EL AL Flight Delay & Cancellation Compensation Policy

EL AL Flight Delay & Cancellation Compensation Policy EL AL Delay or Cancellation Compensation Policy

EL AL Delay and Cancellation Compensation Policy covers all kinds of compensations that EL AL’s Delay Compensation Policy has to bear. This policy aims to support you for your delayed or canceled flight. Under this EL AL Delay Policy, you will be supported well with reasonable compensations and refunds. You will be rewarded with meals or a specific sum if your flight is delayed. If a cancellation occurs, EL AL Airlines will arrange a replacement flight for you. You are also allowed to book your flight on your own at no cost. Otherwise, you can opt for a refund. If you choose this option, then you will be refunded your entire booking amount.

Thus, EL AL covers all the losses that you face because of your flight’s delays under its compensation policy. It can cancel or delay your flights because of unavoidable situations. Let us understand EL AL Delayed or Canceled Flight Compensation Policy in detail.

EL AL Israel Delay Compensation

EL AL Israel compensates for flight delays according to the rules of a European law known as EC 261. All flights of EL AL Israel must conform to this European law.

This law of EC applies to flights departing from Europe. Flights arriving in Europe can comply with something other than this law. If your EL AL flight is departing, this law will protect you from delays and cancellations from the end of any airline. According to this law, if EL AL flights get delayed or canceled flight com-ensation policy by more than 3 hours, then:

● EL AL must provide you with meals and beverages when it delays your flights

● You will be provided accommodation in cases such as missed connecting flight due to a delay of your previous flight

● If it is required, then you are also entitled to a seat on an alternate flight, which is to be booked by EL AL itself

● You can also apply to receive EUR 600 as compensation

EL AL Compensation for Delayed Flight Policy- When are You Entitled to Compensation?

Rights to claim for compensations are given to you by the law of EC 261. You are entitled to receive compensation under this law for your flight delays by EL AL for the following reasons:

● Technical failures

● Sickness among crew members

● Strikes and wars

● Bad weather

● Heavy air traffic

For such reasons, you will compensated with the following amount:

All EL AL flights within a distance of 1500 km: EUR 250 per person

● EL AL Israel domestic flights more than 1500 km: EUR 400 per person

● EL Al international flights between 1500 km and 3000 km: EUR 400 per person

● EL AL Israel international flights flying for more than 3,500 km: €600 per person

How To Claim Israel Airlines Delay Cancellation Compensation?

Besides delays, EL AL will also compensate you for the cancellation of your EL AL flight. It will compensate you in the following ways:

● Rebook another flight at no cost

● Request for the replacement of your flight

● Apply for reimbursement

You can apply for EL AL Refunds within 14 days from the date of your booking and not less than 7 days before the date of departure in the following ways:

Online form submission: You can find this form on the website of EL AL. As you open this website, you can click on the ‘service and information’ menu on the homepage. In this menu, you have to click on the ‘flight ticket cancellation(consumer protection law)’ option. You will find the link to the online form to claim for request after clicking on this option

Call Center: You can call EL AL to claim compensation at this number: +1-800-315-2771. EL AL is also available on WhatsApp and SMS

Email: EL AL also connects in case of compensation requests by email at the address info@flightsvilla.com.

Registered mail address: You can also write for compensation at this mail address: Customer relation division, EL AL Israel Airlines Ltd., Head Office, Ben Gurion Airport, P.O. Box 41, zip code 7015001

Fax: Travellers can even mention their request for EL AL Delay Flight Policy compensations via fax at +1-800-315-2771

Steps to Claim EL AL Delay Cancellation Compensation

You can claim for EL AL Delay and Cancellation Compensation Policy in the following steps:

Collect all the required documents: You have to keep all your travel documents together with you. The documents include your ticket number, name, flight number, origin airport, arrival airport, and date of departure. You may also be required to collect your boarding passes, the ticket, and the receipt for any extra expenses

Apply claim for compensation: Fill out the compensation form online or through the EL AL Delay Flight service agent. In both cases, you have to provide all the documents mentioned above

Wait for a response from the EL AL team: EL AL will respond to your compensation claim request form within 30 business days

●  Acceptance of your claim request: After EL AL accepts your request, you will receive compensation for the amount that you deserve


Thus, EL AL’s delayed or canceled flight compensation policy ensures that all your rights for compensation are fulfilled. You will be able to apply for compensation after your EL AL Flight delays and cancellations. You can apply for it through the online claim form or the EL AL customer service.

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