Allegiant Air Name Change Policy

Allegiant Air Name Change Policy

Allegiant Air Name Change Policy

Allegiant is a leading low-cost carrier in the US that operates economy-only scheduled flights to about 40 states. As with any other low-cost passenger carrier, Allegiant offers flight-only packages while providing all other travel-related services as extras at additional costs. This applies to even essential services such as name changes and corrections as well. A name change or correction on an Allegiant Air flight ticket is chargeable, and the airline has a name change policy to deal with spelling mistakes, typos, and legal name changes. The Allegiant Air Name Change Policy is short, simple, and restrictive, which is understandable considering the airline’s low-cost operating model. In this blog, we’ll study various aspects of the Allegiant Air Name Change Policy, including name change fees, name change processes, documentation guidelines, and more. So, read on to learn how to deal with a name mistake on an Allegiant Air ticket. 

How Do I Change My Name on an Allegiant Air Flight Ticket?

There is no provision for online name changes or corrections on Allegiant Air flight tickets. As per the Allegiant Air Name Change Policy, the only way to change or correct your name on the ticket is to contact Allegiant Air by phone calls, live chat, or texts. You can get all of Allegiant Air’s contact details on the airline’s official website. 

What is the Allegiant Name Change Fee Policy?

To keep airfares as low as possible, Allegiant Air offers all essential flight-related services as extras on top of ticket prices. The same goes for the name change fees. Unlike major full-service carriers, Allegiant Air charges a name change fee of $75 per change per segment and passenger. However, you can avoid this name change fee by cancelling your flight ticket within 24 hours of booking and then rebooking with the new name. The 24-hour booking cancellation policy allows you to make changes and flight cancellations for free.

How do I change the name on an Allegiant Air Boarding Pass?

To change your name on the Allegiant Air boarding pass, you have to contact Allegiant Air and submit a name change request. Once your name in the Allegiant Air reservation is changed or corrected, you can download your new digital boarding pass from the official website or the mobile app. You can also get the same printed to carry with you to the airport. However, if you ask for a printed boarding pass at the airport, you have to pay a $5 fee. 

What documents are required to change my name on an Allegiant flight ticket?

By rule, Allegiant Air doesn’t allow a passenger name change on the flight ticket. It will enable a last name modification only if it’s a legal name change due to marriage, divorce, or adoption. Passengers are required to submit any of the supporting legal documents mentioned below, as per applicability, in such cases.

  1. Copy of Marriage Certificate
  2. Copy of Divorce Decree/Court Order
  3. Copy of Adoption Certificate
  4. Copies of old and new government-issued ID proofs

How Can I Contact Allegiant Air About Name Changes?

To contact Allegiant Air about name changes, you have to get their contact details from the official website or the mobile app. The Allegiant Air Reservations helpline number is available on the Contact Us page of the website and the app. Also, you can contact Allegiant Air regarding name changes through live chat options available on the website. 


Allegiant Air understands that misspellings, typing errors, and last name changes due to marriage or divorce are too familiar to avoid. Therefore, despite being a low-cost carrier, the airline offers name change and correction services to passengers and defines a well-laid name change policy to address the issues of name mistakes on tickets. The policy is short and crisp, and no unnecessary rules or guidelines are included. It adheres to the TSA guidelines and maintains that passengers’ names must match their government-issued ID proofs. The only thing this policy needs is clear-cut information about the name change fees. Other than this, the Allegiant Air Name Change Policy is clear enough to guide passengers regarding legal name changes and name mistakes on flight tickets. 


Ques. How Much Does It Cost to Change a Ticket on Allegiant?

Ans. Allegiant Air charges a change fee of $75 per passenger per segment to change a flight ticket on Allegiant. 

Ques. Can I Correct a Spelling Mistake on My Allegiant Ticket?

Ans. Yes, as per the Allegiant Air Name Change Policy rules, you can correct a spelling mistake on your name on the Allegiant ticket to match your government ID proofs. However, you can contact Allegiant Air via phone calls, live chat, or text messages. As per the policy, you can’t do it online.

Ques. How Can I Change a Name on My Allegiant Reservation?

Ans. According to the Allegiant Air Name Change Policy rules, you can’t change your name on the ticket. All Allegiant Air tickets are non-transferable, and hence, passenger names can’t be changed. However, if your name has legally changed due to marriage, divorce, or any other reason, the same reflects on your government ID proofs. You can change your name on the Allegiant Air ticket by providing supporting documents. Also, you can cancel your reservation without paying any penalty within 24 hours of booking and book a new ticket in whatever name you want.

Ques. What if My Name Change Involves a Passport Update?

Ans. If your name on the passport has been updated after a legal name change due to marriage, divorce, or adoption, you can get your name changed on the Allegiant Air ticket to match your updated passport. While applying for such a name change, you have to submit copies of your old and new passports along with other required documents validating your name change. 

Ques. Does Allegiant Allow Name Changes Due to Marriage?

Ans. Yes, it does. The Allegiant Air Name Change Policy allows complete last name changes on the tickets after marriage, provided names have changed on the passengers’ government-issued ID proofs. As per the rules, passengers must submit supporting documents to Allegiant Air to make such name changes.