience. The flexible policy rules allow passengers to make group reservations without disclosing passenger details. These rules exempt groups from submitting a passenger list with all required details until a later date, which JetBlue has fixed as 30 days before departure for domestic travel and 60 days before departure for international travel.

●  Passengers have a wide range of choices in terms of benefits and privileges when they decide to book group travel with JetBlue. The rules of the JetBlue Airlines Group Travel Booking Policy allow passengers to choose between travelling in a group to the same destination and travelling separately from different parts of the world to reach the same destination. This feature is very unique to JetBlue group travel. 

●  As per the rules of this policy, group members can make name corrections free of charge up to 72 hours before departure. Group members are also allowed to make name changes up to 72 hours before departure, even after the submission of the final passenger list. However, they have to pay a name change fee in such a case. The rules of this policy don’t allow a name change or correction within 72 hours of departure.

●  The JetBlue Airlines Group Travel Booking Policy rules allow 10% of group members to move away from the group booking by making changes to their flight date, time, and itinerary due to emergencies at no extra cost. The only extra amount they are required to pay to reschedule their flights is the fare difference. 

●  The rules of the JetBlue Group Booking Policy give passengers the right to pay in instalments for group reservations. They are allowed to take time of up to 14 days after booking to deposit their first instalment. Even the first deposit amount they are required to pay is the lowest in the industry, which is only $50 per passenger for domestic travel and $150 per group member for international travel. The policy rules further allow groups to pay up the complete booking amount in up to 4 instalments depending on how close they are to the date of departure.

What is the Process for Group Booking with JetBlue Airlines?

Planning and booking group travel with JetBlue is super easy. The process is straightforward and can be broken down into three simple steps. Firstly, familiarize yourself with the benefits, terms and conditions of the JetBlue Airlines Flight Group Booking Policy. Secondly, fill out and submit the group quote request form and, finally, complete the booking and make the necessary payments. There are multiple ways to complete these three steps, but the most commonly used and accepted methods are highlighted below.

JetBlue Airlines Group Booking Online

JetBlue has one of the most user-friendly websites in the industry, and it has all the necessary links and helpful information related to group booking in one place. The menus and sub-menus related to group booking are easily accessible by just a few clicks. Here are the steps to book online group travel with JetBlue Airlines.

●  Land on the home page of the JetBlue Airlines official website,

●  And Dial JetBlue group booking customer service support number 1800-538-2583 or +1-800-315-2771.

●  On the home page, click on “Travel Info”, which is the fourth and last menu from the left on the blue header menu bar. This will open a dropdown with multiple submenus arranged in vertical order. 

●  Check out the 3rd column with the heading “Traveling Together”. Bring the cursor down to the last submenu in that column that reads “Group Travel”.

● Click on “Group Travel”, and you’ll be redirected to another page with the same name. 

●  Scroll down that page to find the group quote request form. Fill out the format with the required details and submit by clicking on the “Request Group Travel” button. 

●  After submission of the group travel request, you’ll receive an e-mail with the best group price quote from a JetBlue Group Desk Representative in the next few days. 

●  Complete the group booking process online by following the instructions given if you agree with the best-quoted offer and the terms and conditions.

JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue Airlines Group Booking Offline

The JetBlue group booking policy also allows you to book group travel offline by contacting the JetBlue group booking department via phone call. The process is simple. First, you have to dial the toll-free +1-800-315-2771or 1800-538-2583 phone number between 8 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. (Eastern Time) from Monday to Friday and talk to a representative from the JetBlue Group Booking Help Desk. Second, provide them with all the details required via postal mail and complete the booking process as per the instructions given. The policy guidelines advise you to select the offline method of group booking if you have at least 60 days in hand prior to your intended date of travel. 

What is the Number for JetBlue Group Booking?  

The toll-free phone number of the JetBlue Groups Desk is 1800-538-2583 or +1-800-315-2771. You have to select option two on the IVR to talk to a live JetBlue representative when you dial that number. Also, you need to call between 8 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. (Eastern Time) and between 5 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. (Pacific Time) from Monday to Friday. Please note that the group desk is closed on the weekends. 


Do you want to book group travel for your next vacation or your company’s achievers’ meet? Then, book JetBlue group travel without any second thoughts. JetBlue not only quotes the lowest fares for groups, but it also justifies its group rates with enough benefits, perks and privileges for the group members. Additionally, the JetBlue Airlines Group Booking Policy clearly lays down the terms and procedures of group booking, which have been discussed elaborately in this blog. So, what are you waiting for? Think JetBlue for your next group travel booking.

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Ques. What is the minimum required number of passengers to be eligible to apply for JetBlue Group travel bookings?

Ans. As per the JetBlue Airlines Group Travel Booking Policy rules, you need to have at least ten members in your group to be eligible to apply for JetBlue group travel. 

Ques. Does JetBlue allow you to cancel group bookings?

Ans. Yes, it does. You have to cancel your group booking by a minimum of 30 days before departure for domestic travel and 60 days before departure for international travel.

Ques. Does JetBlue accept cheques as a payment method for group travel bookings?

Ans. Yes, JetBlue accepts cheques for group travel bookings. However, the cheques must be submitted to the airline’s Salt Lake City office on or before the payment due date.