EL AL Delayed Flight Compensation Policy

EL AL Israel Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Policy | Refunds

EL AL Israel Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Policy | Refunds

Winter months are the worst nightmares for most airline companies around the world. Among the many problems that plague the airlines are holiday rush, increased traffic and incumbent weather conditions. While there are problems galore for airline companies, their woes seem unending as demand shoots up. Unsurprisingly, most flights end up either delayed or cancelled. And unfortunately, as a passenger, you have one more option. You can claim compensation for your delayed or cancelled AL Israel flight booking. Like all other airlines, EL AL, too, has a concrete EL AL Delayed Flight Compensation Policy. And in this blog, we’ll discuss the policy along with its other facets like reimbursements and refunds. So, hold tight and read on.

What is EL AL Delayed Flight Compensation Policy?

Like all other airlines around the world, EL AL also honours and adheres to the compensation rules and regulations issued by the local governments of those countries where it operates. But it also has an EL AL delayed and flight cancellation compensation policy of its own that has been designed in accordance with the Israeli Government notifications regarding passenger rights protections. So, there are two aspects to the El Al Israel Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Policy– one that has been designed to protect customer rights as per the Israeli EL AL delayed passenger`s flight laws, and the other where the policy rules adhere to the notifications issued by the local governments where it flies. Both of them are discussed below.

●  The EL AL Delayed Flight Compensation Policy, as per Israeli laws, entitles passengers to claim and receive compensation if their EL AL flights are delayed by 8 hours or more from their scheduled departure. 

●  The compensation amounts awarded to passengers in such cases depend on the distance of travel. As per the rules, passengers are eligible to get 1280 Shekel for flights travelling up to 2000kms, 2050 Shekel for flights travelling between 2000 and 4500kms and 3080 Shekel for flights travelling over 4500kms. 

●  Since all flights to and from the US fall in the over 4500kms category, passengers are eligible to receive around $855 (as per present currency exchange rates) as compensation if their EL AL flights are delayed. 

●  The EL AL Delayed Flight Compensation Policy rules change when passengers fly to and from an EU country. The EU notifications on delayed flight compensation supersede the Israeli laws in such cases, changing the overall policy rules. 

●  As per the rules, if the flight of a passenger who is flying to or from an EU country is delayed by more than 3 hours, he is eligible to receive compensation based on his travel distance. He gets €250 as compensation for a delayed flight if his journey is supposed to cover a distance of up to 1500 km, €400 for a distance between 1500 and 3500 km, and €600 for a distance over 3500 km.  

●  The EL AL Delayed Flight Compensation Policy rules give passengers the option to choose between vouchers, miles and cash compensation if their flights are delayed significantly. Unsurprisingly, the vouchers and miles issued in such cases have a higher value than the cash compensation offered. 

How Can I Get my Refund from EL AL?

As per the rules of the EL AL Cancellation Policy, passengers are allowed to cancel their tickets if their EL AL flights are significantly delayed, and they feel that such delayed departures can no longer serve the purpose of their travel. In other words, the EL AL Cancellation Policy rules permit you to cancel your flight if there is a significant delay in departure or arrival. As per the rules, you are eligible to receive full cash refunds for the same provided that the delay time matches the specified policy guidelines and uncontrollable events do not cause such delay. To get your refund for the delayed flight, you have to cancel your flight first and then request a refund. The cancellation of your flight can only be done by your travel agent or an EL AL customer service representative, depending on whom you purchased your ticket from. Once your flight cancellation is confirmed, you can request a refund. EL AL will check your refund eligibility in accordance with the cancellation policy rules upon receiving your refund request. You’ll receive prompt refunds within due time to your original mode of payment if your refund request is found to match the eligibility criteria.

EL AL Cancellation Policy 24 Hours

EL Al Airlines has a 24-hours cancellation and refund policy. As per the policy rules, you are allowed to cancel your flight and receive a hundred per cent cash refund without paying any cancellation fee within 24 hours of booking, provided that the tickets were purchased from direct EL AL sources and seven days or more before scheduled departure. This rule holds for all fare types and classes. The policy is applicable to reservations made within the US as well as in other parts of the world. Here, EL AL’s direct sources refer to the online website, mobile app, airport ticket counters, city offices and contact via phone calls. 

How Can I Cancel my EL AL Flight in 24 hours?

The general EL AL Cancellation Policy rules specify that you can’t cancel your EL AL flight yourself. It can only be done through your travel agent or an EL AL customer service representative at www.flightsvilla.com. But you can submit your cancellation request in either of two ways. First, you can submit your cancellation request online through the “manage your booking section of the official website or mobile app if your ticket rules allow it. Second, you can directly contact EL AL customer service via its toll-free phone number and make your request to an agent. Since you plan to derive the benefits of the EL AL 24-hour Cancellation Policy, it is always advisable to follow the second method, i.e., contacting customer service for quick redressal. You’ll be notified by e-mail when your cancellation request is accepted and confirmed. 

EL AL Flights were Cancelled today

Flight cancellations are an undeniable reality in aviation. Flights are cancelled despite the best efforts of the airlines and their officials. And there are multiple reasons behind that, some of which are within an airline’s control while others are not. As a trusted airline of passengers from all over the world, EL AL makes sure that you, as a passenger, are always informed in due time if your flight is cancelled. You get e-mail and push notifications, SMS, and automated voice calls. Crew members, ground staff, and gate agents are adequately informed so that they can explain the reason for the flight cancellation to you. As a passenger, you can also get all information about the EL AL Flights Cancelled Today from the airport display boards, the official website and through on-board announcements. All of this helps you to adapt to the situation better and make necessary adjustments in the event of a flight cancellation.

EL AL Reimbursement

EL AL reimburses passengers for additional expenses in cases where their flights are significantly delayed. Here are the expenses covered under the reimbursement policy.

●  Suppose a significant delay causes the passenger to get stranded at the airport, and he has no other alternative but to wait. In that case, reimbursements are provided for in-airport refreshments that are in reasonable relation to his waiting time. 

●  Suppose the flight delay stretches overnight, and the expected departure time moves to the next day from the original departure. In that case, passengers are reimbursed for hotel accommodation, meals and transportation from the airport to the hotel and back. However, the expenses should be commensurate with their ticketing class. 

●  There is also an additional reimbursement clause for passengers whose flights are delayed by five hours or more while departing from an EU airport. This clause entitles the passenger to receive reimbursements of total ticket costs at the original price within seven business days. Such reimbursement covers the ticket costs of both part/s of his journey made and not made together with return tickets to the first point of his journey if there are reasons to believe that the changed schedule after the delay will no longer serve the purpose of his journey.  

EL AL Flight status

You can check your EL AL flight status live online from the official EL AL website by getting into the “Passenger Information” section and selecting “Get Ready to Fly.” All flight delays and cancellations are automatically updated on the website, and you can check the same from “Flight Updates.” However, if you want to search your flight specifically and find its live status, click on “Departures and Arrivals.” Here, you can search flights by their departure and arrival locations, journey dates and PNR numbers. 


EL AL provides a lot of options to passengers to manage delayed flight situations. From providing in-airport assistance to offering reimbursements and refunds, the airline always makes an extra effort to make passengers happy. It also has a comprehensive and flexible delayed flight compensation policy for better customer satisfaction. The EL AL Delayed Flight Compensation Policy gives passengers the additional flexibility to choose between vouchers and miles instead of the regular cash compensation. Therefore, as an EL AL passenger, you have a lot more to look forward to when your flight is delayed.

Additionally, you get a chance to check out your live flight status online from the website. So, what more do you want? Book your EL AL flight. And if you don’t find your experience to be satisfactory, you can always cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking. 

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Ques. Do I get a full refund if I cancel my Economy Lite ticket within 24 hours?

Ans. EL AL Airlines has a 24-hour cancellation and refund policy that allows you to cancel your flight without paying any fee and get a full refund within 24 hours of booking, no matter what fare type you’ve booked. So, yes. You can get a full refund for your Economy Lite ticket. 

Ques. Do I get any reimbursement for my delayed EL AL flight?

Ans. Yes, you get reimbursed for your delayed EL AL flight provided,

  1. Your flight is delayed by 3 hours or more for a travel distance between 1500 and 3500 km.
  2. Your flight is delayed by 4 hours or more for a travel distance over 3500 km.

This rule is applicable for flights to and from an EU country. 

Ques. Do I get any compensation if my checked bags are delayed or misplaced?

Ans. Yes, as per the rules of the EL AL Delayed Flight Compensation Policy, EL AL will compensate you in the form of reimbursements if you incur additional expenses because of a delayed or misplaced checked bag. Additionally, you get a full refund of your baggage fee if your baggage is accidentally lost.